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The scented tea that preserve one’s health drinks via suiting spring is recommended

2017-02-09 13:59:40

Have poetic support: “Fragrant flower moves interest, qing Ming grows spirit ” . Drink scented tea is a kind of fun not only, and can sanitarian dispel is ill. Spring appropriate drink scented tea. Spring everythings on earth anabiosises, the person makes easily however tired, be like on the make tea one cup of full-bodied fragrance, faint scent right now tastily scented tea, not only OK and life-giving wake head, cleared drowsiness, still conduce to send out the cold evil inside body, the growth that this world of stimulative human body enrages.

Spring suits to drink these tea


Tea of bright eye chrysanthemum

Jasmine flower tea: Can use ” flower of tender tea basement is sweet, aromatic everybody boast ” the aroma that will describe jasmine flower tea, actually jasmine flower tea not only fragrance is inviting, its still have the function of drive algidity, can solve the algidity on our body early spring, it is OK to be returned additionally hearten spirit, eliminate spring tired habit.

Chrysanthemum tea: Chrysanthemum tea has clear liver not only bright purpose effect, and still have the function such as poison of next fire, platoon, clear heat, detumescence, can eliminate body endotoxin effectively, enhance strength, spring is everythings on earth only then during sending, human body is possible also in relief vital energy is excess, drink some of chrysanthemum scented tea to fall so fall internal heat also is pretty good.

Rose tea: It is very good medicine eats the food that is the same as a source, have cool blood, raise colour, improve the skin sere, aid digestion, go adipose effect, at the same time the rose still has the very strong travel energy of life, invigorate the circulation of blood, effect that changes silt, harmonic usually referring to the heart. Especially menstruation mood not beautiful, complexion is bleak, it is the symptom such as dysmenorrhoea even, can get alleviating certainly.

Scented tea of jasmine of hawkthorn general Er: This scented tea joined hawkthorn, medlar and red jujube, drink letting tea is tasted rise the smell with sweet acid having sick at heart, more goluptious, disappear feeds the effect that reduces fat.

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Tremella can hairdressing dispel spot teachs you to pick 4 small key

2016-12-16 16:35:09

To be cold, a lot of people are looking forward to to be able to drink a thick soup of on one bowl of sweet tremella lotus seed. Every arrive winter, tremella was become very popular feed capable person, but quality of the tremella on market is uneven, feet of some passive even handle. How to buy good tremella? View the proposal below.


A thick soup of tremella lotus seed

The nutrient value of tremella

Prandial fiber content is as high as 30.4% in tremella, contain a large number of dissolubility among them prandial fiber, namely of tremella special ” a magic weapon ” — tremella polysaccharide. Tremella polysaccharide is a peculiar kind of natural ingredient in tremella, can restrain alvine path to be opposite adipose absorb with cholesterol, still can promote the beneficial inside alvine path to give birth to bacterium hyperplasia, improve alvine path health. The tremella mouthfeel that thoroughly cook is lubricant, because had the reason of tremella polysaccharide,be.

The effect of tremella and action

1, hepatic detoxify. Tremella can increase hepatic and alexipharmic capacity, have the effect that protect liver; Tremella is chronic to old age heart disease of former sex of bronchitic, lung has certain curative effect.

2, increase immune power. Can avoid calcic prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, very beneficial to unripe long growth; Because contain a lot ofthe microelement such as selenium, it can enhance airframe to fight the immune force of tumor.

3, hairdressing dispel spot. Tremella is rich and natural characteristic and colloid, add effect of its method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, it is OK to be taken for a long time embellish skin,

4, reduce weight. Tremella is to mix kind contain prandial fibrous provision reducing weight, its prandial fiber can aid gastric bowel peristalsis, decrease adipose absorb.

5, increase be able to bear or endure get power. Tremella still can enhance tumor patient to putting cure, those who change cure be able to bear or endure get power.

Tremella is so good, how to choose?

1, see the surface

The tremella with good quality, ear flower is big and inattentive, ear flesh fleshy, colour and lustre shows white or take slightly small yellow, head of the base of a fruit does not have shading or impurity, form is rounder whole, big and beautiful. If tremella flower shows yellow, it is commonly rain or of drying of be affected with damp be affected with damp. If tremella colour and lustre is shown dark yellow, body is not whole, submit incomplete form, between the base of a fruit sordid, belong to quality to differ.

If tremella looks particularly white, that had better not be bought, probable it is later period course chemical drug is treated tremella.

2, smell odour

The tremella with good quality can smell the fragrance with tremella peculiar place, and tremella be affected with damp be affected with damp will be mildewy and degenerative, can flavour of scent acerbity corrupt or other odour, be like the tremella that medication crosses, smell the taste that has perversing bazoo, criterion ten million cannot again edible.

Dry tremella is met have peculiar smell too by fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs, collect is heard on nose the meeting is pungent. Choose agaric so besides see color, even whether does Wen Wen have peculiar smell. Can sample with the tongue additionally, if feel,be stimulated or piquancy, sulfur has been fumed, but sample the law masters skill not quite easily.

3, dry make pitch

Tremella water content can use feel to become aware, high grade dry tremella feels withy character, the difficult to handle of rub, ear piece not brittle; Grasped prick the hand, brittle, belong to dry and excessive; Grasp not difficult to handle is water content overmuch.

4, bubble hair

If feel dry to the colour and lustre of tremella is not very easy resolution occasionally, can buy went back immerse bilge hair, contrast is very apparent, differentiate with naked eye right now easy as my eyes. Make clear, although fancy a shape tremella, also can remain a few ear base, judge correctly so actually not difficult.

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Fasten ask for a favor to eat food mildewy meeting is awful!

2016-11-04 11:58:42

People busies the job, ramble inaccessibly supermarket when, wish to buy the food of a week aspic is in freezer, or was to do a meal to eat several days repeatedly however. Before having a thing, have a look, fasten proboscis to eat, the thing that became moldy must throw away rapidly, eat be meeting a nuisance in disorder!

Liver is the organ discharging poison of human body, be in charge of going out the untangle of poisonous corporeal become divided inside human body, but if toxin is too much,can stay in liver, and these toxic substance will naturally harm liver cell, time is long, liver cell can die.

The apple became moldy cannot eat absolutely

A lot of people feel, if the apple became moldy, the place that should have taken the local cut away that became moldy only went, good place did not become moldy again, eat go down to also do not have a thing. Be not actually such. Once food begins mildew to change, in the process that also still has entered microbial metabolism without completely degenerative that part, had produced the bacterium that a large number of flesh are less than soon and toxin. This kind of toxin calls yellow aspergillus toxin, it is very big to human harm.

If you ate the apple that cut away remains after mildewy part, probable conference appears virulent poisoning, have a fever, on the body such as bellyacke, vomiting, anorexia unwell, must torment us 35 days at least, serious can be even after a few months disease of liver of the noxiousness in happening is behaved, area of hepatic and icteric, intumescent, liver is aching, lienal dropsy of big, ascites, lower limbs and liver function are unusual, return likelihood occurrence heart to expand, lobar oedema, even convulsion, insensible wait for a symptom.

Yellow aspergillus toxin can be accumulated inside human body

Right when becoming moldy, should be distinguished according to food category treat. Apparently mildewy food does not want edible absolutely, especially earthnut, corn, melon seeds, walnut. Even if now and then eat to to mildew changes olfactory nut, also want to spit serious gargle immediately, because fizzle out,aspergillus toxin is OK inside human body of save up, must not disrelish a trouble to swallow it!

When buying the goods such as nut, earthnut, commissariat, choose Xiaobao to install as far as possible, unless there are a lot of people in the home. Do not put as far as possible too long, flavour should be heard first when eating, once discover flavour is incorrect,throw away immediately.

Put long oil to be not eaten raw

To spending the food that become moldy gently, can adopt a few go poisonous measure. Put long vegetable oil to may arise a few yellow aspergillus toxin, accordingly, do not look at supermarket special offer to buy a 35 bucket store up to wear. Put long oil to be not eaten raw, a salt is added after can waiting for oily heat, because the iodide in salt is OK purify is yellow the partial noxiousness of aspergillus toxin.

When depositing grain oil and other provision at ordinary times, must keep microtherm, ventilated, dry, prevent sun point-blank, do not install food with polybag.

Greenery vegetable can reduce carcinogen toxin effectively

Newest research achievement shows, the material such as the chlorophyll in green vegetables can reduce the noxiousness of toxin of carcinogen yellow aspergillus effectively, reduce human body to be opposite of yellow aspergillus toxin absorb. Researcher points out, spinach, on the west chlorophyll and Xie Lu acid are contained a lot ofin the green vegetables such as orchid, cabbage.

The element that disease causes in the life has so much, we must take care carefully again, those who face us is healthy, scarcely can carelessness. Everybody is choosing alimental time, scarcely should eat the food of those mildewy, decay, must treasure life, be far from a disease!

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The 6 big errors with prandial and common nutrition

2016-09-18 17:48:55

Nutrition is our healthy foundation, pass reasonable and prandial the happening that can prevent a disease, investigation shows, pay attention to nutrition to be able to make cancer comes on decrease 30% , 40% , but I discover in the job, people is put in the error with common move to nutrition.

Error one: The nutrition with much need is important

Come from sort say, we need a variety of 40 nutriment, some capacities are some more, some quantities are a few less, have a plenty of what write down in order to overcome, have a plenty of what write down with microgramme. For instance protein, everyman needs 60, 90 grams, hard physical labor person need about a hundred gram. Calcic need 800, 1000 microgramme, iron 15, 20 milligram. But we need a capacity much important, is the quantity little not important? Not be of course, for instance protein needs a few grams, it is the compositive material with our main body, our immune force needs the support of albumen; And the iron of 15 milligram is insufficient, same meeting forms anaemia of the sex that be short of iron to wait, affect the child’s growth.

Error 2: Nutrition is not more better

“Nutrition ” cannot lack, but not be more absolutely better. Still be with protein for the exemple bright ” nutrition ” right amount importance. Grow if the children in development absorbs protein insufficient, wait for the normal growth of many sided with respect to meeting influence height, weight and intelligence. Accordingly a lot of people besides food intake protein, still eat pink of a bit albumen to wait.

But actually, albumen is not more better, eat much mean waste, redundant albumen can metabolize go out. And, absorb overmuch protein, increase is disclosed proteinly inside body, by the material containing nitrogen of uric eduction also grow in quantity, the bear of can aggravating kidney, accelerate the calcic prediction of a person’s luck in a given year in skeleton, increase the risk that has an osteoporosis.

Error 3: Food has been divided with bad

We often hear the point of view of a few experts, had become food branch mix bad. Some food are said to be rubbish food, some is called all-purpose food. This is very incorrect notion. On nutrition, we became food branch 5 kinds big, it is corn and potato above all kind, the 2nd kind is an animal kind food, the 3rd kind is it is corn and nut kind, the 4th kind is vegetable, fruit, the 5th kind is pure energy food. They can offer the nutriment that place of our human body needs each kinds.

Error 4: Food Yue Guiyue is good

It is good that food is not Yue Guiyue. The energy that an egg provides should compare an abalone tall, protein content is about the same, the content egg of adipose, cholesterol should compare abalone tall, the carbohydrate content of abalone is an egg double much, what the calcium of abalone, iron, Selenium wants to compare an egg is much a lot of, but the vitamin A in the egg, B1, B2 is more than abalone, nick acid content is about the same, vitamin C both is done not have. From the point of data, the nutrient composition of abalone and egg does not have too big distinction, the content that is individual nutriment only somewhat difference, but price difference is big. The price of an abalone can buy several jins of eggs, not be more expensive food so offerred nutrient material is more.

Error 5: The be not a patch on of 4 legs does not have a leg

In the bookshops is popular a kind of view: “The be not a patch on of 4 legs of two legs, the be not a patch on of two legs of a leg, the be not a patch on of a leg does not have a leg ” . Of 4 legs point to pig, ox, sheep, of two legs basically point to chicken, duck to wait, of a leg point to the true fungus food such as dawdle, do not have a leg point to the aquatic product such as the fish.

Look actually from dietetics angle, two 4 legs, legs belong to animal sex food with what do not have a leg, protein content is higher, the content of iron is about the same, porky is adipose content is higher, the likelihood is not quite welcome, the content that Dan Jiwei gives birth to element B1 is compared other a few kinds of food are fast. Although dawdle is adipose with energy a lot of lower, but the content of A of its protein, iron, Selenium, vitamin compares additionally 3 kinds of food little.

Error 6: Gallinaceous yoke cholesterol is high

A lot of people care the problem of cholesterol, when many people eat an egg beside my discovery, do not eat gallinaceous yoke, think it can make cholesterol heighten. Actually, each organs of our body have cholesterol, our in-house cholesterol is 1000 milligram, from exterior those who absorb is 500 milligram, yoke of a chicken contains cholesterol only 50 milligram. And pluck, the stew in soy sauce that for instance we eat is boiled (Beijing is fastfood) the splanchnic place in contains cholesterol to measure far outclass egg to fizzle out, a lot of people often do not eat gallinaceous yoke, eat bittern madly however to boil, your cholesterol is absorbed exceed an amount more easily.

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Bean curd has absorbed much evil also place

2016-09-14 14:09:35

The food of bean products all the time since the is health care of preserve one’s health nutrition food that is weighed by people. The nutrient value of bean curd is high this cannot give deny, but bean curd eats too much, adverse also healthy.

Problem 1: Spur kidney function decline

Below normal circumstance, the person eats to pass metabolization change into the vegetable protein inside body, final much makes the waste material that contain nitrogen, by nephritic eduction body outside. The person arrives senile, the kidney excretes the ability of trash to drop, be like right now carelessly food, many edible bean curd, absorb overmuch plant sex protein, the grow in quantity of the trash that contain nitrogen that will naturally make be generated inside body, the burden of aggravating kidney, make kidney function ebbs further, go against healthy.

Problem 2: Cause indigestion

Very rich protein is contained in bean curd, one second edible is overmuch not only block up human body is right of iron absorb, and cause protein indigestion easily, appear the unwell symptom such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea.

Problem 3: Make arteriosclerosis form

Medical expert points out, very rich egg ammonia acid is contained in bean products, egg ammonia acid falls in enzymatic action but translate into half Guang ammonia is acerbity. Acid of half Guang ammonia can injure cell of endodermis of arterial tube wall, make cholesterol and triglyceride easily deposit go up at arterial wall, make arteriosclerosis form.

Problem 4: Cause iodic shortage

The soja of the bean curd that make contains the material of glucoside of a kind of horn making soap, it can prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance not only, and return what can promote the iodine inside human body to excrete. Bean curd of long-term excessive edible causes iodic shortage very easily, bring about iodine to lack disease.

Problem 5: Make gouty fit

Bean curd contains purine more, the patient of the gouty patient with purine wrong metabolization and heighten of acerbity chroma of blood in the urine is fed more easy cause gouty show effect, especially gouty ill patient should be fed less.

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8 kinds of food take a natural beauty flesh

2016-05-26 15:03:39

Guide language: It what eat is good to the skin to what eat? A lot of schoolgirls to have for nothing tender tender skin, can accomplish do not eat acrimony stodge. If you consider skin condition further, in avoid certain food while, you still can eat a few hairdressing to raise colour food oh.

1, sweet potato

Sweet potato has the effect that moist skins, make coarse skin becomes smooth. Sweet potato and other and icy vegetable are same, the sticky protein that contains an alimentary, strong result reachs all sorts of ferment part. These composition can make cellular function active is changed, promotional metabolism. And these function but aggrandizement stomach bowel, promote digest, the skin that improves constipation to cause is coarse. Sweet potato mixes Xian Mei is dry, can promote metabolic beautification skin more.

2, agaric

Agaric is contained those who abound is vitaminic and mineral, have the effect that purifies blood, it is very good to skin food. China inspects namely from of old for long life the not old, alimentary, emperor that reachs hairdressing lustily is tasted. Agaric still has a lot of food thread, suit to cause the skin because of constipation usually very much coarse person edible. It is OK to fry or make Shang Dou, can eat more a few, agaric adds the decoct juice of jujube, the effect is double.

Mashed garlic agaric

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Often eat 10 kinds of food, save blain blain skin

2016-03-01 10:47:54

Guide language: View facial world to this, are you so raunchy still to the face? The blain on the face, wanting to eliminate light to rely on apply medicaments is no good, want eradicative blain, it is more important to be moved inside. The food with effective blain of 10 kinds of poisonous to the platoon dispel introduces for everybody below! In-house recuperation, light light Song Song becomes beautiful.

1, grapefruit

Grapefruit faint scent, acerbity sweet, cool embellish, nutrition is rich, officinal value is very high, it is one of fruits that people happy event eats, also be the has dietotherapy effect most fruit with medical accepted bound. Grapefruit tea and grapefruit skin also have edible value, and can be used as medicine. Grapefruit is the fruit with mature autumn, because its Pi Hou is able to bear or endure,hide, when the choice that so cold winter will eat is ideal, grapefruit has ” natural tinned fruit ” say. It contains the element with very rich protein, organic acid, vitamin and the essential human body such as calcic, phosphor, magnesian, natrium, other fruit place is likened to this hard. Present a lot of cleanness and nutrient face also added the part of grapefruit in film, still have very good effect to dispel blain. Often use grapefruit hairdressing.

Honey grapefruit tea

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10 kinds of food take skin of care of a patient during convalescence inside a good color

2016-02-18 16:49:52

Guide language: Protecting skin is exterior work not just, wipe besides Tu Tu, immanent take good care of sb is very important also. Cure gas blood only, ability defers consenescence, maintain Bai Li rubicund water tender skin. So, what does the woman want beauty to eat best? Truth is revealed for you below!

1 grape fights oxidation

Contain a lot ofin the grape rich vitamin, mineral mix kind of yellow ketone. Kind yellow ketone is a kind of puissant antioxidant, but, can keep clear of the freedom inside body base.

In addition, the grape still contains a kind of microelement that fight cancer (mellow) of white black false bellebore, can prevent healthy cell canceration, prevent cancer cell to diffuse. It is grape flesh not only, grape skin and grape seed are very beneficial to the female also.

The cyanine element that contains a lot ofin grape seed, the effect that its combat oxidation compares vitamin C tower above of 18 times, can saying is true fight oxidation star. Grapes child in contain a kind to call element of primary design and color (of OligoProanthocyanidin) puissant fight oxide, call OPC again, this kind of beautiful former pigment belongs to a kind of biology yellow ketone, it is the factor that lets flowers fruit turn Duocaiduo into appearance color, there is very rich content in grapestone, have 80% ― about 85% right-and-left content, besides, still contain in grapestone a lot of fight oxide puissantly, if catechu is acerbity, express catechu acid, coffee acid, chinese cassia tree is acerbity, all sorts of natural organic acid such as yanhusuo acid and sweet oxalic acid, not only collective composition fights oxidation puissantly familial, also can help the absorption of OPC.

Delibrate points out, the ultraviolet ray in sunlight is the main killer of skin ageing, the freedom of ultraviolet happening base the damage that can cause the albumen of collagen albumen bounce in skin, make cutaneous tight ness rating becomes poor then, protect ability in swimming to also descend, look lacklustre accordingly and produce furrow easily, common antioxidant is like vitaminic C, e and Beta ― because carotene can resist ultraviolet ray happens freedom radical can reach the skin to fight old action so, had the grapestone OPC with stronger than vitaminic C decuple number, of course can more covering skin avoids the harm at ageing, it is because of what this says ” the skin of profess to convinced maintains article ” .

Sweet clew: ? Gross of salty dumb? has cloud of vinegar of  of  of branny bell of Peng of the Huaihe River of salty example bursa best to the female.

Grape juice

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The man takes carrot advantage much

2015-01-29 13:44:22

Guide language: The man should take a few carrot more. According to England ” daily Post ” reported on March 26, a when the scholar of Zhejiang university undertakes newest research discovers, often feed the vegetable with coloring fresh colour to be able to have the man on the risk of prostate cancer reduces close 1/5, especially carrot. Publish in ” European dietetics periodical ” this research achievement that go up makes clear, every week at least 3 times the male of carrot suffers from edible on the possibility of prostate cancer can decrease 18% .

Carrot stews mutton chop

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The person’s lifetime is the easiest 5 toxic phase

2012-02-07 12:48:17

The person’s lifetime is the easiest 5 toxic phase

Introductive: Accumulation of human body toxin basically has two big reasons: It is toxin itself is absorbed overmuch; 2 it is person age big or certain organ sicken, cannot seasonable toxin eduction. Randal divides the person’s lifetime for 5 phase, telling your body is how of content of chemistry of burden so much.

The person's lifetime is the easiest 5 toxic phase

The first phase: Fetal

Major chemical material is adult to fetal harm 3, 10 times. Fetal be about to accept in mom abdomen a series of chemical challenge. Air pollution: Varied air contaminant, the insecticide that includes to come from the residence and car tail gas. Domestic chemistry content: If the mother is frequent during be pregnant the commodity that makes content of chemistry of in order to is a foundation, so fetal the asthmatic odds after be born is bigger. These products include cleaner of cleaner of clarifier of agent of mist of disinfectant, bleacher, gas, air, window, carpet, dry-clean fluid and insecticide, among them main chemical prime culprit is formaldehyde.

The person's lifetime is the easiest 5 toxic phase

The 2nd phase: Childhood phase

Once left an uterus, you are surrounded with respect to what be faced with chemical menace. Additive agent for food: They appear with the form of secondary colour element, flavor enhancement and antiseptic, consist in is all in processing food. Infantile food: Infantile body still can’t assimilate synthetic chemistry substance, this is the chief reason of allergy happening. Photograph comparing, colostrum is contained in mother milk, can help a baby resist the disease such as virus sex infection, flu. Food packs: Anti-fouling the agent is used at surface of hundreds kinds of product, pack in food in especially general.

The person's lifetime is the easiest 5 toxic phase

The 3rd phase: Teenager period

This period appears easily as follows problem. Outer repast: The youth loves to eat chips and quick meal, starch can produce a kind of carcinogenic substance in deepfry. Abusive antibiotic: Teenage overspend antibiotic, can weaken immune system. The individual nurses article: The water after including to wash hair shampoo, beard, cosmetic and the toilet soap that fight bacterium, from which you can contact content of chemistry of 200 kinds of new compound on average. Some composition are called ” endocrine disturbed element ” , can affect hormone level, bring about a mood to change or affect behavior and cerebrum acuity.

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