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Autumn food build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food is healthy

2012-02-07 14:21:03


Arrived the autumn, people happens to coincide the ground fills removed autumn fat, but had gotten used to the summer after the food of delicate, little oil, gastric ministry digests those big fish very hard well in short time big flesh. Accordingly, feed the phenomenal common occurance such as sluggish, indigestion. Eat at this moment some except indigestion be good at food of lienal, promotional digestive is the most helpful.

Autumn food build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food is healthy

Recommend ” officinal ” vegetable:

Leek contains a lot ofcarotene, protein, sulfide and prandial crude fibre. Edible leek, can remove disappear to feed guide sluggish, except indigestion be good at lienal, appetitive action.

Caraway fragrance is distinct, have stimulation appetite, promotional digest wait for a function. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, caraway has the effect of Wen Zhongjian stomach, proper caraway taking a place can alleviate the symptom such as gastric ministry ache, indigestion. >> > click examine more to be able to help digestive vegetables and fruits

Recommend have a way: Leek fries shredded meat

Practice: Pork cuts into shreds, caraway, leek is abluent, cut paragraphs of small; to cross the boiler below pork silk first oily, boil leek into 7 maturity, explode Chengdu of Jiang Mo, garlic with oil fry, issue leek, shredded meat to fry again ripe, when giving boiler finally, scatter on caraway. >> > prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of such the nutrition that make the pork are least

Oral cavity ulcer:

Chu Qiu, climate begins desiccate dry, once vegetable, fruit, moisture is absorbed insufficient, with respect to easy get angry, the problem such as ulcer, agnail also can appear accordingly in oral cavity.

Recommend ” officinal ” vegetable:

The rich riboflavin in spinach is ulcer of effective precaution quarrel, lip the important nutriment of phlogistic, glossitis, dermatitis.

Tomato has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop to wait for action yearningly. Clinical on multi-purpose do glossal dry, inappetence, stomach to heat up haemorrhage of a suffering, gum, aphtha, mouth to wait painstakingly at treating a mouth. >> > dietotherapy of ulcer of 9 kinds of oral cavity square

Recommend have a way: Tomato spinach juice

Practice: 500 grams tomato is abluent, after be being ironed with hot water, leather take out, next pound squeezes juice, take juice spinach of gram of 150 milliliter;600 is abluent, mincing, extract juice with juicer, take juice two juice of 150 milliliter; mix agitate divide evenly, thoroughly cook, can take.

Stimulative Morpheus:

Xia Qiu’s alternant season, difference in temperature is bigger, morning and evening is cool, hot midday, for more sensitive to the constitution old people, the body gets used to this kind of change very hard immediately, immediate impact is mixed to endocrine neurological, bring about Morpheus quality to drop, and especially easy still insomnia.

Recommend ” officinal ” vegetable:

A variety of vitamins and microelement are contained a lot ofin celery, have fall blood pressure, fall the action of cholesterol and calm consciousness.

The special aroma of onion can stimulate pallium, produce composed effect. Mincing load hop-pocket to be put in bedside, face the Wen Yiwen before sleeping, have hypnotic effect. Additional, onion contains rich vitamin, calcic, phosphor to wait mineral, neurological to cerebrum also have nutrition.

Recommend have a way: Salad of celery onion ham      

Practice: celery, onion abluent cut Cheng Xiaosui man, ham also cuts young broken man, with the salad sauce mix that buys from the supermarket, can edible, also can put salt, vinegar and agitate of a few gourmet powder only even.

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Pregnant woman is right amount body of edible small tomato is good

2017-03-30 17:44:37

Small tomato is fresh and juicily, sweet and goluptious, it is one of fruits that a lot of females love. So can pregnant woman have small tomato? What does pregnant woman eat small tomato to want to notice? We understand together below below.

The nutrient value of small tomato

The nutrient value of small tomato is very high, what cent abounds is contain to amount to nurture of classify of protein, vitamin, mineral, carotene, pectic, candy to pledge in small tomato fructification, still have stimulative human body to grow development, enhance human body strength, defer anile, hairdressing to raise colour wait for effect. Small tomato especially the patient edible such as disease of disease of puerpera of appropriate infant, pregnant, old person, patient, hypertensive, kidney, heart disease, hepatitis, eye ground. Accordingly, want pregnant woman edible only need not excessive, sanitation notices to wait during edible, it is OK of edible.

1, promote fetal grow

The enroach on of the carcinogen in some tomato element are being contained to be able to protect pregnant woman not to get waste gas of tobacco case car in small tomato, this is helpful for fetal health growing; And the red element of peptide of cereal Guang pleasant and tomato growth that can make human body is contained in holy female fruit, promote the growth of fetal body.

2, the United States is prevented in vain bask in

Tomato Gong Suyou is prevented bask in a function, pregnant woman eats small tomato to conduce to prevent bask in, can be protected effectively and beautiful white skin, contract skin cancer not easily;

Small tomato still has very good hairdressing to raise colour action, pregnant woman eats small tomato to still conduce to precautionary pregnancy skin becoming poor.

3, compensatory vitamin A

When human body lacks vitamin A, saw computer time grow an eye to be able to appear dry wait for a symptom. And small tomato contains a lot ofvitamin A, in the be among the best of candidates in fruit vegetables.

4, fight cancer, prevent cancer, protect liver

Rich vitamin C and vitamin P still are contained in small tomato, OK and cleared freedom base, have very strong fight oxidation ability, can protect deoxidization ribonucleic acid of the cell thereby, avoid gene mutation, increase the strength of the body.

Some pregnant woman contract chronic hepatitis, be pregnant period, hepatic burden heavier, eat small tomato to be able to protect liver effectively. First of the vegetables of content house fruit of P of the vitamin in tomato of the cherry in small tomato, vitamin P is easy the growth of facilitating red blood cell, have auxiliary therapy effect to liver disease.

Pregnant woman takes the note of small tomato

Although pregnant woman can have small tomato, but should notice not to want excessive edible, additional, notice the following item even:

1, do not eat unbaked Chinese olive raw: Blueness is acerbity if unbaked small tomato is general tomato is same, contain tomato alkaline, ate easy and toxic. Give birth to the meeting after feeding to make a person dazed, sick, vomiting, serious when even but deadly.

2, before eating, particular attention should use clean bubble of vegetables and fruits 15 minutes, wash clean, next edible, this kind of fruit is conservatory is bred commonly, pesticide is very much.

3, unfavorable and hollow eat feed: Because be contained in tomato fructification many and pectic wait for composition with ceiba phenol, easy form with hydrochloric acid in gastric juice not content of dissolve sex lump, cause dilatation of the stomach and pang. Pregnant woman is hollow eat small tomato to cause bellyacke and gastralgia, not only oneself have a rough time, if be in pregnant is inchoate, cause miscarriage possibly still.

4, small tomato sex is cold, all alone has a stomach cold person tomato of diet raw or cold food.

5, when cook not long boil. Burn when boiling slightly some vinegar, can destroy tomato of among them harmful material alkaline.

6, dysentery of acute enteritis, bacterium reachs ulcer mobile period patient is unfavorable edible.

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Pregnant woman eats a grape to have 4 big contraindication

2016-11-10 10:21:48

Magical function of grapy god result, depend on it containing rich dextrose and fructose. People is ferial the staple food such as eating rice wants place of body of humanness of ability of candy of grapes of translate into grapes to absorb, and eat the grape into the stomach, place of body of OK and direct humanness is absorbed, change the sources of energy of humanness body activity quickly. The grape still contains stimulative food to digest, the protein that a variety of organic fruit acid that absorb and excrete and human body cannot be in short supply, vitamin and the mineral element such as calcic, phosphor, iron.

Pregnant woman can eat a grape, but do not represent OK and appetizing engorge. Pregnant woman eats a grape to have the following contraindication:

1, eat a grape to cannot drink water immediately

Water cannot be drunk immediately after eating a grape, otherwise, do not meet to quarter diarrhoea. Original, grape itself has the effect of aperient embellish bowel, eat a grape to drink water instantly, the stomach still has not enough time to digest absorb, water hydrochloric acid in gastric juice diluent, grape and water, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice oxidizes quickly, ferment, the peristalsis that quickened alvine path, produced diarrhoea. Nevertheless, the bacterium does not cause this kind of diarrhoea, the meeting after have diarrhoea is over is not treated and heal.

2, eat a grape to cannot drink milk immediately

Vitamin C is contained in the grape, and the vitamin C report that the element in milk is met and contains in the grape, have harm very much to the stomach, different takes meeting have loose bowels at the same time, the person that weigh can vomit. Just ate a grape to be able to not drink milk so. (Proposal: Had better eat a grape to drink milk 30 minutes again too. Had better eat a grape to drink milk 30 minutes again too..

3, eat a grape unfavorable excessive

Because grapy contains sugar very tall, so diabetic person answers special attention diet grape. And pregnant woman wants beware of in pregnancy diabetic, answer because of grape of edible of this pregnant woman right amount. Answer after edible grape it is advisable that interval takes aquatic product 4 hours again, lest the calcium in the tannic acid in the grape and aquatic product forms the substance that assimilates hard character, the influence is healthy.

4, the grape is cleaned want clean complete

If like to have grapy pregnant woman, remember cleaning a grape must clean and complete, grape skin may have rudimental contamination, and the hard to avoid in edible grapy process is met of skin of grape of bring into contact with, edible sanitation must not forget.

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How does pregnant Mom eat working food

2016-10-31 10:04:11

Below a lot of circumstances, mom of the pregnant inside the period of time of antenatal should insist to go to work, this paragraph of time still should choose possibly to be in workplace repast, so, how should the accurate mother that has little baby notice diet is healthy?

1. is far from fry

The deepfry outside kind food, the edible oil that uses in the process that make may be to had been used a certain number of second cook again is oily. There are a lot of harmful materials in this kind of oil that has boiled repeatedly, pregnant mammy should is far from.

2. rejects flavour to weigh food

Go out the course that repast place takes often does not do taste moderate, pregnant mammy should eat too salty food less, in order to prevent retention of natrium of the water inside body, cause blood pressure to rise or double sufficient dropsy. Other and acrimony, flavor heavy food also refuses wisely.

A fruit eats after 3. meal

To make up for fresh vegetable additional insufficient, pregnant mammy had better eat a fruit 30 minutes after lunch, with the lack of the vitamin inside additional system. If the office cleans inconvenience, pregnant mammy can wash the fruit clean before going out in the morning, use next last velar wrap up heads a firm.

4. discretion chooses beverage

Beverage should choose mineral water and pure fruit juice a kind, the beverage that contains coffeine or alcohol is adverse to pregnancy, had better not choose.

5. carries in bags milk

The need of mammy of office worker pregnant of outer repast is additional and a few more compensatory the food that contain calcium. Take milk to the office drinkable it is a right choice. If the office does not have microwave oven to heat, did not forget to choose the milk that disinfects through pasteurize.

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Judge children to whether be short of iron

2016-10-12 17:51:40

The baby is in be born 2 ~ can appear when 3 months physiology sex is anaemic, but anaemia is shown be restricted oneself quality, 3 lunar hind can rise gradually. If the food of after this infant is medium,in short supply or the element of a few diseases can cause iron anaemic. How we judge children to be short of iron then? Appear in anaemic lab examination commonly unusual before, darling often has irritating, mind depressed, activity decreases, anorexia, skin cadaverous, fingernail is out of shape (return shell) wait for expression; School age still can appear the attention when study is not centered, comprehension is reduced, response is slow wait for a phenomenon; Bigger child says him possibly still with the parent often tired and faint, giddy tinnitus, flustered be discouraged; Even some of child still can call somewhat ” pica ” , these children love to eat bark, sandy soil, newspaper, unripe rice and unripe flour to wait particularly.

If discover the child appeared,the spirit with unusual above or behavior are behaved, the proposal looks after children to make the inspection of red blood cell and haemoglobin to the hospital, saw each index whether appear unusual, whether to put in order to make clear the child in anaemia of the sex that be short of iron.

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Cookbook of 4 babies filling calcium

2016-10-10 14:38:26

Giving darling filling calcium is the topic that parents pay close attention to all the time, if give darling edible more at ordinary times a few when containing calcium to abound, also can have the effect to filling calcium on certain level, cookbook of 4 babies filling calcium introduces for you below, also be 4 kinds of very common babies complementary feed, do easily simply.

1, gallinaceous liver is burnt

Raw material: Gallinaceous liver 15 grams, chicken wears soup 150 milliliter, soy, honey each a few.

Make: Put gallinaceous liver water of blood of the take out in boiling water, boil 10 minutes again, take out shuck appearance, put the bruise inside container to reserve. gallinaceous wearing Shang Fang enters pannikin inside, join the gallinaceous liver of bruise, boil mushy, join a few soy and honey, agitate divide evenly is become namely.

Effect: Contain a lot ofcalcic, phosphor, iron, zinc and A of protein, vitamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and Nick acid to wait for a variety of nutriment, suit edible of filling calcium of baby of 6 months above.


Congee of gallinaceous liver millet

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What food can eat whiter more

2017-03-24 10:32:07

Undertake from food recuperation is beautiful white inside and outside hold repaired main track concurrently. Nutrient division is recommended, 5 kinds of vegetable can let skin eat whiter more.

1. dawdle

— dawdle nutrition is rich, contain a lot ofprotein and vitamin, adipose low, without cholesterol. Edible dawdle can make female estrogen is secreted more exuberant, can prevent often fight decline, make skin gorgeous.

2. pea

— pea contains rich vitamin A former, it is OK to eat more dispel spot is stationed in colour. In addition, eat pea to still have subsidence of a swelling, extend cutaneous function, can the furrow all round even up eye.

3. potato

— rich B a group of things with common features vitamin and many high grade cellulose, body of female of can effective help discharges poison. Among them vitamin C makes female reply beauty white skin.

4. cucumber

— the composition such as the fine fibre with the third element of 2 acid, calabash, soft alcohol that cucumber contains, can clean beauty skins in vain, eliminate bask in injury and fleck, alleviate the skin is allergic.

5. Bai Luobo

— contain rich vitamin C, restrain melanin synthesis, prevent fat brown qualitative deposit, often feed can make the skin fair and clear and exquisite.

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Red jujube eats so let your bosom change from A cup D cup

2016-11-29 11:37:41

The woman wants to have S figure, compressed to oneself bosom always is dissatisfactory, in local model form, perfect figure is feminine topic all the time, how to have perfect figure? Earthnut + big helps bosom of your increase sharply! Will quickly look.

The first: Eat unripe pignut

Buy unripe pignut (must be born, had better be in those days fresh, fry pass or of saline do not eat, can fat) , lie between 2 hours to eat 10 — 20, eat seriously, should chew very broken very broken in pharynx, OK and additional oil and vitamin B2. Ate to feel the stomach is uncomfortable, it is the reaction because of red to that garment, can pare red garment eat again, assure a stomach again won’t afflictive.

The 2nd: Drink red jujube tea

Prepare some of big jujube, american ginseng, safflower (a few a bit) everyday bubble water a cup, drink water only, cannot add candy. Can move gas blood, connect main and collateral channels, menstruation is smooth also, and can carry gas, often won’t feel tired namely, dozen do not have mind.

The 3rd: Menstruation drinks water of ginger red jujube

Menses drinks water of ginger red jujube (boiled more with boiler put freezer, heated up in the morning everyday drink a cup) base of hot ginger bleb is used before sleeping in the evening, menses makes sure your blood eliminates smooth. I now can be complexion ruddy, connecting fingernail is of powdery pink.

Speed reducing weight can cause body nutrition too quickly to be short of break, bring about hair; and the female causes complexion with respect to easy anaemia cadaverous, the method that above recommends enrichs the blood just about the good method of filling gas.

Unripe earthnut, red jujube, American ginseng, safflower, ginger has very great help to female health, this just is not used in reduce weight only, feel put oneself in another’s position of him deficiency of vital energy is weak, menstruation is not moved, the MM with cadaverous complexion can try, safflower hot sex is bigger nevertheless, the MM with hot constitution should be put less some.

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Eat vegetables of 12 kinds of fruit to surpass prevent bask in frost

2013-11-09 00:25:04

Guide language: Sorching summer, even if prevent bask in neat go into battle of frost, sunshade, sunglasses, escape hard also the ultraviolet ray of be all-pervasive! How can if coagulate,you just maintain skin does fat, glorious take a person? Prevent bask in subtle move all over the sky to fly, prevent cheaply simply again bask in a method? By inside and outside prevent basking in ability is the most essential prevent bask in. Eat pair of fruits and vegetable, your prevent basked in the job to succeed one most. Small today make up everybody to recommend 12 kinds to prevent bask in fruit and vegetable, had them, let prevent bask in frost, sunshade to become cloud drift!

1. tomato

Tomato is best prevent bask in food, contain a lot ofantioxidant tomato red element, the risk factor that absorbs Gong Suke of 16 milligram tomato to will be basked in everyday drops 40% . Its rich acidity juice can help you balance cutaneous PH value. Black to the skin and rude person, can pound tomato the besmear after juice to go up at the face, after staying about 15 minutes, wash with clear water clean, facial to purify dead skin is big helpful. Tomato also is the vegetable that contains a lot ofvitaminic C, inside tomato juice honey of mixture a few is brushed at facial, clean clean after many minutes 10, it is OK to hold to every day dispel spot, beauty is white.

2. watermelon

Eat watermelon to be different from drink water or beverage, it is the complement of moisture not just to human body. Contain in watermelon juice a variety of healthful the chemical composition with hairdressing, if can promote the amino acid of skin physiology active. These part are easy be absorbed by the skin, moist to facial cutaneous, nutrition, prevent bask in, whitened the effect is better.

3. lemon

Lemon is the hairdressing beautiful in the fruit is tasted, because contain rich vitaminic C and calcium,pledge and serve as cosmetic and the raw material that shield skin to taste. Its main hairdressing effect has: Whitened clean skin, purify splash, close skin, embellish skin, eliminate exhaustion, fight skin ageing to wait. Because many fruit acerbity part is contained in lemon, but bate cutin layer, purify dead skin, stimulative skin is metabolic. Take lemon juice of one small teaspoon, mix one spoon yoghurt and one spoon honey, chafe gently in knee, elbow and calcaneal ministry after about 10 minutes, reoccupy Wenshui is rinsed, insist for a long time to be able to make skin tender and be full of burnish.

4. orange

Eat vegetables of 12 kinds of fruit to surpass prevent bask in frost

Orange contains a lot ofVC and carotene, can restrain the formation of carcinogen, still can bate and protection are hemal, stimulative blood circulates, reduce cholesterol and hematic fat. Consider to show, drink juice of 3 cups of orange to be able to increase the high density inside body to spend lipoprotein everyday (the content of HDL) , reduce the likelihood that contracts heart disease thereby, a kind of specific chemical part is contained inside orange juice namely kind yellow ketone and citrin, can promote HDL to increase, carry low density lipoprotein (LDL) arrives outside body.

5. yangtao

Yangtao is the fruit with extremely high value of a kind of nutrition, its can contain content of content of sexual solid form for 20% , contain acid of bright ammonia acid, benzene third ammonia, surprise more than 10 kinds of amino acid such as bright ammonia acid, cheese ammonia acid, Xie ammonia acid, third ammonia acid, contain those who abound is mineral, pulp of every 100 grams contains calcium 27 milligram, phosphor 26 milligram, iron 1.2 milligram, still contain carotene and a variety of vitamins, among them the content of vitamin C amounts to 100 milligram (in pulp of every 100 grams) above, some breed are as high as 300 milligram above, 5 be orange- – 10 times, the fruity such as the apple 15- – 30 times, be known as on the world consequently ” the king of the fruit ” . The vitaminic C that its contain and vitaminic E not only can beautiful skin, and have fight oxidation, can effective whitened the skin, eliminate fleck and dark sore. In addition yangtao still contains many solubility fiber, average the fiber content of every jins of yangtao is 2.6 grams, what can promote human body carbohydrate is metabolic, help aid digestion, prevent constipation.

6. pineapple

Pineapple belongs to intertropical fruit, what its abound is vitaminic not only can desalt is facial splash, make skin moist, transparent, return cutin of can effective purify, stimulative skin is metabolic, the skin presents health. Color of skin is dark juice of pineapple of usable gauze dip wipes heavy person, insist for a long time to be able to have the effect of beautiful white tender skin. Juice of a few pineapple is added in bathing water more can moist skin, apply to the person with rude skin especially. Additional, one kind still is contained to call pineapple enzymatic material in pineapple, it can be effective the bilge of purify tooth surface, the dental whiteness that makes you is like jade.

7. apple

The apple is acted according to to be hairdressing emperor to taste by a lot of personages love the United States. The protein of 0.3% is contained in the apple, of 0.4% adipose, the crude fibre of 0.9% and all sorts of mineral, scent are mellow kind wait. A large number of water that its contain are divided and all sorts of protecting wet factor has to the skin defend wet action, what vitaminic C can restrain the melanin in the skin is ad cool-headed, often feed an apple but desalt is facial fleck and Huang Heban. Additional, the rich fruit acerbity part that contains in the apple can make pore unobstructed, have dispel blain effect. Besides, malic function is gentle, can regard natural face as film, OK also section coating. Be in the apply after malic section place of black rim of the eye also is go popularly in recent years nostrum of black rim of the eye. Newest medicine considers to return discovery, divide in the apple contain those who abound is vitaminic and pectic beyond, still contain fight oxide in great quantities, can prevent the combustion of the freedom radical harm to the cell and cholesterol, it is to fight cancer to prevent anile beautiful to taste.

8. towel gourd

Towel gourd is whitened, the natural hairdressing that goes knitting is tasted. Occupy medical experiment to prove, long-term edible towel gourd or brush a face with towel gourd fluid, can make skin tender, smooth, can prevent and eliminate acne and melanin ad cool-headed. Rich vitaminic, mineral, plant is contained in towel gourd mucous with xylose glue, because towel gourd water was joined to extract content in a lot of this elite fluid, in Japanese cosmetic the market, the hairdressing that fluid of this kind of elite is a lot of females is necessary article. Collect towel gourd water actually not difficult, use a towel gourd bine only in tower above ground by the waist of 60 centimeters of place is cut off, make its bottom bends, cut is gadarene. Take a sip of glass bottle to cover next go up in cut, so that towel gourd water can unobstructed ground flows into bottle inside. After towel gourd water sets one night, filter with gauze, added bit of glycerine and alcohol to be able to be used again. Also not be afraid that furrow mounts your face again so.

9. Lu Hui

Be in Japan, the application of aloe hairdressing almost widely known. In Euramerican cosmetic the market, the product that has 80% contains natural Lu Hui to extract content. The ramification of the glucoside of natural anthracene Kun in aloe or anthracene, can absorb ultraviolet radiation, prevent the skin red, speckle arises. In addition, aloe polysaccharide and vitamin have to the skin of human body good nutrition, moist, whitened action. Aloe offset has very good effect except acne. The material of glucoside of the Kun that belong to anthracene such as aloe pieplant element, this kind of material can make a hair soft and luster, relaxed Shu Shuang, and have go the action of scurf.

10. cherry

Cherry is to contain a kind of fruit with iron and more carotene, its nutrition is very rich, to enraging blood relatively the person of empty can rise to enrich the blood the action of filling kidney, gram of anteprandial edible 200-300 can recuperate function of intestines and stomach, poor to digesting a function person has profit very much. The rich vitaminic C in cherry can be moist tender white skin, the formation of effective counteractive melanin. Additional, the fruit acid that contains in cherry still can promote the formation of corneous layer.

11. peach

Peach is a kind of when a lot of people love to eat sweet and goluptious fruit, the rich fruit acid that its contain is had protect wet effect, return the bilge in OK and cleared pore, prevent pigment ad cool-headed, prevent furrow. Additional, many vitaminic B and C still are contained in peach, stimulative blood circulates, make health of facial color of skin ruddy. To coarse skin, can use a peach-shaped thing piece grind on abluent face and massage, next again abluent, law of this one party conduces to maintain cutaneous smooth with tender. Besides, juice of a few peach is joined to immerse in bathing water, also be to maintain a of skin good method.

Fruit of 12. ox oil

This name perhaps is inferior to bovine oil fruit other fruit is a person in that way hep, its uneven green skin surface also like unlike orange, lemon inviting and lovely, but it contains rich glycerine acerbity, protein and vitaminic, embellish and not be bored with, it is natural antioxidant, not only can soft kind is moist skin, still can contract bulky pore. With 1/4 bovine oil mixes 1 teaspoon milk if really, pound mushy, can make face of face film apply, suit drying skin especially, can effective moist skin.

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What cannot the person of cough eat? It what eat is good to what eat fast?

2019-01-25 17:18:50

Food is crucial to the illness of cough patient. Reasonable food can make cough not medicine and more, but if dietary improper, can bring about illness accentuation. So, what should the person of cough notice on food?

It what cough eats is good that what cough eats fast

1, rock candy

” a book on Chinese medicine is again new ” say: Rock candy can ” relieve a cough cough, expectorant saliva ” , appropriate decoct water is drunk or contain change edible, so, in the home remedy that many relieving a cough useful to it. The effectiveness of rock candy, white sugar and brown sugar is different. Brown sugar has a blood to change the intention of Yu, appropriate woman period or pregnant woman are postpartum edible; and rock candy, white sugar can be clear gas of hot, antiphlogistic, reduce internal heat, stop heat coughs, change thick phlegmy, the person edible rock candy of cough, have expectorant the effect that relieve a cough.

2, Xue Li

Xue Li has embellish lung Qing Dynasty dry, relieve a cough expectorant action. The doing of pharynx and larynx that because this is right,acute tracheitis and the patient that the upper respiratory tract affects appear, urticant, painful, sound is dumb, phlegmy bare of stiff, constipation, make water all has fine effect. Xue Li can be eaten raw, OK also evaporate, OK still make it soup and a thick soup. But Xue Li sex is cold, should not be much eat. Especially taste Xu Han, abdomen is cold painful with deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it person, can not eat more, eat to hurt taste easily more.

Syrup of pear of tremella rock candy

Patulous read: Edible encyclopedia of Xue Li

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