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Our country is artificial in recent yearsAbortionRate year after year rises, especially for many times artificialAbortionRate is higher. For many times induced abortion already became menace at present this city Yo age the healthy and outstanding problem that the woman treats attention urgently, came 2008 action of health of Tianjin city woman planned to already will use contraceptive effectively 2012 the service after doing good induced abortion safeguards woman health to bring into its subproject to give interpose. Fu of center of health care of children of Tianjin city woman protects expert tall Wen to say, induced abortion also is a kindOperation, for many times stream of people is harmed to female body often long-dated. To achieve the goal that does not make induced abortion as far as possible, she reminds Yo age the woman is to should insist to use contraceptive, 2 it is to should choose to suit what oneself use to mix reliable contraceptive method, cherish oneself first time is pregnant.

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Gao Wen says the main harm of induced abortion has the following, the first it is palace neck is mixedPalace antrum adhesion. Induced abortion operation is the directest of harm is the female is produced, undeserved meeting causes the operationPalace neck adhesionBlock or it is palace antrum adhesion narrows, after creating artAmenorrhoeaOr decrease significantly via the quantity, can accompany sometimes periodicNext abdomens are achingOr the uterus increases accumulate blood.

The 2nd it is tubal inflammation block. The person that should accept method suffers from palace neck phlogistic or it is the disinfection when the operation lax, meeting general bacterium takes palace pitch, can cause oviduct so phlogistic and cause tubal block to bring about infecund. The constitution after art is frail, two Zhou Neiru fruit have the infection of pathogenic bacteria, appear easily endometritis, Pelvic infectionEtc. If acute period did not receive seasonable and proper treatment, can turn to also can be brought about for chronic inflammation infecund.

The 3rd it is mammary gland disease. Once the female is pregnant, each systems inside body can produce delicate change, mammary gland cell also germinate. When gravid and abrupt interrupt, make the mammary gland cell of firm germinate atrophic, if cannot get,nurse in time, the breast recovers from an illness not not complete, complete, can cause mammary gland disease.


The 4th beEctopic pregnancy. Stream of people can bring about stricture of tubal scar sex, meet when oosperm moves to uterine direction stay in these place suffocate suffocate come down, causeOviduct is gravid(Also beEctopic pregnancyA kind of) that sees at most in, cause the massive haemorrhage inside tubal burst or abdominal cavity finally, serious when can endanger life.

In addition, if the operation is medium the operation is undeserved, and the reason of patient individual constitution, cause easily stillThe uterus bleeds, The uterus is perforative, after artMenstruation is not moved, Different of the film inside the uterus disease, again gravid antenatal, FloodingRate increase, terminal abortion, SlinkOn the high side, surround unripe period mortality on the high side, new student haemolysis disease increases etc.

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Fetal darling can duplicate mom psychology

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Be in our country, people is used to be pregnant calling is ” be pregnant ” . Because be pregnant,mean a wife to be about to do mom, the husband is about to become father, this is to be worth happy happy event of course. Tell from the angle of healthy health care actually, be pregnant regard ” happy event ” also be to remind pregnant woman: Should keep buoyant, the mood is upbeat, avoid the effect that undesirable mood produces, although encounter indolence,sharp issue also should not be angry painfully.

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Study a proof, the mood change of pregnant woman can cause the change of quality of physiology function, body and healthy state, and these changes are met again influence of direct or indirect ground arrives to grow fetally development. Be angry with pregnant woman for exemple, medicine and psychological investigator had been measured technically, the hormone level in the blood when pregnant woman is irate can lift very quickly, the chroma of harmful and chemical material inside body is inside short time grow in quantity. These material produce effect directly on fetal body, it is for the word that uses an expert: “Fetal and OK duplicate the mentation that gives a mother. ” meet in disposition and mood respect in the future the disposition of reductive mother and mood. Be angry it is thus clear that brought result is very bad.

In addition, the leucocyte in blood is healthy ” bodyguard ” , when the person is falling ill, leucocyte especially the huge bite cell in leucocyte is entered ” battle ” condition, with invade the bacterium inside body, virus to undertake fighting. Pregnant woman is irate can make blood mediumLeucocyte decreases, the resistance inside body is abate, reduce function of human body immunity. This is opposite not only oneself health is adverse, also affect fetal growth development, and the ability of counteractive disease is poorer than normal child after the child is born.


Return some experts course to investigate discovery, a few happenCleft palate, HarelippedEtc be born the baby of blemish, during its mother is pregnant often the mood is bad. Experts are analysed think, be pregnant 7-10 week this paragraph of time, if pregnant woman is affected because of be mixed by a few undesirable stimulation, bring a mood to be not stabilized, probable it is to form be born a of blemish factor that cannot ignore.

Wave motion of disposition termagancy, impatient, mood is big, sensitiveSuspiciouspregnant woman, gravid and inchoate and gravid metaphase happensAbortionshould compare 3-5 of tower above of normal pregnant woman times, and the child with these strange pregnant woman’s more unripe than normal pregnant woman child weight wants apparently a few lighter, appear when childbirthDifficult laborPerson also the puerpera with over normal psychology. Accordingly, pregnant woman should maintain health, good mood during be pregnant, the family should create harmonious, festive life atmosphere as far as possible, much communication, much understanding wants between husband and wife.

(the exercitation edits: Deng Huigong)

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In the begining you can feel complete it is difficult to crouch some, can help chair exercise first so. Bipod a few is apart, face a chair to stand still, carry back straight, two legs part outwards and crouch, helping a chair up with the hand. Want to feel comfortable only, this kind of pose maintains a few more for a long time as far as possible.

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If feel bipod bottom is put completely,make the same score have difficulty, a few softer goods can be filled up below calcaneal, when rising, the movement wants a few slower, helping a chair up, not too quick, may feel otherwiseLightheaded. Practice this kind of movement can making pelvic joint agile, add back and ham sarcous force and perineal skin flexibility, be helpful for successful childbirth.


(the exercitation edits: Deng Huigong)

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Men and women of every pairs of Yo age hopes she can conceive a healthy darling quickly, but, as a result of the element of modern society many sided, cause a lot of men and womens to be pregnant not easily, the food that female of a few conduce becomes pregnant introduces below.

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The food that conduce female becomes pregnant recommends:

1, rich zinc food:

Zincic quantity is contained to compare in plant sex food in high legume, earthnut, millet, turnip, Chinese cabbage waits for food of; animal sex, contain zinc to be abounded most with oyster, in addition, liver of beef, chicken, egg kind, mutton chop, pork contain zinc more also.

2, contain a lot ofAmmonia of essence of life is acerbityfood:

According to considering to confirm, acid of ammonia of essence of life is the essential part that spermatozoon forms, and can enhance the mobile ability of spermatozoon, the dimension hold of normal to man reproduction system function is important action. Wait like loose fish of eel, holothurian, cuttlefish, octopus, wood, sesame seed, groundnut, nucleus.

3, pluck:

Largerer cholesterol is contained in this kind of food, among them, about 10% the left and right sides is cortin and sex hormone, proper edible this kind of food, have certain effect to enhancing sexual function. Contain a lot ofthe food of protein, vitamin, wait like lean lean, egg, fresh vegetable, fruit.

4, easy conception cookbook of a day of 3 eat is recommended

Breakfast: Scramble egg match toast fresh perhaps fruit adds natural yoghurt


Lunch: Tuna mayonnaise salad or Italianism vermicelli

Dinner: Oyster sauce beef and flourishing fire fry vegetable

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

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During be pregnant, accurate mom must great attention food, bad dietary habit can affect the baby in abdomen. The accurate mom that like soya-bean milk deep-fried twisted dough sticks to cook breakfast should notice, small write the adverse to pregnant woman part that takes you to see deep-fried twisted dough sticks contain together.

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Judge aluminium from this exceeding an amount is very adverse to the person’s cerebra.

In deep-fried twisted dough sticks when making, must add certain amount aluminous, and aluminous be a kind of mineral that contains aluminium. When scamper deep-fried twisted dough sticks, flour of every 500 grams is about to use 15 Ke Ming vitriol, that is to say, if pregnant woman eats two deep-fried twisted dough sticks everyday, be equal to ate 3 Ke Ming vitriol, accumulate every day so rise, the aluminium that its absorb is quite breathtaking.


These are aluminous in contained aluminium passes placenta, invade fetal cerebra, can make its form cerebrum barrier, increaseGawkishmachine rate.

Woman, during be pregnant the body can produce a series of change, answer these change, pregnant woman wants reasonable arrangement the job and rest, notice nutrient complement, for the health of darling, accurate mom should understand more.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

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Inchoate people thinks, because the abdomen is medium,causing labor pains and childbirth is fetal think the environment outside the uterus is compared be close friends inside the uterus, so rapid move should come out. Try later from each angle: The element that is like the placental element, element of the mother’s body, immunity, and the mother’s body, fetal between endocrine element, will discuss the mystery that causes manufacturing labour pains, but still cannot offer a very satisfactory theory. Same, in clinical go up to still also cannot foretell from when the systole of abiogenesis strength palace with irregular antenatal can transform the labour pains of concentrated regularity. Show level so to ” labor pains ” the definition is to point to: A chain of harmonious sex and the businesslike uterus that are not autonomy are contractive, its are as a result make cervix lasts attenuate and outspread, cause pregnant production finally by eduction.

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Theory puts in theory ‘s charge, with pregnant woman people the item that has personal concern quite is: What should I notice?

Produce million 1: Quickening

Be pregnant because later period is fetal grow rapid, amniotic fluid decreases, fetal and OK mobile space decreased relatively, so quickening also is met decreased apparently. More or less is the frequency of quickening safety? Still do not have final conclusion at present actually, the frequency because of quickening because of the person different, and the subjective feeling of every mother suffer different also. Consider to show, average and daily should spend on 2. 7 hours just can experience the quickening to 10. Accordingly the expert offers, want to there is the quickening that experiences inside 2 hours only, can relax heart. Or it is to secure a period of time to count a hour everyday, if quickening frequency can be at ease inside average. Conversely if the frequency of quickening is apparent increase or be to reduce 50% above, should examine of fast go to a doctor.

Produce million 2: Light touch

Of epigastrium oppressive reduced, because fetal head falls,this is of pelvic cavity of to the marrow relation, feel breath becomes smooth so, at the same time of food unwell also improved. Most primipara (the first embryo) meeting in 36 ~ the 38 feeling between Zhou Zhi are changed this, and classics puerpera (be not the first embryo) not certain. Can begin to notice to fall right now red, Break waterOr the arrival that is labor pains.

Produce million 3: Fall red or appear blood

This is cervix attenuates, molten and the secretion of courage and uprightness of some mucus, show pink or wine, if appear blood the quantity is little, still do not need to be admitted to hospital, continue to observe can. Fall according to statistic red the metropolis inside a week after begins labor pains.

Produce million 4: Break water

This is to surround fetal reach amniotic fluidCaul burstBe caused by, amniotic fluid is colorless, the clear, liquid that contains fishy smell, can last and not own pour out of from the vagina. Uric fluid is clear, ecru, have the liquid of coquettish flavour, this is both the difference between. If discover broken water to answer promptly go to a doctor, can suggest to be admitted to hospital right now wait for birth, the condition that inspects uterine systole next gives deal with moderately.

Produce million 5: Labor pains

Be not actually every time OK labour pains of very easy discriminative false sex and true labour pains. “Painful ” because the uterus contracts puissantly,be, cause provisionality be short ofOxygenAnd those who cause aching gene release, normally the puerpera’s feeling isBellyacke, Lumbar acidOr beBackache. Whole abdomen becomes very hard when labor pains, when indolence very soft. True labour pains is regularity and it is more and more concentrated, at first the likelihood is systole of every 10 minutes of meetings, last every time 10-30 second. But make progress as what produce Cheng, systole turns every into 3-4 minute can contract, last every time 30-60 second.

Contractive intensity and persistent time won’t because massage, ambulate, lie in bed, or of medicaments affect and reduce. The most important is cervix can attenuate and effective dilate. False sex labour pains just is systole with afore-mentioned contrary; uteruses irregular (removed 10-30 minute differ) , next abdominal and slight ache are unwell, via massaging, ambulate or rest can alleviate, be without a help to the dilate of cervix. Right now the doctor is met normally first inside the situation that examine assesses cervix, if still be very thick and not outspread can suggest the puerpera comes home await, notice quickening continuously, inspect the condition of labor pains again, if have,break water or be haemorrhage examine is returned again when the quantity increases.

Produce million 6: meaning feeling


Anus is not own want to exert oneself to do sth. , have the feeling of defecate. To classics puerpera this is very important sign, because the cervix of classics puerpera is in common when already had nominal dilate (because by before the embryo has maintained) , become so when apparent labour pains, Cervix dilaterate is rapid, answer right now deep breathing breathes out, do not arrive promptly forciblyHospital. The opportunity of be in hospital needs to pass the doctor’s careful assessment, and this is right clinical doctor goes up in major and experiential a test. Clinical the assessment that go up the basis is integrated inside the discovery of examine, the indication data on fetal monitor, with subjective consciousness of the puerpera.

Examine basically is the level that evaluates cervix dilate inside, the length of cervix reachs ply, position of a foetus, the position of fetal head (whether to have drop) and whether to have broken water. Fetal monitor basically is the change that records fetal heartbeat and the frequency with contractive uterus and pressure. The subjective consciousness of classics puerpera is her be spent to the uterus is borne contractively and meaning feeling. The subjective consciousness that once had had case classics lying-in woman is more accurate than clinical judgement, although the puerpera feels the waist is acerbity only but have intense meaning feeling, before the doctor returns future to be evaluated so that reach, the puerpera tells you she wanted to be born first.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

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Labial state reveals a toxic extent

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The lip can present a different color, gave people very good caution effect, after all what is labial state alluding, cruel show you toxic is there many deep?

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(2) the lip is weak white

Long-term lip ought to go palelyHospitalLook up, DoctorIts behave meeting ground and self-conscious symptom makes some of corresponding inspection to you, do not have with eliminating to haveAnaemicproblem. In addition, certainTaste empty is cold, Dyspepticthe patient also can show lip to lack ruddy, dry wait for a symptom, some still can be accompanied haveLimb is algid.

Common and unwell: Lack of power, Mondayish, Backache, sexual desire is low wait.

Method of prevention and cure

1 strengthen what nutrition compares tall material to absorb, do not carry once more feed, wanting to reduce weight again, life comparing is slender more important. Proposal provision: ? Is Φ of ⒓ of Suan of Ling of ⒀ of Suan of H of ⑴ of Suan of θ of Hong Suan ⒓ dark take?

The earthnut of 2 erubescent endodermis, chew appropriately everyday take, not set limit to. Do a jujube, at least one day 15 above.

3 not excessive stay up late, meet in that way of the sources of energy that you already were not worth aggravate originally ruinous use up.

One, color

(One) the lip is red or be cardinal or it is amaranth

Clew: If red color is too gorgeous or claret, the likelihood is common inside the body that say ” fire is big ” those who cause. If accompanyHalitosis, Hiccup, explainTaste damp and hot; accompanies two forceBilge painful, Anorexia, explainIrascibilityToo flourishing.

Common and unwell: Toothache, headache, Giddy, Constipation, make water is yellow wait

Method of prevention and cure

1 reduce the following material instantly absorb, hot food, saccharide, chicken, hotpot, more energy that they can produce only, let the internal heat inside your body more flourishing, the color that brings about it is more scarlet.

2 do not take the cordial that contains the material such as ginseng, big jujube as far as possible, after all add fuel to the flames is very critical issue.

3 generation when so much is unwell, need wants medicaments to help. Cinnamonic 2g of 30g of the tuber of dwarf lilyturf of 30g of figwort 30g virgin soil, water simmer in water is taken. The name that this prescription is ancient time just adds fluid boiling water. To afore-mentioned unwell have alleviate apparently remedial effect, can clearing human body ” fire ” below the circumstance, at the same time complemental shade fluid, letting us is dry bavin no longer, see fire is worn no longer.

(3) the lip is blueness black (violet) color

If the lip appears for a long time purple, modern medicine is what its say “Cyanosis” , adumbrative your heart may be put in the problem, ought to go to a hospital in time for a long time checking so. The disease of certain respiratory system also can appear lip lacks not quite burnish, ruddy change.

Common and unwell: The bosom is frowsty, love sigh, bosom idol is aculeate painful, nightmare.

Method of prevention and cure

1 if you move rarely, so, everyday 30 minutes canter the lip that can change you thoroughly is lubricious

2 intense proposals everyday the Shanxi old mature vinegar of drinkable 1-2 spoon, the lip that this can let your blueness black absolutely produces a change after period of time. Except of itself of old mature vinegar is other action, also downy invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu action and the function that improve the mood.


3 if have smoking case, best can reduce smoking amount. The nicotine inside body or little place are good.

(4) black of the circuit since the leather superficial all round the lip

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The nutrition that how can have you just allocated accurate mom is prandial? Likelihood your hutch art do not calculate adept, but the semi-manufactured goods in the supermarket helps, you also can make the nutrient cooked food with calm rich feed very quickly.

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Sauce beef on the west orchid

Material: Sauce beef 100 grams, on the west orchid 1, tomato sand department is right amount


Cut sauce beef piece, orchid breaks small; on the west

The water in boiler burns boil, after putting the sauce beef that has cut to be ironed slightly, fish out;

the boiling water that orchid puts very hot beef crossing sauce on the west in, add a few salt to iron ripe hind, fish out drop does moisture;

Will orchid is put on the west it is among dish, place the bovine sliced meat that has ironed next above;

Drench on sand of a few tomato manages.

Nutrient division comments on: Sauce beef contains a variety of nutrition, the body that aims mom has very good alimentary effect. But buy in the supermarket had done ripe sauce beef, compare commonly salty, do not suit direct edible. After using boiled water scald, mix feed, can reduce salinity already absorb, the fat that can reduce certain amount again is absorbed, assured nutrient absorption, with one action is much.

Dish of sesame paste naked oats

Material: Naked oats dish 4, sesame paste 2 spoon, salt 1 gram


Naked oats dish is abluent, cut paragraph of; into 5 centimeters or so

A few salt will be added inside sesame paste, move rare, smooth; with water next

Be in tile of naked oats dish dish inside, irrigate sesame paste on mix divide evenly can.

Nutrient division comments on: The vitamin content of naked oats dish is rich, and the content of the iron inside sesame paste is very rich, 1 times taller than pork liver, the yoke that compare chicken is 6 times taller, and the quantity that contain calcium is next to dried small shrimps. Be the same as naked oats dish one case edible of cold and dressed with sause, can let big allow mom appetite already, can provide the nourishment that pregnancy place needs again.

Zhi person hand scroll

Material: Laver He Zhishi each 1, lettuce 1, tomato 1/2, salad sauce is right amount


Lettuce is abluent, tear apart; tomato abluent, section;

The laver on the shop, ordinal platoon go up Zhi person, lettuce, tomato piece;

Drench on salad sauce furls can.

Nutrient division comments on: Laver, Zhi person all contains a lot ofcalcium to pledge, it is on the high side of Zhi person salinity only, if accurate mom hasHypertensiveOrOedemacircumstance, edible of best set limit to.

Meal of bright shrimp seafood

Material: Bright shrimp 6, carrot is fourth 200 grams, pea 100 grams, fresh rice 1 bowl, egg 2, small cole 205 grams, salt 1 gram, edible oil is right amount


prawn abluent, take out crust and head, accuse to do choose of moisture; small cole to be washed clean, cut paragraph of;

Burn in boiler sail upstream, carrot man and pea bead scald;

Fry a few oil is put inside boiler, burn to 5 into quantity of heat, put prawn, a; is filled after small fire simmer in water is ripe

Use the oil that remains inside boiler, after adding a few oil again, put small cole, carrot man and pea bead, after be being fried slightly, the makings juice that adds a few Li Jin to write down fills a; after condiment

Become egg fry in shallow oil poached eggs;

Fill an one bowl rice, enter bead of pea of Ding He of the small cole that has fried, carrot, mix divide evenly;


Good decoct shrimp and poached eggs are placed above OK.

Nutrient division comments on: Beautiful of lubricious fragrance all, look at let saliva of stream of people, nutrition is abounded again, suit to allow mom complement nutrition.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

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Cold wave will raid, air temperature drops continuously, does the current people that adamancy fights aspic still want to hold to at that time ” beautiful aspic person ” is wintry day conceited? People saying ” spring cover autumn aspic ” , how does the autumn freeze is ability more healthy?

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After Qiudong, weather becomes cool, of the personPoreShould close rise prevent catch a cold, if put on thick dress prematurely, pore can be opened because of be heated, drop in temperature suddenly brought cold air injures a person easily through pore.

   DoctorSay: 3 into come the patient that the courtyard sees a doctor is ” aspic ” come out

Misunderstanding ” autumn aspic ” and the person that causes disease is true still many. “Enter every year autumn, such patient is much rise. ” the expert says. In the arthritic patient that examines everyday, aspic comes out occupy 1/3 at least, give priority to in order to love beautiful woman among them, 339 years old, even the patient with smaller age is increasing.

Additional, because,still have some of patient by motorcycle, electric car, did not make necessary preventive measure good, bring about knee to suffer wind for a long time to cause disease.

The expert says: Proper ” autumn aspic ” beneficial. Which can freeze, this 3 place absolutely cannot ” freeze “

Actually, adage says ” spring cover autumn aspic ” it is reasonable. Because winter weather is cold, disease of blood-vessel of head of easy hair respiratory tract, heart and because of muscle arteries and veins gas blood carriesAll rightNot the rheumatism joint disease that free causes, accordingly, to get used to severe cold, it is when air temperature is not quite cold, freeze appropriately, can arouse the resistance of the body, enhance cold-resistant ability, because of,decrease cold and the happening that causes a disease.

“However, autumn aspic must have mastered certainly degree. ” some people drop in temperature, wrap those who get severe tight fact immediately, go up to sweat continuously personally, in that way easierCold, the suiting of the body ability will be abate, likewise right the body is adverse.

Autumn aspic should have degree. Become cold abruptly when weather, difference in temperature of morning and evening should add the garment in time greatly by, otherwise, suffer from extremely easily on cold, and bronchitic, Asthmatic, Digestibility ulcerWait for chronic patient, be caused easily also or aggravating illness.

   Do not freeze head, abdomen, sufficient. Head, foot, navel should be eliminated to be besides autumn aspic. “The dress on the body is worn again thickly, if do not wear a hat, do not build plug like thermos flask, or cannot effective heat preservation ” .

Accordingly, in autumnal wind big, air temperature drops during, must notice to protect the head, had better wear a hat, avoid to air and be causedHave a headache, CalorificWait for the body unwell. Abdomen, base is same also, want to notice heat preservation.

Autumn aspic is not everybody all appropriate. DiabeticThe old person with patient of patient, disease of heart head blood-vessel, younger constitution and children, Chronic bronchiticAsthmatic disease and patient, arthritis patient do not suit ” autumn aspic ” .

   The miserable case that aspic comes out: Winter is worn so most ” destroy a look “

“Cold woman ” blood goes not free, meet in the winter not onlyHands or feet is icy, and facial and easy long spot, in the meantime, inside bodyEnergyCannot moistThe skin, the skin gets angry with respect to lack. Feminine appearance wants Shui Runtong to appear, blood is enraged inside requirement body also can unobstructed. The dress in Lengtian is too cool and refreshing, the blood of the body is easy be retarded by silt, long-term and such, on the face with respect to chairman spot, complexion is not good-looking also.

A lot of white-collar females appear ” screen face ” , complexion is dim, long spot, cadaverous wait, it is to enraged blood to give an issue actually, long-term overworked, actuating pressure is great and Leng Tian carelessly heat preservation is main reason. Blood goes not free still can bring diseases of a lot of department of gynaecology. Weather turns cool since, amount of ill patient of department of gynaecology rose 30% above, it is the disease of department of gynaecology that aspic comes out.

The expert expresses, reproductive system of the woman is most cold-blooded, catch a cold of below half body brings about female Gong Han directly, besides hands or feet icyDysmenorrhoeaOutside, still can create sexual desire thin, devoid stomach. Gong Han causesGore, bring aboutLeucorrhoea grow in quantity, wholesome environment drops inside the vagina, cause therebyPelvic infection, Different of the film inside the uterus diseaseEtc. In addition, gong Han is brought about easily stillInfecund. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine often says ” warm palace pregnant child ” , as long asUterus, blood of pelvic cavity gas was connected, inflammation eliminated nature to go up with respect to the bosom. So, healthy, ” favour pregnant ” little stomach is warm warm, soft soft. Accordingly, the woman with those poorer fitness, winter wants special attention heat preservation, still can eat a few ” prevent dry not be bored with ” smooth fill article.


   Science ” autumn aspic ” instruct you a few court

How scientific ” autumn aspic ” ? Expert introduction, wear less a bit is irrespective, but the body must want to move rise. Go quickly for instance, dozenShadowboxing, swim etc athletic way is very good, these motion can be stimulated and promote haemal circulation and metabolization, raise the body suiting to chill ability. Additional, still can freeze conciously him aspic, for instance the youth rises in the morning can wash his hands with cold bath face, the person with a few strong bodies still can be washed appropriately wash cold water bath.

(the exercitation edits: Xie Jie this)

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According to newest data, become the woman of sit-ups for a long time, the person that ill occurence rate compares department of gynaecology to be not done is low 55% , visible situp is the auxiliary method with good disease of remedial department of gynaecology really. Small make up remind everybody when sit-ups, the female should put both hands theory inEarOn the side, such lumbar abdomens just are met more forcibly, can achieve sanitarian result more.

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Disease of department of gynaecology is not in one day to be able to be cured, but in the life hold to a few simple petty action for a long time conciously, can have the auxiliary therapy effect that is less than to expect to disease of department of gynaecology. Sit-ups is among them a important kind.

Sit-ups is the method of a kind of exercise that develops truncal muscle strength and extend sex, can exercise abdominal muscle well, still treat the auxiliary method of disease of department of gynaecology. The United States ” precaution ” magazine investigation shows, the 86% women that become sit-ups for a long time, the person that ill occurence rate compares department of gynaecology to be not done is low 55% .

Sit-ups, it is a kind of familiar exercising pattern. Lie on one’s back, two legs and approach, lift on two tactics, use abdominal muscle systole, two arms swing ahead, become sitting position quickly, the upper part of the body continue proneness, two tactics touchs instep, lower one’s head; Like thatHindReductive into sitting position. Enter continuously soAll right. Become sitting position formerly. Undertake continuously so.

Above all, exercise abdominal muscle, can tighten up abdominal muscle, protect the internal organs of the body inside good abdominal cavity better. Next, can drawing back muscle, ligament and vertebral. Again, exercise groin. Groin has a lot of blood capillary and point, do sit-ups to be able to stimulate inguinal blood-vessel, quicken blood to flow, remedial gentle understands disease of department of gynaecology.

Exercise the effect to achieve first-rate, when doing, need to match with reasonable breath. Begin in the process that lies on his back backward inspiratory, humeral back touchs the instant of mat breathless receive an abdomen, the upper part of the body be raised gradually, should the upper part of the body raise have to abdomenBilge feelingWhen, fast and expiratory, bring body to lower his head to complete an action ahead.

When doing sit-ups normally, our both hands is hold a head in the arms and across. When the female is done, both hands does not hold a head in the arms, however empty is put by ear, such, lumbar abdomen is met more forcibly.

Proposal female friend can be a group 10 times at the beginning, one day does 3 groups at least. 30 years old had better be accomplished 40, 45 / minute; 40 years old should accomplish 35 or so / minute; 50 years old answer exertForce is amounted toArrive 25, 30 / minute.

In addition, those who need an attention is, do not do sit-ups in period. If in period violent campaign makes likely classics blood fromUterusAntrum enters pelvic cavity upstream, along with the film inside the uterus that flows inside classics blood drossy cultivate likely inOvarianOn, formCyst. Acuteness activity, snatch weighs content, abdominal extruding, collision to wait to be able to cause ovarian rupture, give now abdomen to ache thereby, affect even complete abdomen.

Accordingly, suggest the patient should be inDoctorUndertake taking exercise below the guidance with gymnastical coach, such ability assure the science, optimal result that achieves disease of department of gynaecology of precaution and cure surely.


(responsibility edits: The exercitation edits Luo Liping: La Wei)

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