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Of white vinegar drink a way correctly

2016-09-12 11:02:46

White vinegar often is used by us flavor, but very few somebody knows to drink white vinegar to still have effect of preserve one’s health. So drink white vinegar what to profit there is?

1.Stimulative Morpheus if you have have no appetite for food, all night the difficulty of difficult Mian, can be solved through drinking white vinegar. Because be machined with the commissariat such as corn, broomcorn and white vinegar comes, contain a variety of amino acid, vitamin and component of mineral nurturance waiting for battalion among them. The acetic acid in white vinegar can quicken the oxidation of body endosperm acid, eliminate body exhaustion thereby, make a person more easy enter Morpheus state.

2.Remedial constipation
Drink white vinegar to be able to resolve costive worry. In white vinegar a large number of enzymatic the digestive function that can promote airframe, accelerate the peristalsis of intestines and stomach thereby and treat constipation. Additional, drink white vinegar to still can promote human body to wait for what nurture pledges to digest to calcic, iron absorb, enhance the immune power of human body thereby. The prevention and cure that acetic acid returns disease of blood-vessel of head of pair of hypertension, heart, osteoporosis has certain effect.
3.Remedial arthritis
Old people adds a few honey when drinking white vinegar, having pretty good curative effect to treating arthritis, and still do not have any side-effect. Drink white vinegar to be able to treat arthritis, because white vinegar contains a lot ofpotassium,be, in alleviate while what arthritis causes is aching, OK still bate calcic crystal, alleviate articulatory farther sclerosis. Drinkable method: A cup of water that added two spoon vinegar and two spoon honey is drunk before 3 eat everyday, hold to a month, with respect to can effective fruit.

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Stertorous harm recommends 6 kinds to stop greatly snore food

2016-06-01 15:08:23

Guide language: Stertorous the quality that can affect Morpheus not only, still can cause healthy hidden trouble. So, be what reason is brought about stertorous? Food also is one of main reasons. Accordingly, improve from dietary respect, accomplish with respect to hopeful sleep not stertorous. Arranged below avoid 6 kinds of stertorous food, look together.

1, tea

Tea conduces to decrease jam and phlegmy fluid, decrease putt snore thereby. The boiled water that uses make tea releases a vapour, can reduce inspiratory the n&v snuffle when. When drinking tea, the lunt that comes from tea can be slow the nasal cavity of inflammation, attenuant mucus, improve rhinal drainage. Drink mint tea stertorous to preventing effect is best, because field mint is a kind decrease bloodshot agent naturally, can alleviate strut of nose mucous membrane.

2, soya-bean milk

To stertorous person, soya-bean milk is better than milk choice. Because the dairy produce such as milk is met,mucus is formed inside respiratory tract, become one of a few kinds of source that breathe a disease. Drinkable milk still can give birth to excessive phlegmy, cause respiratory tract hyperaemia to jam. Still some of person has allergic reaction to lactose, bring about rhinal strut, cause thereby stertorous.

Soya-bean milk of medlar of Chinese chestnut walnut

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What food does the autumn eat to discharge poison embellish lung?

2016-02-18 16:49:24

Guide language: Autumn is an appropriate preserve one’s health and good into what fill season, so everybody should capture this opportunity to make his body more healthy, so it what autumn eats is good that what autumn eats? Will see healthy expert teach everybody the autumn below how to eat preserve one’s health, will understand immediately!

It what the autumn eats is good that what the autumn eats: Lily manage stomach be good at lienal

Relieve inflammation or internal heat keyword: Slight dry cough

Spring warm a shade always day is long, pond green jade is colourful lie an affectionate couple. This is liliaceous those who bloom beautiful. Angrier two from sweet lily, old man 70 Shang Tong hearts. This is the to the person health care action that says lily. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, lily flavour pleasant, small suffering, the gender is small cold. Into heart, lung 2 classics, taste for what Qing Dynasty fills. Have lung of the embellish that raise shade, clear heart calms the nerves, solution heats up diuresis, relieve a cough smooth asthma, manage stomach be good at lienal effect.

Small 0 mouths: Lily of polished glutinous rice is sweet apricot congee. Gram of polished glutinous rice, lily 30 grams, sweet almond 20 grams are abluent boil together for congee.

Powerful effect feeds fill: Will fry green vegetables with lily, the faint scent of lily and green vegetables can be stomachic.

Congee of lily of hawkthorn lotus seed

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10 bodies lack the sign of water

2013-11-08 18:51:21

Will quickly see 10 sign you are had, if have, your body lacks water, fill in time water oh, do a water embellish wife.

1. lip is weather-shack: Lack water most begin to be a lip with respect to meeting expression weather-shack, deglutition is difficult.

2. suddenly fatigue: The meeting when the body lacks water feels exhaustion, unresponsive, children is behaved so that be inferior to as one used to do lively, become quiet suddenly. If drink water hind in great quantities thirsty still, the likelihood is adrenal exhaustion is brought about, this kind of person should assure to absorb 3.7 litres of right-and-left moisture everyday.

3. attention does not center: The meeting that lack water makes cerebrum is short of blood, bring about dizzy, attention to be not centered then, thinking is confused. If often such, show the trend that accentuates gradually, must cause take seriously, see a doctor to the hospital as soon as possible.

4. blushs: If do not have,bask, the skin however often slightly aglow, it is the sign that the body lacks water. Same, the skin is dry taking off bits also is the expression that lacks water chronically. Right now besides drink water besides, still need to reach the gush on the body in facial ministry appropriately some filling aquatic product.

Irritable or 5. is depressed: If your him discovery is unidentified the mood of the reason is low, always get angry to the person beside, be badly in need of a cup of water coming right now him rescue, cooperate to rest appropriately even at the same time, let the body and mood accept the adjustment of moisture slowly.

6. breath is hurried: Be the same as an animal thirsty meeting is acuteness like breathing, it is difficult that when the person lacks water, breath also can be shown, return meeting heartbeat to accelerate sometimes, should complement in time right now moisture, can increase heart disease incidence of a disease otherwise.

Look of 7. make water is close: Observing uric fluid color is to have a medical check-up to whether lack the standard with the most accurate water. If uric fluid is shown dark yellow, muddier, explain you lack water badly.

8. skin oedema: Be pressed or hold a skin, after loosening cannot rapid restorable, show skin oedema, the body lacks water, this also is cure one of methods that whether patient of inborn test and verify lacks water.

9. headaches: Making bull ache is short of water to bring about, if you feel some headache, need not take out anodyne hastily, might as well drink a cup of water to alleviate first.

10. is disgusting: If you feel disgusting, lose one’s appetite, also show your body lacks water. This also is the main show that pregnant woman lacks water normally.

What need reminds is, water fills not to act too hastily after lacking water, should small mouth is drunk slowly, lest cause the repulsion of the body. Especially baby, can feed one teaspoon only. Once be short of water development to be serious diarrhoea, accompany vomiting, have a fever, defecate haemorrhage, pure filling water is insoluble problem, should timely seek medical advice.

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5 kinds of people are unsuited eat ice cream

2012-02-07 12:44:58

Summertime food 5 kinds of people are unsuited eat ice cream

Weather is heated up gradually, see very easily there is ice cream edge to walk along an edge to eat in many hand in street. Ice cream can let us search in burning hot summer cool and refreshing, but not be everybody suits to eat ice cream, will what tell everybody to the crowd does not suit to eat ice cream today.

"Summertime food 5 kinds of people are unsuited eat ice cream

(one) the what composition in the crowd ice cream that is about to control weight can make the person becomes fat?

The content of ice cream sugar on the market and adipose content are very high, the characteristic that is this kind of high in syrup, tall fat can make a person become fat, the fatty acid returning form that additionally certain ice cream contains also can make a person become fat.

Investigation shows, the 3~4 that turning over type fatty acid to cause fat ability is saturated fatty acid times, and main accumulation abdomen is adipose. Why do these composition meet those who bring about person put on weight? Carbohydrate and fat kind it is human body need 3 produce greatly can of nutriment, among them the quantity of heat that 1 gram saccharide can produce 4 kilocalorie, 1 gram is adipose and OK the quantity of heat that produces 9 kilocalorie.

Overmuch ground absorbs natural meeting to create energy superfluous, cause thereby fat. What problem should this kind of everybody note when eating ice cream? Alleged one impediment does not become fat person, this word is applicable to any food.

What because this is fat,the person should notice most when eating ice cream is the problem of the quantity. Resistless ice cream puts bright, silky mouthfeel on the ice, can eat a solution to satisfy a craving for delicious food, but cannot eat more, additional if ate ice cream that day, do not eat the food with other fast energy again, such ability control total energy of a day.

As to adipose content more or less be tall grease food, still do not have a standard currently, but we know, all sorts of yoke cliques in resembling deepfry food, supermarket, potato piece wait for affirmation adipose content is very high.

What should warn customer here is nutrient label reads more when buying, the saccharide of more different product and adipose content will choose.

"Summertime food 5 kinds of people are unsuited eat ice cream

(2) pregnant woman why is ice cream unsuited eat ice cream?

Actually ice stimulates medium water, breast, fat, candy and additive agent for food to won’t be opposite inside certain amount fetal grow cause adverse effect.

Alleged pregnant woman is unfavorable eat ice cream, because pregnant woman digestive juice is mixed,basically be digest enzymatic secrete decrease, gastric bowel function is abate, ice cream temperature is too low, the word of excessive edible can make gastric bowel blood-vessel contracts suddenly, the symptom such as occurrence bellyacke, diarrhoea.

Additionally modern medicine considers to make clear, fetal very sensitive to cold stimulation, after pregnant woman excessive feeds cold drinks and snacks, fetal have move restlessly to react disturbedly.

What problem should pregnant woman note when eating ice cream? Ice cream, just as its name implies very ice, pregnant woman should eat less as far as possible. If cannot help, must eat ice cream, can contain a little while more in the mouth, waited for temperature to was not stimulated so again deglutition goes down, can reduce the effect that microtherm to gastric bowel so. Still want to control the amount of ice cream additionally.

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Old person abstain from eating meal is fed have exquisite

2012-02-07 12:36:31

Advocate abstain from eating meal person see more quite in senile crowd. Abstain from eating meal person often maigre rise with macrobian connection, it is maigre and OK to think body and mind of take care of oneself, prolong life. But dinkum maigre not be the most perfect prandial plan, should look upon of ground of one divides into two is maigre, and should master the maigre method of the following science, ability achieves nutrition the purpose with balanced, hale constitution.

Old person abstain from eating meal is fed have exquisite

Reasonable and tie-in, breed diversity: Different food contains different nutrient material, can furnish without a kind of food all nutrition that human body place needs.
Different alimental combination, complementary, can increase alimental nutrition value.

For example corn and legume are mixed feed, can improve protein quality, because corn lacks lysine, and ammonia of legume lack egg is acerbity, both union can learn from others’s strong points to offset his weakness. Be like a wheat, corn, soya bean again cooked wheaten food of mixture make it of 3 kinds of pink, what the blood sugar index after taking food wants to be done with wheat than sheet is low 10% , more appropriate to the diabetic.

Accordingly, vegetarian should avoid to eat onefold food, should eat corn, legume, potato everyday kind, a few kinds of big food such as vegetable, Xian Guo, add the dressing such as right amount grease. Everyday food breed is in at least 5 kinds of above, often should alternate pattern. Look from nutrient demand, lacteal egg is maigre with breast maigre should compare clean maigre and some more reasonable.

Reasonable nutrition, weight moderate: Well-known, fat person contract the disease such as disease of diabetic, heart and vessels easily, but, too angular adverse to health also, can produce function of hidebound, immunity low wait for a series of problems. So, daily absorbed energy cannot too much, also cannot too little, answer to be a principle in order to maintain ideal weight. The means of simple and easy computation of ideal weight is: Height (centimeter) – 105, the others number is counted for ideal weight namely (kilogram) , in losing it is normal to all be belonged to inside the limits of 10% .

If weight is lighter,feed element old person, should check first have without pathology circumstance, if do not have, explain the energy that absorbs actually is insufficient, should increase intake appropriately in order to maintain ideal weight. Abroad has a scholar to ever had had weight and the research that senile health concerns, discovery is too angular as a result shorten with fat metropolis life. By this token should circulate folk ” a thousand pieces of gold is bought hard often come thin ” this word repairs instead ” not fat not poor profit is macrobian ” .

Reasonable cook, science chooses: Old person food should delicate and goluptious, but right amount grease is old person life and nutrient place are indispensible. Human body lacks adipose meeting to cause the shortage of energy inadequacy and vitamin of fat dissolve sex and indispensible fatty acid. But overmuch grease, even if the plant is oily, also be adverse to the health of human body.

Accordingly, maigre old person should absorb right amount vegetable oil everyday. Maigre old person for compensatory calcium, iron, zinc, answer everyday grandma of beans of drinkable 1-2 cup, often photograph eat the bean products, kelp food that contains calcium to abound, in bean products wait for the quantity that contain calcium with bean curd garment, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls again tall. The iron in plant sex food, zinc, Selenium is absorbed not easily also by human body, and the content that can reduce establish acid through the cooked wheaten food that yeast has fermented, the absorption that raises zinc and other microelement thereby is used. So, maigre old person can choose steamed bread, biscuit to wait for staple food more.

Fresh vegetable, fruit, especially the good origin that the vegetable of red, green, fruit is carotene and vitamin C, maigre old person should absorb the fresh fruit vegetables of 500 grams above at least everyday. The medicine that the dry hard fruit such as red jujube, earthnut, walnut is our country tradition eats the food that is the same as a source, if red jujube has the gas of the beneficial in filling, meritorious service that raises blood to calm the nerves, earthnut has the meritorious service that the embellish lung and stomach, attune that raise blood enrages, walnut has filling kidney of be good at head, beneficial to enrage be good at lienal result. In the meantime, these food also are the food with oiliness acid and vitamin rich E. The black food such as black soya bean, black rice, black sesame seed, black agaric contains rich iron and other microelement, conduce to precautionary anaemia not only, among them certain part still can improve function of human body immunity.

Reasonable dine, be hungry is full measurable: Because change and the old person digests enzymatic excretive of endocrine to decrease relatively, full to be hungry adjusting control capacity is poorer, the meeting when often starving produces hypoglycemia, too full when can increase heart burden. Especially only maigre old person, because take food, is plant sex food completely, be able to bear or endure be hungry sex is poorer, accordingly, answer to eat much food less, be hungry is full measurable, take food on time. General and daily eat 3 food the least, had better be in 3 times advocate besides eat, increase deputy eat or mug-up 23 times. 3 advocate the time interval of eat is 4-6 hour, deputy eat is put in advocate before sleeping 1 hour is mixed between eat. There had better be family to accompany when dining, such is helpful for stomachic, absolve loneliness.

The old person with poorer accept of lesser to appetite, stomach, still can complement appropriately a few vitamins and inorganic salt preparation, be like multivariate master of ferment of vitamin, Selenium, with satisfying its nutrition needs. Anyhow, be fond of maigre old person to want to be arranged meticulously only, had allocated correctly everyday prandial, can achieve the goal with promotional and reasonable, healthy nutrition. ■ civil / Yu Huizhong (vice director doctor)

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In food 10 big ” an affectionate couple matchs “

2012-02-07 12:36:54

In food ” food photograph is overcome ” view, means says two food put edible together, if collocation is undeserved, bring about extremely easily fall ill or toxic, nutrient science viewpoint looks, soft-shelled turtle and three-colored amaranth, cucumber and earthnut. But from contemporary nutrition science the viewpoint looks, two plant or the food of two kinds of above, if collocation is reasonable, not only won’t ” overcome ” , and still meet ” unripe ” , nutrition arrives since the complementary, action that supplement each other. Common saying cries ” an affectionate couple matchs ” .

In food 10 big " an affectionate couple matchs "

Sesame seed matchs kelp

Put them boil together together, can have the hairdressing, effect that combats consenescence. Because sesame seed can improve haemal circulation, stimulative metabolism, among them linoleic acid has adjust the function of cholesterol, vitamin E can prevent consenescence again. Kelp contains calcium and iodine, can rise to blood purify action. Promote the synthesis of thyroid element, both syncretic, the effect times add.

Pork liver matchs spinach

Pork liver, spinach has the function that enrich the blood, one fatigue one element, supplement each other, to treating the surprise effect of anaemia.

Unpolished rice mixes coffee

unpolished rice evaporate ripe grind powder, add milk, saccharic but drinkable, unpolished rice nutrition is rich, to cure haemorrhoid, the better curative effect such as constipation, hypertension; Coffee can be life-giving, mix with unpolished rice, have local color more.

Beef matchs potato

Beef nutrition value is high, have the effect of be good at taste. But beef is coarse, can destroy gastric mucous membrane sometimes, boil together to it tomato patch, not only taste is good, and contain rich vitamin tomato patch, can rise to protect the action of gastric mucous membrane.

Lily matchs an egg

Have moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, qing Xinan’s magical effect, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, caustic of phlegmy water of lily Qing Dynasty, filling empty, and yoke can divide irritated heat, filling shade blood,

Hotpot matchs ginger

Hotpot Bu Yangsheng is warm, ginger drive cold heat preservation, mutual collocation, warm on add warm, return at the same time but the evil outside drive, can treat cold abdominal pain.

Soft-shelled turtle matchs sweet candy

Have only sweet taste able to read aloud fluently, delicious and delightful, and contain a variety of rich protein, adipose, vitamins, contain miserable, this much acid, silicon acid, solid for cannot much powerful body agent, ill to heart disease, intestines and stomach, anaemia all has curative effect, still can promote grow, precaution is anile.

Duck flesh matchs yam

Old duck can complement already human body moisture can fill again shade and but clear heat relieves a cough, the filling Yin Zhili of yam is stronger, feed in all with duck flesh, can eliminate fat, filling lung effect is much better.

The carp matchs rice vinegar

Carp itself has the meritorious service of cleanse water, human body oedema is divided is wet mostly outside nephritis swollen, rice vinegar is advantageous wet function, if be fed in all with the carp, the function with wet benefit times add.

The flesh mixes garlic

Common saying says: “Eat fleshy garlic, nutrition reduces an in part ” , this has certain and scientific reason, but tell from science, the flesh and garlic should be accompanied really and feed. According to research, the part of B of unripe each other is contained in lean lean, and the time that vitamin B keeps inside human body is very short, bit of garlic element couple has again when eating the meat, can make the analysis of vitamin B gives a quantity to rise not only multiple, still can make it original dissolve is dissolve at the sexual qualitative change of water the property at fat, lengthen vitamin B thereby the retention period inside human body, so right stimulative blood circulation and eliminate body exhaustion as soon as possible, increase a constitution to wait to have important nutrient sense, accordingly, when eating the meat, did not forget to eat garlic of a few valve.

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The expert unscrambles acidity and alkalescent constitution and health

2012-02-07 12:32:28

24 hours of healthy gas station
24 hours of healthy gas station Blog
Accredit of cate the world achieves rich objective formerly
Without author license, must not be reprinted or extract and compile

Network hearsay expert is negative already

“If you can balance body acid-base value (PH is worth) , the body that invites you transforms alkalescent, no matter you are gotten, is what cancer can transform and be cured. No matter you are gotten, is what cancer can transform and be cured..

“Cancer can form; cancer only in alkalescent human body. “Cancer can form; cancer only in alkalescent human body..

The expert unscrambles acidity and alkalescent constitution and health

“The person should eat alkalescent food more, let the body become alkalescent. Let the body become alkalescent..

The constitutional cent the person is acidity constitution and alkalescent constitution two kinds. Advocate a person to eat alkalescent food more, transform the body into alkalescent constitution. Long-standing of this kind of view. Luo Jing gets lymphatic cancer to die recently, by make use of a subject to elaborate one’s own ideas, say because the body is acidify,cancer also is. Does this kind of view have scientific sex?

Where does this view come from again? Search fountainhead, the view that soda acid constitution classifies should come from vegetarian theory: Great majority is Lenten after be being decomposed by human body, form basic material, and fleshy egg kind the human body after protein is decomposed produces acidity material. Eat alkalescent food more so, let the body appear alkalescent more healthy.

About ” sex of soda acid of food change body “

Food soda acid cannot change body soda acid

The expert says: Bring about humoral soda acid because of food only the change is almost impossible. From the viewpoint of dietetics, soda acid of alleged human body is a joke that takes technicality.

Dietetics is food component acidity, alkalescent, neuter 3 kinds, but sex of alimental soda acid is unalterable the soda acid sex of the body. If this PH is worth the PH value that those who point to is blood, value of PH of normal person blood is in 7.35 ~ 7.45 between, human body itself has extremely strong ego adjustment capacity.

Cited a case, the Potassium in alkalescent food vegetables and fruits, calcic content is for instance higher, but human body is not food it illuminates sheet to be sucked completely to how much. Cannot absorb can pass eduction of uric fluid, defecate to come actually. This kind of accurate body is run is to prevent some to plant composition is overmuch and the change that causes the body causes a disease.

No matter eat acidity food or it is alkalescent food, the person eats some only kind food, state of accidental occurrence excessive, person physical ability is self-adjusting repair. But if be in for a long time such, human body has not enough time repair can form a disease. And once formed a disease, the PH value of person blood can have change really.

But cannot turn over push, think ” acid of body qualitative change just has a disease ” clinical go up to also prove this without experimental data.

How is the value measured about PH?

Those who point to is blood

What above paragraphs analyses is the PH value of body blood, so, this so called body is acid-base PH value, point to other and humoral?

What soda acid sex points to is blood. Moisture of cellular inside and outside cannot be measured, judgement won’t regard as the index of the disease with this on medicine.

And those who discharge body of one’s previous experience is humoral (the fluid that be like make water) exist really the problem of soda acid sex. “Uric fluid soda acid ” with ” humoral soda acid ” it is two different ideas. Eat sodium bicarbonate for instance piece can fluid of alkalify make water. Eat much seafood, make the uric acid of some people exorbitant. The nutriment that this just showed to human body cannot be absorbed passes waste liquid — outside body of uric fluid eduction.

About ” acerbity constitution gets cancer easily “

Cross go to the bad of acerbity too alkaline metropolis

In the light of ” eat alkalescent food not to get cancer more ” viewpoint, this view has stated reason, but not complete science, cannot represent a case that has unhealthily. Alkalescent food is vegetable, fruit more. Press this point of view, if won’t long-term abstain from eating meal get cancer? Not be apparently such.

A tumor division is popular view: The poor gets cancer of the stomach, wealthy person gets alvine cancer. The poverty-stricken family that that is to say goes eats crude fibre food for a long time (vegetable fiber is tall) bring about gastric ministry to wear away and disease; wealthy person is long-term big fish big meat, alvine path does not suffer, aggravation goes down to get alvine cancer. This is a simple example only, the pathogeny of actual cancer is varied, not be to eat what to can decide go to the bad or be not gotten ill.

Accordingly, acidity food it may not be a bad idea, alkalescent food it may not be a bad idea, advocate sheet to eat some to plant incorrect, get a disease easily, include cancer. Zhang Haibo is analysed, can say this viewpoint has certain sense in active society only, because authority is general fast adipose food eats more, oversight eat vegetable fruit.

But the principle to food, nutrient expert suggests everybody is abided by ” prandial balance pyramid ” , hold to little pork egg kind, milkings, food grains other than wheat and rice of much vegetable, fruit, food crops. Balance of collocation of element of meat or fish, soda acid, diet is balanced. Eat alkalescent food completely (vegetables and fruits) reach eat acidity food completely (fleshy egg) , go down for a long time the proper motion regulating system of the body has not enough time to help your rehabilitate, inevitable meeting causes of all kinds disease.


Diet is balanced ability disease-resistant

Can see from the analysis above, alimental soda acid does not affect soda acid of human body blood. Body blood of the person has the PH value of a normal limits, too too acerbity, alkaline bad, state oneself had contracted a disease.

As to eat what food, also need not stare at alkalescent food to eat, still be comply with is prandial balance pyramid, tie-in soda acid balances element of meat or fish, ability makes sure diet is balanced. Also must do exercise more at the same time. The nutrition of the body caught up with, resistance also can increase accordingly, this ability is to resist truly the good method of 100 disease.

The soda acid food in dietetics

Acidity food

Contain sulfur, phosphor, chloric etc mineral more food, the final metabolization child inside body shows acidity.

Include: The meat with abundant protein, fish, birds, egg kind and the earthnut in corn, hard fruit, filbert, walnut.

Alkalescent food

Contain potassium, natrium, calcic, magnesium to wait mineral more food, the final metabolization child inside body is shown alkalescent.

Include: Bean curd, milk, celery, potato, bamboo shoot, Xianggu mushroom, carrot, kelp, gram, banana, watermelon, strawberry and major vegetable and fruit.

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Eat the flesh every weeks not to exceed a jin

2012-02-07 12:30:57

“Lifestyle cancer ” in, the danger of breast cancer is closer and closer from the female. Chongqing medical university is accessary endocrine of the first hospital is surgical professor of Wu Cheng justice expresses, mammary health, must put an end to undesirable lifestyle.

Professor Wu says, breast cancer is a kind of model ” riches and honour is ill ” .

A few insalubrious lifestyle, include a large number of edible food of Gao Zhigao quantity of heat, smoking, drink, Morpheus time little, spirit is depressed with het-up, lack motion, late childbirth and the probability that contracts breast cancer can not increase lactation after bearing.

“The way of life with good nurturance, and hold on, lifestyle cancer just can be far from us. Lifestyle cancer just can be far from us.. Professor Wu emphasizes, precautionary breast cancer is about to desertion these undesirable lifestyle: Inside limits of normal weight index as far as possible a bit thinner, eat food of Gao Zhigao quantity of heat less, eat red meat every week (like pork, beef) should little at 0.5 kilograms; Do not smoke, refuse secondhand smoke environment; Often move, exercise; Keep buoyant; Hold to mother milk feed; Control blood pressure and blood sugar value are inside normal limits; Those who restrict salt and oil absorb. Eat Chinese cabbage and bean products more: A kind of compound is contained in Chinese cabbage, 1% what hold Chinese cabbage weight about, can help decompose estrogen. Bean products contains different yellow ketone, can restrain the happening of breast cancer effectively. In addition, alga of fungus of corn, edible, sea, garlic, tomato, tangerine kind also have effect with the vegetables and fruits such as oar fruit fruit.

Additional, have a fish more: According to concerning a report, the woman of the country such as the United States that fish food eats lesser, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand, breast cancer occurence rate all taller, and absorb the Japan with fish more food, occurence rate of woman breast cancer is inferior. Experts say, a kind of fatty acid is contained in fish, have the effect that restrains cancer cell hyperplasia, often have some of fish more appropriately, very beneficial to preventing breast cancer.

Attention: Respecting breast cancer, many drawing near menopause or already the female of menopause can think breast cancer leaves him further and further, “Be to say the happening of estrogen and breast cancer is inseparable, the level of the estrogen inside the body is exorbitant, the balance of estrogen and progestational hormone is maladjusted, just meet those who increase breast cancer produce a risk. My present estrogen level is too low, need not carry result breast cancer again. ” be based on this kind of idea, a lot of the turn of life and senile woman take periodic breast cancer seriously no longer the sieve is checked.

“This one error is breakneck ” . Breast cancer is much element is caused actually, estrogen level is exorbitant one of critical factors that just cause breast cancer, hormone of the hair survival of breast cancer and application of genetic, environment pollution, endocrine wave motion and unscientific ground replaces the element such as therapeutics to concern. A of grand meeting of this learning of breast cancer of second whole world relevant research hints: Outside heighten of level of week blood estrogen is depended on with hormone only model heighten of risk of breast cancer happening is relevant, and with the happening of other type breast cancer the risk does not have dependency, the happening of this clew breast cancer develops is process of complex much element. Liao Ning says, center of people hospital tumour is visited in Guangdong, spending patient of half breast cancer is menopause female. “Accordingly, the turn of life reachs what senile woman cannot loosen pair of breast cancer to be on guard, should insist to be accepted every year ‘ B exceeds + molybdenum palladium ‘ the sieve is checked, diagnose with inchoate discovery. Diagnose with inchoate discovery..

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Xia Qiu is alternant should how food

2012-02-07 11:52:01

Xia Qiuzhi border should how Where is reasonable recuperation and tie-in food? The expert reminds a reader, we should take the summer the food with a few clear alexipharmic heat, and the weather after the Beginning of Autumn is dry, do not enter fill, breakfast had better drink on one bowl of congee, can moist body, beneficial at preserve one’s health.

1.It what should eat when is Xia Qiu alternant is good that what should eat when is Xia Qiu alternant?

In Xia Qiu alternant this is seasonal, should not enter overly fill, avoid by all means pauses suddenly big fish big meat. Should smooth fill, because weather is dry, can eat the food of lung of a few relaxed embellish, if water of lily, honey, pear adds rock candy,wait. Want to notice to balance food, notice vegetable and flesh kind reasonable collocation, eat the melon and fruit of raw or cold food and stodge less. The old person drops as a result of taste function, eat food of a few digestible so, and should eat much food less, such ability are unapt burden of bowel letting a stomach is too heavy.

2.How should cerebral blood-vessel patient recuperate food in this season?

Want those who notice control is adipose to absorb, cannot have oil overmuch, want to eat fish and chicken more, to flesh of pig flocks and herds because of their photograph the flesh pledges more exquisite. But if be the word that takes chicken, skin of chicken of best take out, because the adipose content in gallinaceous skin is very high, eat to also have certain effect to the illness more.

3.How should delicious meal do is the child bad? It some of what thing have is good to some of what thing have?

The child eats a few soft food, namely easy digest, the food that has absorbed. Because the child’s taste is delicate, do not have too good thing so. The parent should help the child control food intake amount, it is too much and easy to eat otherwise cause feed fire. Eat the food of raw or cold food, acrimony stimulation less, can use the thing of the Gan Run such as a few sesame seed, honey, loquat.

4.How should this kind of season fill calcic?

The calcium in human body is in as the growth of the age slowly prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, filling calcium should from which year begin to fill. Prevailing method drinks milk namely, many calcium is contained in milk, and be absorbed more easily by human body, but avoid by all means is not hollow drink. Have research proof, calcium is absorbed easily below acidity environment, so filling calcium can drink juice of a few orange at the same time, and calcic effect fills to want before sleeping betterer. Magnesium was joined in a few calcium tablet, because magnesium can promote calcic absorption,this is, at the same time magnesium still has stable nerval effect, it is OK to before sleeping so, be taken your Morpheus quality is higher.

5.A lot of whelk grew on the face, what should the respect notice in food?

Grow all over the face ” blain ” person, perhaps have wound the person of painful swollen poison answers avoid hotpot, crab, shrimp and hot excitant food. The summer should eat the food of clear hot detoxify, wait like wax gourd, balsam pear, gram, chrysanthemum, and should eat melon less after the Beginning of Autumn kind food, chu Qiuyang flesh is unfavorable eat more, corn edibles should hold the great majority of diet.

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