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Update date: 2019-02-11
Editor: A Tao

Is seminal fluid has blood how to return a responsibility? Many male friends have such doubt, we let look together below that.
There is the hematic essence of life that blood calls in seminal fluid. How many what measure according to containing blood, expression is semen of naked eye blood, mix silk having blood or are a few red blood cells below microscope. Hematic semen is not quite easy commonly when sexual intercourse become aware for patient place immediately, the penis, briefs discovers to wait after even if makes love catch have color, often think of the reason that is the woman above all, unless haemorrhage is more.
Sometimes the exclusive symptom that hematic semen may be disease of department of reproduction of secrete make water, and it is the acute symptom that appears suddenly, often make the patient feels fear to demand medical service with angst. Clinical and actual in hematic semen is not scarce, semen of great majority blood can make clear the pathogeny, ordinal for etc of inflammation, cyst or tumour, injury. 70% above department affects 30 years old of the following blood essence of life be caused by, seldom count hematic semen to be caused for the other reason such as tumor only.
Common cause of disease has 1 inflammation: Can result from bacili of bacterium, virus, n/med tuberculosis and helminth infection. Common have seminal vesicle phlogistic, prostatitis, hind orchitis of urethritis, spermatic n/med tuberculosis, epididymis, spermatic stone, prostate stone or uric road stone: The gender is pestiferous, disease of wet wart of clap, syphilis, acuteness, trichomonad and schistosomiasis. 2: Cyst or tumour are common spermatic cyst, ejaculation is in charge of cyst to wait. Benign tumor has granulation tumour of adenoma of shape of swollen, tit, bursa adenoma, flowing flesh, fibroma and benign prostate hyperplasia. Malignant tumor sees at seminal vesicle cancer, prostate cancer, seminal vesicle or prostate caruncle reach spermary cancer to wait. 3. Injury 4. Disease of systemic haemorrhage sex
The symptom of hematic semen is much give priority to with hematic semen appearing when sexual intercourse, can accompany have ejaculation painful, sexual desire drops, premature ejaculation, perineal ministry after essence of unwell, platoon initiative or medium dust blood in the urine, cystic exciting symptom and energy demand epididymis are phlogistic etc.
The cure of hematic semen depends on the property of pathological changes. The haemorrhage quantity of great majority patient is little, the likelihood crosses frequency as a result of sexual life, spermatic wall or hind urethral hyperaemia be caused by, right now but of short duration endures sexual life, do not need treatment commonly. If hematic semen fastens infection be caused by, should give corresponding and sensitive antibiotic treatment, and complementary massage with prostate seminal vesicle, conduce to phlogistic sex secretion eliminate; Hot water hip bath, avoid wine reachs acrimony and exciting food, avoid Sunday run to cycle, lest accentuate,congest degree. Spermatic cancer should undertake effecting a radical cure operation.

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Update date: 2019-02-05
Editor: Small quick

What does the female often eat the sequela of medicine reducing weight to have? A lot of females are paying close attention to the problem that reduce weight, because want to have the dream that slim figure is every woman, but to fat person for how to reduce weight? Taking drug reducing weight is the method that a lot of females like to try, can you be the sequela that you know medicaments reducing weight?
1. Time have diarrhoea leaf
Respecting reduces weight, evacuant of the most commonly used nothing is more… than. Evacuant cannot regard as absolutely medicine reducing weight is used, take will greatest to generation of tension of path of intestines and stomach effect for a long time. Want to know, have a have diarrhoea part of a historical period with diarrhoea effect, cheap however price, often also be added in tea reducing weight and food! Because contain Chinese rhubarb element, take probable injury liver in great quantities, for a long time.
Sequela: Vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea, dehydrate, electrolyte lopsided, hands or feet is paralytic, serious person cause even explode suddenly pathological changes of sexual hepatitis, serious nerve, whole body breaks down, death.
2. Diuretic
Stimulative kidney increases the medicaments that make water measures, thereby eliminates put oneself in another’s position inside redundant water portion, often apply at reducing blood pressure, or because of,reduce the cirrhosis of exhaustion of nephrosis, heart, liver oedema appearance that create.
1. Dehydration symptom: Even if form fold, blood pressure is too low,tired, swimmy, mouth doing, skin has on dry and stretch difference, tongue.
2. Electrolyte is lopsided: Muscle is faint, pins and needles, jerky, vomit.
3. Ephedrine
One of China’s old crude drug, have as similar as adrenalin physiology action, heartbeat of generation of the meeting after taking is accelerated, vasomotor, blood pressure rises, perspire, mental excitement. Because these action improve metabolic physiology appearance just about, accordingly all the time by “ of be particular about the industry of food reducing weight of all natural ” person, consider as the most significant part reducing weight.
Sequela: Palpitation, have a headache, insomnia, dizzy, heart disease, apoplectic, spirit is unusual wait. Itself has the person that cardiovascular disease or long-term high dose take, cause death possibly even.
4. Amphetamine van medicine
The accretion of black heart medicine reducing weight tastes full of beautiful things in eyes of it may be said, not hesitate even fall to adulterate originally again drugs, among them with “ kind amphetamine kind structural ” is most a large amount of. The meeting after eating has do not want to sleep, also do not want to eat the excited symptom of the thing. Effect reducing weight although beautiful, however future trouble is boundless.
Sequela: Damage of ministry of pathological changes of kidney of narcotics addiction, heart-throb, liver, head, covet schizophrenia.
Small make up broken broken read aloud: How has the woman reduced weight? Medical sequela reduces weight about eating namely above, hope MM people can take the guideline that use drug seriously, small make up suggest to want to reduce weight here the female of thin body had better not use medicine reducing weight to reduce weight thin body, this is a kind of unscientific method reducing weight. In addition, if say you want to reduce weight quickly thin body, might as well the method that tries a few plastics, but cannot reduce weight blindly.

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De Guo Ren De Xing Guan Nian

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Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-03-08
Bian Ji : Xiao Bao

De Guo Ren Dui Xing De Tai Du Ji Wei Kai Fang , Wu Lun Zou Dao Na Li , Du Wu Fa Bi Mian You Ren Yao Yu Ni Tan Tao Xing Wen Ti De Ke Zheng Yi Zhi Chu , Ru Guo Ni Biao Xian Chu Yi Si Zuo Zuo , Jiu Hui Bei Ren Shi Zuo Xin Li You Zhang Ai 。 De Guo De Se Qing Ye Ye Bian Bu Ge Ge Cheng Shi 。 Han Bao Hong Deng Qu De Ji Nv Men Shen Zhuo San Dian Shi Niu Dong Zhuo Yao Shen Chu Xian Zai Chu Chuang Li , Qi Kai Fang Cheng Du Jian Zhi Ke Yi Yu He Lan A Mu Si Te Dan De Hong Deng Qu Xiang Zuo Mei 。 De Guo Ren Chang Chang Chao Xiao Mei Guo Ren Zai Xing Wen Ti Shang Fang Bu Kai , Shuo Mei Guo Ren Ba Hao Lai Wu De San Ji Pian Yi Ji Xing Zi You De Guan Nian Shu Chu Gei Quan Shi Jie , Que Bu Neng Rong Ren Zi Ji De Zong Tong Zai Xing Wen Ti Shang De Bu Jian Dian 。 Er Zai De Guo , Zhe Yi Qie Bu Guo Shi Ping Chang Zhi Shi 。 Dang Ni Zou Dao Da Jie Shang Huo Da Kai Dian Shi Ji , Dong Bu Dong Jiu Hui You Chi Luo Luo De Hua Mian Ying Ru Yan Lian , Zhen Ling Ren Jue De You Xie Jing Yi : Zhe Huan Shi Yi Yan Jin 、 Bao Shou Zhu Cheng De De Guo Ren Ma ?

De Guo Ren Zai Shi San Si Sui Jiu Kai Shi Jie Shou Xing Sheng Li Jiao Yu Liao 。 Xiao Yuan 、 Shang Dian Li Dao Chu Du Shi Mian Fei De Bi Yun Wu Pin 。 You Diao Cha Xian Shi ,18 Sui De Zhong Xue Sheng Zhong ,90% Yi Shang You Guo Xing Xing Wei 。 Zai De Guo Ren De Guan Nian Zhong , Suo Wei “ Zhen Cao Guan ”、“ Chu Nv Mo Qing Jie ”, Nai Shi Dui Nv Xing Xing Quan Li De Ya Yi , Zao Yi Bei Li Shi Tuo Qi 。

Zai De Guo Ren Yan Zhong , Xing Quan Yi Ye Shi Ren Quan Zhi Yi , Shen Sheng Bu Ke Qin Fan 。 De Guo Ren Yin Xing Sheng Huo Bu He Er Li Hun De Ren Hen Duo , Li Hun Lv Gao Da 40% Yi Shang 。 Tong Ju He Du Shen Shi Da Bu Fen Xian Dai De Guo Ren De Xuan Ze 。 Tong Ju Zhe Jing Ji Du Li , Bi Ci Yi Gan Qing Wei Xi 。 You De Tong Ju Ji Shi Nian , Dao Lao Cai Jie Wei Fu Qi 。 Er Jie Hun De Nian Qing Ren Zhong , Da Duo Shu Ye You Duo Nian De Tong Ju Shi 。 Du Shen Zhe Zai Shi Shi Shang Ye You Bu Gu Ding De Tong Ju Dui Xiang , Wei Chi Xing Huo Ban Guan Xi 。

Jia Ting Nei Bu , Fu Qi Zhi Jian Shi Fei Chang Zhong Shi Xing Sheng Huo Zhi Liang De : Hai Zi Yi Ban Yao Zao Zao Hong Shui ; Wan Can De Jing Xin Zhun Bei ; Can Zhuo Shang Zhu Guang Shan Shuo ; Yin Xiang Li Chuan Chu Qing Rou De Le Qu ; Fu Qi Bi Ci Yong Yan Shen 、 Yong Yu Yan 、 Yong Qin Mi Ju Dong Wei Gong Du Liang Xiao Jing Xin Pu Dian 。 Ru Guo Zhang Fu Wei Bei Qi Zi Yi Yuan , Cu Bao Xing Shi , You Ke Neng Bei Zhi Kong Fan “ Hun Nei Qiang Jian Zui ”。

Zai De Guo Lv Dian , Nan Nv Tong Su Yi Shi Fei Chang Zi Ran , Wu Xu Chu Shi Jie Hun Zheng Jian 。 Wu Lun Shi Lv Xing Tuan Huan Shi Da Xue Li De Shi Xi Dui Zai Wai Zhu Su Du Shi Liang Ren Yi Wu , Zi You Da Ban , Bu Fen Nan Nv 。 Ji Shi Liang Ge Shu Xi De Yi Xing Da Ban Tong Zhu , Ye Chang Chang Shi Hu Bu Qin Fan , Xi Xian Wu Zhan Shi 。

De Guo De Luo Ti Ri Guang Yu Fei Chang You Ming 。 Dao Liao Xia Tian , Zai Lu Tian You Yong Chang 、 Sha Tan Shang Jing Chang Ke Yi Kan Dao Yi Qun Qun Yang Wo Huo Fu Wo Zhuo De Xiang Shou Luo Ti Ri Guang Yu De Ren Men 。 Zeng Jing You Ge Lai Zi Guo Nei De Nv Tong Bao Dou Dan Zou Jin Luo Ti Ren Qun , Xiang Qin Shen Ti Yan Yi Fan Ri Guang Yu De Zi Wei 。 Ke Ta Yi Jin Qu You Dan Qie Liao , Hen Liao Ji Ci Xin Du Bu Hao Yi Si Jie Kai Ta Na Shen Hei Yi Qun , Wan Ban Wu Nai , Zhi Hao Zhuo Zhuang Tang Xia 。 Mei Guo Liang Fen Zhong , Ta Jiu Zi Zhi Mei Qu Di Tao Li Liao 。 Shi Hou Ta Shuo , Ta Cheng Liao Na Tian Sha Tan Shang Bai Hua Hua De Ren Qun Zhong Wei Yi De Yi Ge Hei Se Guai Wu 。 Qi Shi , Zai Zhuan Xin Zhi Zhi Ri Guang Yu De Luo Ti Ren Qun Zhong ,

Ren Ren Bi Mu Yang Shen , Mei Ren Kan Ni , Wan Quan Shi Ni Zi Ji Xin Xu , Fang Bu Kai 。

Dui Yu Xing Kai Fang , De Guo Ren Zi You Ta Men De Jie Shi 。 Ta Men Shuo , De Guo Ren De Ge Xing Shi Fan Shi Wu Shi Ren Zhen , Dui Xing Ye Yi Yang 。 Xing Ji Ran Shi Ren De Zi Ran Shu Xing , Jiu Wu Xu Hui Bi , Zhe Yang Fan Er Jian Guai Bu Guai Liao 。 De Guo De Xing Fan Zui Lv Xiang Dui Jiao Di Jiu Neng Shuo Ming Wen Ti 。 De Guo Ren Shuo :“ Xing Ji Hui Na Yi Jing Shi Wo Men San Si Shi Nian Qian De Lao Huang Li Liao , Mei You Dang Nian Ya Dang 、 Xia Wa Chi Shen Luo Ti Zai Yi Dian Yuan Li Tou Chi Jin Guo , Na You Wo Men Zhe Xie Shang Di De Zi Min ?”


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LELO: Yi Shu Qing Qu Pin De Kai Tuo Zhe

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Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-14
Bian Ji : Xiao Du

Xing Wen Hua Zhan Lan Shang , Ge Zhong Cai Zhi De Fang Zhi Nan Gen 、 Ya Xiang Di De Chun Gong Tu , Yi Ji Xian Dai De Ge Zhong Zhen Dang Qi 、 Xin Xing Bi Yun Tao 、 Run Hua Ji Deng , Du Zhan Shi Liao Zhong Guo Feng Fu De Xing Wen Hua 。

Guo Nei You Diao Cha Fa Xian , Zhong Guo Ren Zhong Zhi Shao You 10% De Ren Huan You Ge Zhong Cheng Du Bu Tong De Xing Gong Neng Zhang Ai , Gao Da 50% Yi Shang De Nv Xing Zai Xing Sheng Huo Zhong Wu Xing Gao Chao 。 Na Me , You Zhuo Zhe Ge Wen Ti De Guang Da Nv Xing , Yi Ji Xing Bu He Xie De Fu Fu 、 Can Ji Ren 、 Du Shen Zhe , Ta Men De Xing Ya Li Ru He Huan Jie Ne ?

Li Shi Shang , Xing Yong Ju De Chu Xian Jiu Shi Yi Zhong Jie Jue Tu Jing 。 Zhong Guo Ke Neng Shi Shi Jie Shang Zui Zao Shi Yong Xing Yong Ju De Guo Jia , Zi Shi Qi Shi Dai Qi , Jiu Chu Xian Liao Xing Qi Guan Mo Ni Zhi Pin , Zhu Yao Fu Wu Yu Nv Xing 。 Ji Bian Shi Zai " E Si Shi Xiao , Shi Jie Shi Da " De Feng Jian She Hui Zhong , Xing Gong Ju Ye Yi Zhi Wei Ren Men Suo Jie Shou 。

Dang Ren Men Yin Wei Xin Li 、 Sheng Li Deng Wen Ti Wu Fa Zheng Chang Wan Cheng Xing Jiao Shi , Bu Ying Dang Yi Xiao Ji De 、 Wu Suo Zuo Wei De Tai Du Lai Hui Bi Zhe Zhong Xu Qiu , Er Shi Ying Gai Jie Zhu Sheng Zhi Qi Zhi Wai De Shen Ti Bu Wei 、 Yao Wu Huo Xing Yong Ju Deng De Bang Zhu Lai Wan Cheng Xing Huo Dong 。

Li Ru , Dang Nan Zi Yin Jing Bu Neng Bo Qi Shi , Ta Ke Yi Jie Zhu Shou 、 Kou 、 Gong Ju Deng , Wei Nv Xing Ti Gong Fei Sheng Zhi Qi Jie Chu De Xing Ci Ji , Shi Nv Fang De Dao Xing Man Zu ; You Xing Yu Dan Que Fa Xing Ban Lv Shi , Ye Ke Yi Cai Yong Ge Zhong Qi Ju , Ru Zhen Dang Qi Deng Zi Wei ; Xing Yong Ju Huan Ke Yi Zeng Qiang Ci Ji , Bang Nv Xing Da Dao Xing Gao Chao , Rang Wu Fa Guo Xing Sheng Huo De Ren Huan Jie Xing Ya Li 。 Ci Wai , Nan Xing You Bu She Jing Zheng , Ye Ke Yong Fang Zhi Yin Dao Bang Zhu Zhi Liao 。

Li Shi Shang Xing Qi Ju " Wan Qiang " De Sheng Ming Li Fan Ying Chu , Xing Yong Ju Ti Xian Liao Yi Zhong Ren Wen Guan Huai , Ta Ben Shen Bing Bu She Ji Dao De 、 Lun Li 、 Fa Lv Wen Ti , Suo Yi You Xie Ren Cheng Zhi Wei " Yin Ju " Shi Mei You Dao Li De 。

Zuo Wei Shi Jie Ding Ji Si Mi Sheng Huo Chan Pin She Ji Pin Pai , LELO Cheng Li Yu 2003 Nian , Che Di Dian Fu Liao Ge Ren An Mo Qi De Chuan Tong Xing Xiang , Gei Da Zhong Dai Lai Quan Xin De Shi Shang Wai Guan , Gan Guan Xiang Shou He Gong Neng Yong Tu , Jiang Qing Qu Yong Pin Shang Sheng Dao Yi Ge She Chi Pin De Gao Du 。

LELO De Zhen Dong Qi Xi Lie LUXE Xi Lie Duan Pian , Ying Yao Zai 2009 Nian Di 62 Jie Fa Guo Ga Na Dian Ying Jie Hong Di Tan Shang Jin Xing Fang Ying 。 Tong Shi Zai Dian Ying Jie Shang ,LELO Huan Zhan Shi Liao 4 Ge Shou Gong 18K Jin De Chan Pin 。LELO Bei Ou Mei Nv Xing Tan Lun De Pin Lv Si Hao Bu Di Yu Zhuo Ming Pin Pai LV。

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Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-03-07
Bian Ji : A Zuo

      Wo Shi You Er Yuan De Gang Qin Lao Shi 。
   Ta Chang Chang Zhan Zai Jiao Shi De Chuang Wai Kan Wo Yu Hai Zi Men Wan Er , Wo Tao Yan Ta Zhe Yang Zuo , Ke You Bu Hao Yi Si Shuo 。 You Yi Ci , Ta Shen Zhi Xing Fen Di Chuang Jin Jiao Shi , Jia Ru Dao Wo He Hai Zi Men De “ Diu Shou Juan ” You Xi Zhong , Ta Dai Liao Ge Ji Hui Zhui Wo , Wo Pao Ya Pao , Xiang Shi Hou Mian Lai Liao Da Hui Lang 。 Jie Guo , Ta Zhua Zhu Liao Wo , Huan Qiao Qiao Di Zai Wo Er Ji Shuo :“ Ni Zhen Mei , Te Bie Shi Ni De Pi Gu !”
   You Zhe Zhong Gong Wei De Hua Ma ? Wo Ji Hu Bei Ta Xia Tan Liao , Zhe Ge Liu Mang ! Wo Xin Li Ma Zhuo , Que Mo Ming Di Lian Shang Fa Shao , Bing Qie You Zhong Er Mu Yi Xin Zhi Gan 。
   Xian Zai , Ta Ju Ran De Cun Jin Chi , Shou Zai You Er Yuan Men Kou Deng Wo 。“ Wo Qing Ni Chi Wan Fan , Ke Yi Ma ?” Ta Zhuan Zhu Di Kan Zhuo Wo Yao Yue Dao 。
   Wo Huang Luan Di Huan Shi Yi Xia Si Zhou , Xiang Shi Zai Tou Dong Xi , Ran Hou Sha Sha Di Wen :“ Wei Shi Me ?”
   Xiang Bu Dao Zhe Gei Liao Ta Biao Yan De Ji Hui , Ta Fang Xia Xiao Rong , Hen Yan Su Di Shuo :“ Wo Bei Ni Zhe Zhi Hu Li Jing Mi Zhu Liao , Qi Qiao Du Sheng Yan Liao , Wo Yao Gao Su Ni Zhe Xie , Ni Tong Yi He Wo Chi Fan Ma ?”
   Shi Me Luan Qi Ba Zao De ! Wo Zui Tong Hen “ Hu Li Jing ” Liao , Ta Zen Me Luan Yong Ci Ne ? Hou Lai Wo Cai Zhi Dao , Hu Li Jing Zai Ta De Xin Mu Zhong Shi Zui Wei Da De Bao Yi Ci , Ye Shi Dui Nv Ren Zui Long Zhong De Zan Mei , Dang Ran Zhe Shi Hou Hua 。
Wo Shi You Er Yuan De Gang Qin Lao Shi 。
   Ta Chang Chang Zhan Zai Jiao Shi De Chuang Wai Kan Wo Yu Hai Zi Men Wan Er , Wo Tao Yan Ta Zhe Yang Zuo , Ke You Bu Hao Yi Si Shuo 。 You Yi Ci , Ta Shen Zhi Xing Fen Di Chuang Jin Jiao Shi , Jia Ru Dao Wo He Hai Zi Men De “ Diu Shou Juan ” You Xi Zhong , Ta Dai Liao Ge Ji Hui Zhui Wo , Wo Pao Ya Pao , Xiang Shi Hou Mian Lai Liao Da Hui Lang 。 Jie Guo , Ta Zhua Zhu Liao Wo , Huan Qiao Qiao Di Zai Wo Er Ji Shuo :“ Ni Zhen Mei , Te Bie Shi Ni De Pi Gu !”
   You Zhe Zhong Gong Wei De Hua Ma ? Wo Ji Hu Bei Ta Xia Tan Liao , Zhe Ge Liu Mang ! Wo Xin Li Ma Zhuo , Que Mo Ming Di Lian Shang Fa Shao , Bing Qie You Zhong Er Mu Yi Xin Zhi Gan 。
   Xian Zai , Ta Ju Ran De Cun Jin Chi , Shou Zai You Er Yuan Men Kou Deng Wo 。“ Wo Qing Ni Chi Wan Fan , Ke Yi Ma ?” Ta Zhuan Zhu Di Kan Zhuo Wo Yao Yue Dao 。
   Wo Huang Luan Di Huan Shi Yi Xia Si Zhou , Xiang Shi Zai Tou Dong Xi , Ran Hou Sha Sha Di Wen :“ Wei Shi Me ?”
   Xiang Bu Dao Zhe Gei Liao Ta Biao Yan De Ji Hui , Ta Fang Xia Xiao Rong , Hen Yan Su Di Shuo :“ Wo Bei Ni Zhe Zhi Hu Li Jing Mi Zhu Liao , Qi Qiao Du Sheng Yan Liao , Wo Yao Gao Su Ni Zhe Xie , Ni Tong Yi He Wo Chi Fan Ma ?”
   Shi Me Luan Qi Ba Zao De ! Wo Zui Tong Hen “ Hu Li Jing ” Liao , Ta Zen Me Luan Yong Ci Ne ? Hou Lai Wo Cai Zhi Dao , Hu Li Jing Zai Ta De Xin Mu Zhong Shi Zui Wei Da De Bao Yi Ci , Ye Shi Dui Nv Ren Zui Long Zhong De Zan Mei , Dang Ran Zhe Shi Hou Hua 。
Wo Zhi Hao Xia Lou , Dan Dang Wo Hui Shou Yao Gei Ta Yi Ji Er Guang De Shi Hou , Wo Kan Dao Ta Gao Xing De Xiang Ge Hai Zi , Lei Shui Jing Duo Kuang Er Chu , Wo Lian Shang De Bing Shuang Zai Na Yi Shun Jian Tu Ran Di Rong Hua Liao , Shou Zai Kong Zhong Shou Zhu , Gang Hao Bei Gao Guo Wo Liang Ge Tou De Ta Jin Jin Wo Zai Shou Li 。
   Ta Shao Shao Yong Liao Dian Er Li Qi , Bian Ba Wo Na Ru Huai Zhong , Ta Jin Jin Di Bao Zhuo Wo , Zuo Zuo Di Shuo :“ Xiang , Dui Bu Qi , Wo Shi Zai Shi Tai Xi Huan Ni Liao , Wo Hen Hao De , Wo ……” Jiu Zai Wo Wei Ta Suo Gan Dong , Yang Shi Ta De Shi Hou , Ta Wu Xian Rou Qing Di Wen Liao Wo , Wo Shuang Chun Jin Bi , Ta Jiu Wen Wo De Shuang Yan ……
  “ Sheng Mi Yi Zhu Cheng Shu Mi ”, Wo Shi Ge Zhen Xi Ming Yu De Nv Hai Er , Ye Zhi Hao Da Ying Ta Liao 。 Qi Shi , Wo Zuo Chu Zhe Ge Jue Ding , Ye Yin Wei Ta Kuang Re De Zhui Qiu Gei Liao Wo Li Liang , Ye Gei Liao Wo Qian Suo Wei You De Xin Xin 。
   Da Jia Yi Ding Bu Xin , Yu Ta Jie Hun Zhi Hou , Wo Cai Zhi Dao Shi Me Jiao Bo Qi 。
   Xin Hun Zhi Ye , Ta Di Yi Ci Chi Shen Luo Ti Di Mian Dui Wo , Wo Jing Mo Ming Di Kai Shi Fa Dou 。 Ta Bao Qi Wo , Wen Rou Di Ba Wo Fang Jin Wen Quan Yu Gang Li 。 Wo Tu Ran Ku Liao , Ai Qiu Ta Bu Yao Tuo Yi Fu , Zhi Yao Chang Chang De Wen Jiu Ke Yi 。 Wo De Jing Kong Rang Ta Bu Zhi Suo Cuo , Ta Mei You Qiang Qiu Wo , Er Shi Chi Luo Zhuo Gui Zai Yu Gang Wai Wei Wo Zuo Quan Shen An Mo , Hao Rang Wo Fang Song 。
Ta Huan Tie Zai Wo Er Bian Bu Duan Di Shuo :“ Wo Ai Ni !” Yi Hui Er Ying Yu , Yi Hui Er Han Yu , Chong Man Liao Rou Qing 。 Jiu Zai Zhe Shi , Wo Wu Yi Zhong Pie Jian Liao Ta Bo Qi De Xia Shen , Xia De Jian Jiao Yi Sheng , Fang Fo Shi Jian Dao Liao Guai Wu 。 Zen Me Hui You Na Zhong Dong Xi ? Ping Shi Zen Me Chuan Ku Zi ? Wei Shi Me Guo Qu Mei Biao Xian Chu Lai ?
   Na Shi , Wo Zhen De Hen Shen Jing Zhi 、 Hen Wu Zhi 。 Shi Xiang , Yi Ge Xin Hun Zhi Ye Yu Xin Niang Bi Ci Luo Cheng De Nan Ren , Ru Guo Mei You Ru Ci Fan Ying , Ta Hui Zheng Chang Ma ? Dan Dang Shi , You Yu Wo Dui Xing De Ren Zhi Ji Hu Kong Bai , De Que Jing Kong De Bu Zhi Suo Cuo 。
   Ta Hen You Nai Xin , Wen Rou Di Gei Wo Jie Shi Qi Nan Xing Sheng Li De Xiang Guan Zhi Shi 。 Wo Hen Bu Hao Yi Si , Xiu De Wu Di Zi Rong , Ta Chen Ji Cong Yu Gang Li Bao Chu Wo , Ca Gan Shen Ti Hou , Wo Men Yi Qi Zuan Jin Liao Wen Nuan De Bei Wo 。
   Yi Ye Du Zai Shuo Hua , Zhi Dao Tian Kuai Liang Shi , Wo Men Cai Han Ran Ru Shui 。 Xin Hun Zhi Ye , Jiu Zhe Yang Zai Yi Bo Wei Ping Yi Bo You Qi Zhong Du Guo , Xiang Xiang Zhen De Hen Dui Bu Zhu Ta 。 Zhe Zhi Qian , Xian Shi Zai Zhong Guo Ju Xing Hun Li , Ta Tong Yi Wo Yi Ren Gai Yi Chuang Bei , Zhe Yang Jian Chi Liao Yi Zhou Hou , Wo Men Fei Di Mei Guo Yan Hu Cheng , Ta De Lao Jia , Zhong Xin Ju Xing Liao Yi Ge Xi Shi Hun Li , Ke Jiu Zai Zhe Ben Gai Tian Mi De Ye Wan , Wo You Zai Yu Gang Li Nao Chu Liao Xiao Hua 。
   Zhe Shi Hou , Ta Kai Shi Dan Xin Liao , Dan Xin Wo Shi Bu Shi You Xin Li Zhang Ai 。 Ta De Nai Xin Shi You Xian De 。 Ta Shuo , Zai Zhong Guo , Ye Xu Xin Lang Zai Xin Hun Zhi Ye Fa Xian Xin Niang Bu Shi Chu Nv , Hui Geng Geng Yu Huai , Dan Zai Mei Guo , Xin Hun Zhi Ye Xin Lang Ru Guo Fa Xian Xin Niang Xing Leng Dan , Ze Hui Ling Ta You Xin Zuo Zuo 。
  Ta Kai Shi Dui Wo Xun Xun Shan You , Xian Biao Yang Wo Sheng Jie , Zhe Shi Hao Shi , Fu Qi Zhi Jian Xing Ai Shi Bu Ke Que Shao De , You Ai De Xing Shi Jian Kang De 、 Ti Mian De , Shuang Fang Yao Hu Xiang Ti Tie Guan Huai , Fou Ze Xing Fu Jiu Yao “ Da Zhe Kou ”。
   Liang Tian Hou , Ta Dai Wo Qu Kan Xin Li Yi Sheng , Tong Guo Ti Gao Ren Shi , Yi Ji Cui Mian Liao Fa , Yi Sheng Rang Wo Hui Yi Qi Liao Er Shi De Zhong Zhong Bu Kuai Yu Yu Jie , Jing Guo Yi Duan “ Xin Qing Liao Yang ” Hou , Wo Zhong Yu Re Qing Di Hui Bao Liao Ta Yi Ge Chan Mian De Wen , Ta Ji Dong De Re Lei Ying Kuang , Shi Ta Jie Fang Liao Wo Na Bei Kun Bang De Ling Hun , Wo Zhong Yu Zheng Shi Liao Zi Ji Suo Wei De Xing Gan , Ye Ming Bai Liao Yi Ge Nan Ren De Xing Gan Zai Na Li , Zi Ji De You Huo Li Zai Na Li , Tong Shi , Ye Kai Shi Quan Shen Xin Di Ying Jie Zhang Fu De Mei Yi Ci Ai Fu , Zhen Shi Di Biao Da Zi Ji De Kuai Le , Qing Bu Zi Jin Di Jiao Han , Bu Zai Pa Yang , Bing Jian Jian Di Xue Hui Liao Xiang Shou Ai Qing Fu Yu Wo Men De Yi Qie Huan Yu 。
   Kuai Le Shi Xu Yao Xue Xi De , Xing Ai Shi Yi Zhong Neng Li 。
   Ming Bai Liao Zhe Yi Qie , Wo Bian De Bi Yi Wang Ren He Yi Ge Shi Hou Du Zi Xin He Zi Run , Du Shuo Shui Guo Yang Yan , Ta Qiang Da De Ai , Cai Shi Wo Zui Mei Miao De “ Ying Yang Shuang ”, Ru Yang Guang , You Dai Zhuo Jiu De Qi Xi 、 Hua De Qing Xiang 。 Guo Qu , Wo Yi Zhi Bu Gan Liao Jie Zi Ji Shen Ti De Li Liang , Ru Jin , Wo Zhao Dao Liao Zi Ji Shen Ti Li De Kuai Le Yin Zi , Huo De Geng Qiang Jian , Sheng Ming De Zhi Liang Ye Cong Er Shang Liao Yi Ge Xin Tai Jie 。
  Shi Wo De Ke Ai Er Lv Zhen De Mei Guo Zhang Fu , Gai Bian Liao Wo Yi Yu Gua Huan De Ge Xing , Ta Shan Qing 、 Rou Ma ,“ Xing ” Zhi Bo Bo , Dan Zhe Yi Qie You Shi Ru Ci Ji Fen Ren Xin , Wo Zeng Jing Yan E Ta De Zhong Zhong “ Liu Mang Xi Qi ”, Xian Zai Wo Ba Zhe Yi Qie Du Dang Zuo Bao Bei Er Quan Pan Cheng Shou , Shen Zhi , Zhi Yao Wen Zhuo Ta De Jin Fa 、 Xiong Mao De Qi Wei , Ye Hui Tao Zui , Zhe Shi Xing Gan De Qi Wei , Yi Zhong Ye Xing De Mei 。 Wo Yao Gan Xie Zhe Ge “ Yang Gui Zi ”, Ta Yi Ru “ Liao Zhai ” Li De Hu Li , Gei Wo Zhe Ge “ Shu Dai Zi ” Shang Liao Yi Tang Sheng Dong De Xing Ai Ke Cheng 。
   Xian Zai , Wo Hen Feng Qing , Zai Mei Guo Ye Zhao Liao Yi Fen Man Yi De Gong Zuo , Yin Wei Xing Ge De Gai Bian , Wo De Gong Zuo Zuo Feng Ye Bian De Guo Gan 、 You Po Li 。 Ai Qing , Zai Wo Men Chuan Tong De Guan Nian Li , Jiang Qiu De Duo Wei “ Xi Xing ”、“ Jie Zhi ” Deng Suo Wei De “ Pin Xing ”, Er Hen Shao Qiang Diao “ Xing Gan ”、“ Xiang Shou ”、“ Kuai Le ” Deng Yin Su 。 Qi Shi , Ai Qing Bu Ying Gai Jia Za Ya Yi De Qing Xu , Ru Guo Bu Kuai Le , Jiu Tan Bu Shang Xing Fu 。 Zhong Guo Nv Ren De Ai Qing Wei Mei , Chong Man Liao Shi Qing Hua Yi , Que Si Hu Que Shao Yi Xie Jiu De Chun Du He Huo De Ji Qing 。 Xian Zai , Wo Chuan Tang Zhuang , Chi Zhong Can , Yi Yang Gan Yu Zai Da Ting Guang Zhong Xia He Zhang Fu Qin Mi Ji Wen ……
  Zuo Yi Ge Du Li De Nv Ren , Dan Ye Yao Zuo Yi Ge Xiang Shou De Nv Ren , Bao Kuo Xiang Shou Zui Ren De Xing Ai 。 Wo Nei Xin Gao Gui , Dan Wo Ye Feng Sao , Wo Shi Yang Guang Xia Yi Dao Liang Li De Feng Jing , Ye Shi Ye Mu Xia Zhang Fu Zhen Tou Bian Zui Gun Tang De Qing Ren 。 Yi Ge Ji Pin Nv Ren , Jiang Jiu Ling Rou He Yi , Wo Zuo Dao Liao , Ci Sheng Bian Ke Yi Wu Han 。

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Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-03-05
Bian Ji : Xiao Min

Zai Ren Lei Xing Huo Dong Guo Cheng Zhong , Zhang Wo Yi Xie Ji Qiao Shi Fei Chang You Yi Chu De 。 Xian Shi Sheng Huo Zhong Guan Xi Liang Hao De Fu Qi Zhi Jian Wang Wang You He Xie De Xing Guan Xi 。

Ke Guan Di Jiang , Xin Hun Lian Ren De Chu Ci Jiao He Bu Yi Ding Du Shi Cheng Gong De , Jin Guan Yin Jing Neng Gou Shun Li Di Cha Ru Yin Dao , Ye Bu Yi Ding Da Dao Xing He Xie Yu Man Zu 。 Zao Cheng Zhe Zhong Shi Bai De Yuan Yin Da Zhi You Yi Xia Ji Dian :

(1) Xing Jiao Qian Que Fa Zhun Bei Gong Zuo : You Yu Nv Xing De Xing Fan Ying Jiao Nan Xing Chi Dun , Jia Zhi Nv Zi Ben Xing Jiao Han Xu Hai Xiu , Te Bie Shi Di Yi Ci Yu Nan Xing Wai Sheng Zhi Qi Jie Chu Shi , Ru Xin Lang Ji Yu Shen Zhi Cu Bao Di Xuan Xie Zi Ji De Xing Yu , Shi Bi Dao Zhi Xing Sheng Huo De Shi Bai 。 Ru Zai Xing Jiao Qian Duo Zuo Xie Ji Fa Xin Niang Xing Yu De Zhun Bei Gong Zuo , Ru Yong Bao 、 Fu Mo 、 Qin Wen Deng Diao Qing Dong Zuo , Dang Huan Qi Xin Niang Xing Yu Chong Dong Shi , Zai Jin Xing Xing Jiao Cai Neng De Dao Shuang Fang Xin Li He Sheng Li Shang De Man Zu 。

(2) Que Fa Dui Xin Niang Sheng Zhi Qi Guan De Liao Jie : Nv Xing Yin Dao Shi Yi Ge Ju You Liang Hao De Shen Zhan Xing De Ji Rou Dan Xing Guan , Wei Shi Me You Shi Hui Chu Xian Yin Jing Cha Bu Jin Yin Dao De Shi Ne ? Yuan Lai Yin Dao Kou De Jin Zhang Du Shou Chu Nv Mo He Yin Dao Kou De Ji Rou Huan Suo Ying Xiang , Shou Ci Xing Jiao Sui Zhuo Yin Jing De Cha Ru , Chu Nv Mo Bei Ding Qi , Jia Zhi Yin Dao Kou De Jin Zhang Xing Shou Suo , Gei Yin Jing Cha Ru Zao Cheng Kun Nan 。 Sui Zhuo Xing Jiao Ci Shu De Zeng Duo , Ji Rou Huan Cheng Bu Tong Cheng Du De Kuo Da Shen Zhan , Cai Shi De Yin Dao Kou Song Chi 。

Ci Wai , Nv Xing You Liao Xing Yu Hou , Wai Yin Qian Ting Da Xian Fen Mi Wu Zeng Duo , Yin Dao Kou Run Hua , Tong Shi Sheng Zhi Qi Chong Xue Shi Yin Dao Shen Chu Da Liang De Ye Ti , Zi Gong Jing Shang Ti , Yin Dao Nei 2/3 Bu Fen Kuo Zhang , Yin Dao Qiang Shen Chang 1/4。 Ci Shi Cai You Li Yu Yin Jing Shun Li Cha Ru Yin Dao 。 Ru Bu Liao Jie Zhe Xie Chang Shi , Ji Yu Cu Bao Bu Jia Zhun Bei Di Jin Xing Xing Jiao , Yin Dao Mei You Peng Zhang He Kuo Zhang , Yin Dao Kou Ji Yin Dao Nei Mei You Run Hua Wu , Yi Ze Yin Jing Cha Ru Yin Dao Chan Sheng Zhi Se , Er Ze You Yu Nv Fang De Teng Tong Er Jia Ju Qi Jin Zhang Qing Xu , Shen Zhi Dao Zhi Yin Dao Jing Luan , Shi Xing Jiao Shi Bai 。 Qiang Xing Cha Ru , Huan Ke Neng Dao Zhi Nv Zi Hui Yin He Yin Dao Si Lie Huo Da Chu Xue 。

(3) Shen Ti Guo Yu Pi Lao : Xin Hun Fu Fu Wang Wang Zai Hun Qian Yao Jing Li Shi Fen Lao Lei De Zhun Bei Gong Zuo , Zai Jie Hun Dang Tian You Yao Jin Zhang Mang Lu Ying Bin Song Ke 。 Wan Shang , Huan You Xie Peng You Nao Nao Dong Fang 。 Yin Ci , Dong Fang Zhi Zhong De Xin Niang Xin Lang Yi Shi Pi Bei Bu Kan Liao , Jing Shen Zhuang Tai Chu Yu Di Chao Huo Xin Shen Bu An , Ru Zai Jia Shang Que Fa Xing Zhi Shi , Xing Sheng Huo Shi Hen Nan Da Dao He Xie Mei Man De 。

(4) Sheng Zhi Qi Guan Ji Xing : Nv Zi Chu Nv Mo Bi Suo He Yin Dao Heng Ge Deng Sheng Zhi Qi Fa Sheng Yi Chang Ye Bu Neng Shi Yin Jing Cha Ru Yin Dao , Zhe Shi Ying Dang Qu Yi Yuan Shou Shu Zhi Liao 。

Xian Er Yi Jian , Shang Shu Xiao Ji Qiao Bing Bu Shi Ren Ren Jie Zhi 。 Zhang Wo Shang Shu Xiao Ji Qiao , You Zhu Yu Ti Sheng Fu Qi Zhi Jian Liang Xing Guan Xi Geng Jia He Xie , Fu Qi Sheng Huo Geng Jia Rong Qia 。

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Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-16
Bian Ji : Xiao Bian

Hen Duo Ren Bu Yuan Yi Tan Xing De Zhe Xie Hua Ti , Que You Li Bu Kai Zhe Ge Hua Ti 。 Xing Sheng Huo Zhong You Xie Ji Qiao Neng Rang Xing He Xie Geng Jia Wan Mei 。

Dan Shi Chou Song Yun Dong Yi Bian Hua Duo Duo · Ba Wo De Hao Shou Yong Wu Qiong !

Jing Yan Bu Zu De Nan Xing Yi Jie He Hou , Wei Bo Zhuo Zi Ji De Kuai Gan , Ze Jiang Yin Jing Qian Hou Yi Dong , Zuo Ju Lie De Chou Song Yun Dong 。 Ran Er , Zhi You Chou Song Yun Dong Bu Shi Xing Sheng Huo 。 He Ti Wei Yi Yang , Ge Shi Ge Yang De Bian Hua 、 Qiao Miao De Zu He 、 Gai Bian , Cai Neng Ti Sheng Nv Xing De Kuai Gan , Yin Dao Nv Xing Huo De Gao Chao 。

Ji Shi Shi Chou Song Yun Dong , Ye Bu Dan Zhi Shi Jin Jin Chu Chu Er Yi , Zui Hao Shi Dai You Bian Hua De Yun Dong 。 You Qi Shi Fan Fu Yi Huan Man Su Du 、 Jie He Du Qian De Cha Ru , Ke Shi Chu Yu Xing Fen Qi De Nv Xing Yi Qing Ji Zao Bu An , Dang Nv Xing Jiao Ji 、 Pan Wang Geng Qiang De Ci Ji Shi , Zai Gei Yu Shen Du De Jie He 。

Yi Yao Bu Wei Zhong Xin Xian , Yin Jing Yi Xie Xian Fang Xiang Cha Ru Jie He De Fan Fu Yun Dong Jiu Shi Xie Xing Yun Dong , Ci Yun Dong Bu Jin Gui Tou Zai Yin Dao Kou Zhou Wei Dai Lai Pao Wa De Ci Ji , Qi Yun Dong De Fang Shi Ke Shi Yin Dao Bi Chan Sheng Xie Wei De Bian Hua , Da Dao Ci Ji Yin Dao Zheng Ti De Xiao Guo 。

Hui Zhuan Yun Dong Shi Yao Bu Yi Hui “の” Zi Xing De Fang Shi Yun Dong , Yin Jing Zai Yin Dao Nei Hua Yuan Si De Yun Dong Fang Shi , Yin Yi Yin Dao Kou Wei Zhi Dian , Yin Jing Zai Yin Dao Zhong Jiao Ban Zhuo Zheng Ti De Yin Dao Bi , Ke Dai Gei Nv Xing Qiang Lie De Kuai Gan 。

Zai Shen Du Jie He De Zhuang Tai Zhong , Chi Gu Yu Chi Gu Mo Ca De Dong Zuo Jiu Shi Ya Po Yun Dong 。 Yao Bu Yi Hui Xuan Fang Shi , Qing Rou Di Qian Hou Yun Dong , Ke Yi Ci Ji Yin Di , Dan Yin Nan Xing Ben Shen De Ci Ji Shao , Ci Yun Dong Shi He Jiao Hun Zai Chang Shi Jian Chi Xu De Xing Jiao Zhong Shi Yong 。

Yi Shang Shi Nan Xing Xing Yun Dong De Ji Ben Lei Xing , Ran Er , Yin Wei Nan Xing Yu Nv Xing Huo De Xing Gan Jue De Bu Wei Yu Gan Jue Ci Ji Qiang Du De Fan Ying Ge Bu Xiang Tong , Yin Ci , Wei Shi Bi Ci Du Huo De Zui Da De Kuai Gan , Nan Xing Ke Guan Cha Nv Xing De Fan Ying , Shang Shu De Ge Xiang Ji Ben Lei Xing Jia Yi Zu He 、 Bian Hua 。

Cong Qian Hou Yun Dong Bian Cheng Hui Zhuan Yun Dong , Jia Ru Ya Po Yun Dong Hou , You Hui Fu Dao Qian Hou Yun Dong , Jin Jie Zhuo Shi Xie Xing Yun Dong …… Deng , Zhu Ru Ci Lei De Bian Hua 。 Ci Wai , Mei Wei Nv Xing Pian Hao De Xing Yun Dong Ge Bu Xiang Tong , Yi Qi Cheng Ti Wei Rang Nv Xing Zhang Wo Xing Yun Dong De Zhu Quan , Ji Shi Shi Zheng Chang Wei , Nv Xing Ye Hui Zi Fa Xing Di Yun Dong , Nan Xing Bi Xu Zhi Dao Nv Xing Xi Hao De Xing Yun Dong Fang Shi 。 He Ti Wei Yi Yang , Xing Jiao Shi De Yun Dong Bing Mei You Ren He Ying Xing Gui Ding , Zhi Yao Neng Shi Bi Ci Huo De Zui Da De Kuai Le , Er Ren Ke Hu Xiang Pei He Zuo Ge Zhong Chang Shi 。

Hen Duo Shi Hou Nan Ren Hui Bu Zai Yi Zhe Xie Xi Jie 。 Wei Xi He Xie Liang Hao De Xing Guan Xi , Fu Qi Shuang Fang Ren Ren Du Ying Nu Li 。

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Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-04
Bian Ji : Xiao Du

Fu Qi Zhi Jian De Xing He Xie Zhi Jie Guan Xi Zhuo Fu Qi Guan Xi De He Xie 。 Ru He Ti Sheng Xing Huo Dong De Zhi Liang Shi Mei Ge Ren Du Ying Zhang Wo De Ji Qiao 。

Xing Ai De Ce Wo Zuo Ai Zi Shi Geng Jia Ci Ji Xing Ai Kuai Gan

Xiang Shou Sheng Huo Le Qu , Shao Bu Liao Xing Ai 。 Zhe Shi Bi Xu Pin , Wo Men Zen Me Zai Zhe Yang De Le Qu Zhong De Dao Geng Duo De Kuai Gan Ne 。 Qi Shi

Nan Nv Ce Wo Zuo Ai Zi Shi Shi Xiang Hu Zhi Jian Ke Yi Qian Hou Huan Man Di Jin Xing Chou Cha 、 Tui Song , Ye Ke Xiang Shou Shi Jue Shang De Huan Yu , Zhe Zhong Ce Wo Ti Wei , Shi Ta He Ni Jing Shen Shang Zui Neng Gou Xiang Shou An Ding De Xin Qing He Qi Fen De Ti Wei 。 Neng Gou Zai Tong Yi Ge Ping Mian Shang , Nan Nv Mian Dui Mian Er Neng Gou Zuo Ai De Ti Wei Zhi You Zhe Yi Zhong , Ci Ji Ye Shi Wu Fa Xing Rong De 。 Nan Nv Rou Ti Shang Du Gan Pi Juan Shi 、 Huai Yun Zhi Shi , Huo Zhe Er Ren Xiang Yao Man Man Di Xiang Shou Zuo Ai Le Qu Zhi Shi , Ke Yi Bu Bei Tong Ban Fa Jue Er Jin Xing Ai De Jiao Huan Wei Qi You Dian , Xiang Xi Guan Da Jia Zu Yi Shi Gong Qin De Ri Ben Ren , Gu Shi Hou Xiang Lai Du Shi Cai Yong Zhe Zhong Ti Wei 。

Ni He Ta Heng Tang Zhuo , You Zheng Mian Lai Jie He De Zi Shi Ji Shi Ce Wo Ti Wei 。 Er Ren Ba Jiao Shen Zhi Shen Ti Jin Tie Bu Ke Neng Cha Ru , Suo Yi Ta Ying Gai Cong Ni De Shuang Jiao Zhi Jian Qie Ru , Ba Ni Shang Fang De Jiao Tai Qi , Ba Ni De Jiao Gua Zai Ta Zi Ji De Yao Ji Er Lai Jin Xing Cha Ru 。 Ci Shi Ni Xia Fang De Jiao Ye Ke Yi Xiang Qian Wan Qu , Ta De Shen Ti He Ni De Shen Ti Shao Wei Xing Cheng Jiao Du , Jiu Xiang Shi Wan Qu Wei Tang Xia Lai Jin Xing Zi Shi , Shi Ce Wo Ti Wei Zheng Tong De Zi Shi 。 Zhi Yao Ta Bu Shi Zuo Pie Zi , Rang Ta Tang Zai Zuo Ce Xia Fang , You Shou Ke Yi Yong Lai Ai Fu Ni De Xiong Bu 、 Xiao Fu Yi Ji Yin He Deng Chu 。 Jie He Bu Fen De Yun Dong Yi Ding Wu Fa Shi Fen Huo Yue 。 Yin Ci Er Ren Ce Mian Jin Tie Er Gai Zhuo Mian Bei De Ce Wo Ti Wei , Ke Yi Huan Man Di Ru Dong Shen Ti , Ba Shen Ti Fen Kai , Ye Ke Yi Xiang Shou Shi Jue Shang De Yu Kuai 。 Er Ge Ren De Shen Ti Ke Yi Yi X Xing Lai Fen Kai , Huo Zhe Shi Ta Ba Yi Zhi Shou Zhou Cheng Qi , Lai Yi Shen Ti Shang Bu 。 Ta Yong Shou Zhou Zhi Cheng Ti Zhong , Yao Bu De Huo Dong Fan Er Geng Huo Yue , Xiang Hu Zhi Jian Ke Yi Qian Hou Huan Man Di Jin Xing Chou Cha 、 Tui Song De Yun Dong 。

Ni Ci Shi Jian Jian Ren Shou Bu Zhu Ci Ji , Hui Xiang Yao Bao Zhu Ta De Xiong Tang , Tong Chang Ni Hui Ba Shou Shen Xiang Ta De Xiong Tang Er Yin Dao Ta Jin Xing Zheng Chang Ti Wei 。 Ta De Shuang Shou , Ye Ke Yi Cong Xia Fang Lai Ai Fu Ni De Si Chu 、

Ru Fang , Yi Ji Xiao Fu 、 Tun Bu Deng Bu Wei , Suo Yi Ni De Huan Le Jiang Geng Wei Ti Sheng 。 Kan Dao Zhe Yang De Ni , Ta Ye Hui Da Dao Shen Ke De Man Zu Gan 。

Zong Shi Ji Qing Di Xiang Ni Yao Qiu De Ta , You Shi Ye Hui Yin Yun Dong Huo Gong Zuo Tai Lei Zhi Shi , Er Xiang Yao Chang Shi Ni Sa Jiao De Wen Rou 。 Ling Wai , Ni Huo Xu Ou Er Ye Hui Xiang Chang Shi Zhu Dong De Chong Dong 。 Er Ren De Zuo Ai Bing Bu Quan Du Yi Lai Ta Er Shi , Nv Xing Zai Shang Wei , He Zheng Chang Quan Wei Xiang Fan , Ta Chao Shang Fang Yang Wo , Er Ni You Shang Mian Fu Gai Zhuo Ta 。 Dang Ran , You Yu Ta De Yin Jing Shi Cong Xia Fang Lai Jin Xing Cha Ru , Ru Dong Shen Ti De Jiao Se Bian You Ni Lai Ban Yan , Ni Ke Yi Yi Zi Ji De Xi Hao , Lai Ru Dong Shen Ti 。 Tong Chang Ni Xiang Zhe Me Zuo Que Dui Ta Kai Bu Liao Kou Zhi Shi , Cai Yong Zhe Zhong Ti Wei , Ke Yi Yi Zhao Zi Ji Xi Ai De Fang Shi Li Ru Dong , Lai Yin Dao Ta Jin Xing 。

Shi Bu Shi Hen Chang Zhi Shi ? Xiao Bian Ye Zhen Jing Dao Liao 。 Hen Duo Shi Hou Wo Men Chang Chang Hu Lue Zhe Xie Xi Jie 。

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Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-09
Bian Ji : A Zuo

Ren Lei Li Bu Kai Xing 。 Liang Hao Mo Qi De Xing Guan Xi Ye Shi Fu Qi Sheng Huo Zhong De Wen Ding Ji Chu 。

Ru Guo Ni Zhi Dao Ru He Chu Mo Ta , Ni De Zheng Fu Zhi Zhan Jiu Yi Jing Sheng Li Liao Yi Ban …… Nv Ren De Shen Ti Shi Ling Ren Jing Tan Bu Yi De Dong Xi 。 Qu Xian Rou Mei Liu Chang , Wen Ruan De Gan Jue Zui Shi He Yong Zai Huai Zhong 。 Er Qie , Ru Guo Ni Na Ju Da De Nan Xing Shou Zhang Neng Gou Chu Mo Dao He Shi De Bu Wei , Ta Men Hui Yin Ci Geng Jia Qian Jiao Bai Mei 。

Yi 、 Zui Chun

Nv Ren Xi Huan Qin Wen 。 Shi Zhuo Bian Huan Qiang Du , Kai Shi Shi Bi Jiao Qing Rou , Jie Zhuo Re Lie Yi Xie , Ran Hou Zai Zhu Jian Qing Rou 。 Qin Wen Liao Ta De Zui Chun Zhi Hou , Zai Qin Wen Ta De Mian Jia 、 Yan Pi 、 Qian E 、 Bi Zi 、 Bo Jing He Er Chui 。 Ru Guo Ni Zai Ji Fen Zhong De Qin Wen Zhong Du Mei You Rang Ni De Shou Dao Chu “ You Dang ”( Jiang Zhu Yi Li Wan Quan Ji Zhong Zai Qin Wen Shang ), Bing Qie Yi Zhi Deng Zhuo You Ta Fa Chu Zhun Bei Hao De Xin Hao , Qi Xiao Guo Jiu Hui Hao Shang Jia Hao 。

Er 、 Tou Pi

Ni Shi Fou Zhu Yi Guo Xu Duo Nv Ren Du Ai Wan Nong Ta Men De Tou Fa ? Ta Men Zhe Yang Zuo Shi Yin Wei Zhe Rang Ta Men Gan Jue Hen Hao , Hen Ke Neng Ta Ye Xi Wang Ni Qu Wan Nong Ta 。 Tou Pi Dui Ci Ji Fei Chang Min Gan , Er Qie Ta Ke Neng Gen Ben Xiang Bu Dao Ni Ken Juan Gu Zhe Li , Suo Yi Zhe Ge Ju Dong Ding Neng Rang Ta Jing Xi 。 Wei Ta Shu Tou Fa Neng Gou Gei Ta Dai Lai Fei Chang Gan Xing De Ti Yan 。 Ye Ke Yi Zai Qin Wen Ta Shi Jiang Shou Zhi Chuan Guo Ta De Xiu Fa , Huo Zhe Gan Cui Yong Shou Qing Rou Ta De Tou Pi 。 Wei Ta Xi Tou Fa Huo Chui Gan Tou Fa ( Bu Yao Guan Shi Me Fa Xing , Ni Yong Yuan Nong Bu Chu Rang Ta Man Yi De Yang Zi ), Du Shi Zeng Qiang Gan Jue De Hao Fang Fa 。

San 、 Ru Fang

Ru Fang Shi Duo Shu Nan Ren Shu Xi De Xing Gan Qu , Yin Ci Ni Bu Tai Ke Neng Hu Shi Ta Men 。 Ni Geng Ke Neng Fan De Cuo Wu Shi Zai Ta Zhun Bei Hao Zhi Qian Guo Duo Di ( Huo Zhe Guo Yu Yong Li Di ) Fu Nong Ta Men 。 Guo Duo De Ci Ji Ke Neng Zao Cheng Nv Xing Zai Yue Jing Zhou Qi De Mou Duan Shi Jian Zhong Chu Xian Ru Fang Ma Mu Huo Zhe Teng Tong De Xian Xiang 。 Bu Fang Chang Shi “ Shao Er Jing ” De Zuo Fa : Qing Qing Chu Mo Ta De Ru Fang , Ran Hou Jiang Shou Yi Kai , Liu Xia Shi Jian Rang Ta Dong Zuo 。 Ji Zhu , Zheng Ge Ru Fang Shang Du Bu Man Liao Shen Jing Mo Shao , Yin Ci Ni Wan Quan Ke Yi Tong Guo Ci Ji Ru Tou Zhi Wai De Bu Wei Da Dao Shi Ru Tou Ting Qi De Mu De 。

Si 、 Hou Yao

Ru Guo Ni Rang Ta Pa Zai Chuang Shang ( Huo Shi Ni Shen Shang ) Bing An Mo Ta De Hou Yao Bu Wei , Yi Ding Hui Dai Gei Ta Yi Xiang Bu Dao De Kuai Le 。 Zhe Li Ye Ju You Feng Fu De Shen Jing Mo Shao , Er Qie Shi Cheng Shou Hen Da Ya Li De Bu Wei , Ke Yi Rang Ta Gan Jue Fei Chang Shu Fu He Fang Song 。 Bu Jin Ru Ci , Ta Huan You Zhu Yu Xing Huan Qi 。 Yin Wei An Mo Cu Jin Liao Xue Ye De Xun Huan He Gu Pen Bu Wei De Chong Xue 。 Kai Shi Shi , Yong Zhi Jian Jin Xing Wen Ding Shi Du De An Ya 。 Ru Guo Ta Xi Huan , Ke Yi Zeng Jia Yi Xie Li Liang 。 Qin Wen Zhe Ge Bu Wei Ye Shi Ge Hao Fang Fa 。

Wu 、 Rou Ruan Bu Wei

Zhe Cai Shi Ni Neng Gou Kai Tuo Chuang Xin De Di Fang 。 Wen Rou Di Qin Wen Ta De Xi Wo Chu 、 Shou Bi Nei Ce 、 Da Tui Nei Ce Huo Zhe Jing Wo 。 Nv Ren Xi Huan Rang Ni Dui Zhe Xie Bu Wei Fu Mo 、 Qin Wen 、 Tian Zuo Huo Shi Chui Qi 。 Yong She Tou Qing Tian Shou Bi De Nei Ce Shi Yi Zhong Duo Me Xing Gan De Gan Jue 。 Zhe Shi Zhi You Xiao Shuo Zhong Cai You De Qi Miao Gan Shou 。 Er Qie , Yi Dan Jiang Zhu Yi Li Ji Zhong Zai Zhe Xie Bu Wei , Shi Qing Jin Xing De Jie Zou Jiu Hui Song Chi Xia Lai —— Zhe Dui Yu Ta Ye Shi Fei Chang You Bang Zhu De 。

Liu 、 Tun Bu

Xu Duo Nv Ren Ye Xi Huan Nan Ren Zhu Yi Zhe Ge Bu Wei —— Ke Neng Bi Ni Xiang Xiang De Geng Xi Huan 。 Dui Yu Zhe Ge Bu Wei , Ni Ke Yi Geng Jia Yong Li , Er Bu Bi Xiang Dui Dai Ru Fang Na Yang Xiao Xin Yi Yi 。 Ni Ke Yi Rou Nie Huo Zhe An Ya 。 Cong Hou Yao Dao Tun Bu De Fu Mo Hui Da Dao Geng Hao De Xiao Guo 。

You Ci Ke Jian , Jian Dan De Ji Qiao Jiu Neng Ti Sheng Xing Sheng Huo De Zhi Liang 。 Zuo Wei Zhu Dong Fang De Nan Ren , Bu Neng Zhi Ding Zhuo Guo Cheng He Jie Guo , Ying Gai Zhang Kong Quan Ju , Zai Yi Zhi Liang 。

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Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-12
Bian Ji : Zuo Zuo

Zai Ren Lei Xing Huo Dong Guo Cheng Zhong , Zhang Wo Yi Xie Ji Qiao Shi Fei Chang You Yi Chu De 。 Zhang Wo Yi Xie Xing Ji Qiao Dui Ti Sheng Fu Qi Gan Qing Zhi Guan Zhong Yao 。

Wo Men Geng Yuan Yi Xiang Xin Zai Yi Tian De Ren He Shi Hou Wo Men Du Ke Yi Tiao Shang Chuang Zuo Ai , Wen Ti Zhi Bu Guo Shi You Mei You Shi Jian He Xin Qing 。 Cuo , Cong Gu Dai De Shi Hou Qi , Zhong Wai De Yi Xue Jia Jiu Kai Shi Zheng Lun “ Shi Me Shi Chen Zuo Ai Zui He Shi ”。 Zhong Guo Gu Ren De Guan Dian Wo Men Da Du Liao Jie , Shi Me “ Dian Shan Lei Ming Zhi Shi ”、“ Gang Gang Jin Shi Zhi Hou ” Du Bu Shi Yi Zuo Ai Deng Deng 。

Chen Qi Zao Chang Xian

Zhe Shi Nan Ren Zui Xi Huan De Zuo Ai Shi Jian , Yin Wei Da Duo Shu Nan Ren Zai Qing Chen Xing Lai Shi Chu Yu Bo Qi Zhuang Tai 。 Dan Hen Duo Nv Ren De Yi Jian Xiang Fan 。 Nv Ren Zai Zuo Ai Guo Cheng Zhong Geng Zhu Zhong Qing Diao He Xiang Shou , Suo Yi Ta Men Hen Nan Rong Ren Zi Ji He Dui Fang Mei You Shua Ya Jiu Jie Wen 、 Mian Dui Mian Zuo Zuo Xi Yu 。 Ling Wai , Zao Chen De Shi Jian Jing Chang Bi Jiao Cong Mang , Hen Nan Man Man Yu Re , Wang Wang Shi Kuai Su Jin Ru Jiao Se , Su Zhan Su Jue , Mei You Zuo Ai Zhi Hou De Wen Cun He Si Yu 。

Bi Bing : Dan Ru Guo Ju Jue Yi Jing Ran Shao Qi Lai De Nan Ren De Yao Qiu Ye You Hen Duo Bi Bing : Ta Hui Xin Qing Fan Zao , Bu Xiang Chi Zao Fan ; Yu Wang Zhi Liu Zai Ta Shen Ti Li , Yi Zheng Tian Ta Zhi Xiang Zhuo Zhe Jian Shi 。 Ru Guo Ni Bu Shi Qing Chen Zuo Ai De Ai Hao Zhe , Chu Zhou Mo Zhi Wai , Xian Yu Ta Qi Chuang , Lin Yu , Zuo Hao Zao Can , Chuan Shang Wai Chu De Fu Zhuang Duan Zuo Zai Can Zhuo Qian Zhu Ka Fei 。

Wu Jian Shan Dian Zhan

Zhe Ge Shi Jian Zuo Ai , Cong Ti Li Shang Lai Shuo Shi Fei Chang Shi Yi De 。 Zao Chen 3 Xiao Shi De Gong Zuo Huan Bu Zhi Yu Ya Kua Wo Men , Zai Gong Zuo Zhi Yu He Qing Ren Xiang Hui Bie You Zi Wei 。 Wo Men Cong Mang Zou Jin Fang Jian , Po Bu Ji Dai Di Fan Suo Shang Fang Men , Re Lie Di Jie Wen , Ren Ping Ji Qing Ran Shao 。

Bi Bing : Dang Ni Lin Yu Chu Lai , Qi Wang Qing Ren Yong Bao Ni De Shi Hou , Que Fa Xian Ta Yi Jing Tuo Guang Liao Yi Fu Tang Zai Bei Zi Li Deng Dai Ni , Pang Bian Shi Luan Reng De Pi Xie He Wa Zi , Yi Shi Ni Gan Jue Liang Ge Ren De Mu De Guo Yu Zhi Jie , Wei Mian You Xie Sao Xing 。 Ling Wai Yi Ge Bi Bing , Jiu Shi San Ming Zhi De Mian Bao Zha Hui Zai Xia Wu Sa Man Ni De Ban Gong Zhuo , Yin Wei Ni Shi Zai Tai E Liao 。

Wu Shui Xiao Tian Mi

Zhe Ge Shi Jian Zuo Ai Dui Nan Ren Lai Shuo Fei Chang He Shi , Yin Wei Nv Ren Jing Chang Bao Yuan Nan Ren Zuo Ai Zhi Hou Ma Shang Ru Shui , Ji Shi Shi Shen Ye , Ta Men Ye Gai Yu Nv Ban Wen Cun Di Xi Yu Yi Fan Cai You Quan Li He Yan 。 Ke Zai Wu Shui De Shi Hou , Zuo Wan Ai Ma Shang Hun Hun Shui Qu , Mei You Ren Hui Zhi Ze Ta 。

Bi Bing : Hen Duo Ren Zhi You Zai Zhou Mo Cai Neng Wu Shui , Er Qie Shi Wai Mian Tai Re Huo Zhe Wai Mian Xia Yu De Shi Hou 。 Zhi Liao De Jiao Sheng Cui Ren Ru Mian , Hua Hua De Yu Sheng Jiu Xiang Yao Lan Qu , Du Zi Li Man Man De , Nao Zi Li Ye Hun Chen Chen , Ci Shi Zuo Ai Chun Cui Shi Wu Liao Suo Zhi Er Dui Fang You Jin Zai Zuo Chi 。 Mei You Ji Lie De Dong Zuo Ye Mei You Po Qie De Yu Wang , Wu Shui Shi Jian De Zuo Ai Zong You Xie Liao Wu Sheng Qi , Er Qie Bu Rong Yi Da Dao Gao Chao 。 Zong Zhi , Juan Yi Tai Nong 、 Wei Li Tai Cheng De Shi Hou , Zui Hao Bu Yao Zuo Ai , Fou Ze Wu Shui Xing Lai De Shi Hou Hui Tou Teng De 。

Huang Hun Ban Zhi Yan

Zhe Ge Shi Jian Duan De Qing Ren Men Ru Lang Si Hu , Neng Cong Dui Fang Shen Shang Xiu Chu Chun Dong Wu De Wei Dao 。 Huang Hun Shi De Xing Xing Wei Zui Wei Da Dan 、 Chong Man Xiang Xiang Li , Huang Hun Shi De Xian Dai Ren Yi Tian Bao Shou Gong Zuo De Zhe Mo , Zai Ti Li Shang Bing Fei Zui Jia , Dan Xing Ji Ke Que Da Dao Yi Tian De Gao Feng Dian 。 Er Qie Ci Shi De Ren Men Zui Xi Wang Chang Shi Zuo Xie Chong Po Chang Gui De Ju Dong 。

Dui Nv Ren Lai Shuo Ye Shi Yi Yang , Jie Shu Liao Yi Tian De Gong Zuo , Huan You Yi Ge You Chang Qing Song De Wan Jian Shi Guang Zai Deng Dai Wo Men , Ci Shi De Xin Qing Fei Chang Fang Song 。

Bi Bing : Ci Shi Zuo Ai De Di Dian Xuan Ze You Yi Ding Nan Du , Lv Guan 、 Ting Che Chang 、 Lou Ti Jian Du Bu Shi He , Ren Lai Ren Wang 。 Ru Guo Qi Zhong Yi Ren De Dan Shen Gong Yu Li De Bu Yuan , Shi Zui Jia Xuan Ze 。

Wan Can Zuo Zuo Yan

Zhe Ben Gai Shi Wan Can De Shi Jian , Ru Guo Shi Bao Fu Zuo Ai , Shi Bi Zhi Hou Hui Dai Lai Shen Ti De Ji Du Pi Bei , Jia Shang Yi Jing Hun An De Tian Se , Hui Ling Ni Hun Hun Yu Shui Lan Yang Yang Mei Liao Wai Chu De Hao Xin Qing 。 Suo Yi Ru Guo Xuan Ze Ci Shi Zuo Ai , Zui Hao Xian Bu Yao Ji Zhuo Chi Wan Can , Shi Hou Yi Qi Zou Dao Wai Mian San Bu , Zhao Yi Jia Ke Kou De Can Guan Mei Can Yi Dun 。

Bi Bing : Ru Shui Qian Ni Jiu Mei You Zuo Ai De Xin Qing Liao , Ni Jiang Cuo Guo Zuo Ai De Zui Jia Shi Duan 。 Ru He Zuo Ai Cai Hui You Yi Jian Kang ?

Shen Ye Zui Yan Qing

Bu Guan Xian Dai Nan Nv Duo Me Biao Xin Li Yi , Yong Yu Da Po Chuan Tong De Sheng Huo Fang Shi , Wo Men Du Bu Neng Fou Ren , Zui Neng Shi Wo Men Huo De Zuo Ai Kuai Gan De Shi Jian Yi Ran Shi Zhe Ge Gu Dai Yi Xue Jia Tui Jian De Shi Duan 。 Ci Shi Ye Mu Yi Wan Quan Jiang Lin , Shui Yi Huan Mei You Xi Lai , Yi Tian De Huo Dong Yi Jing Jie Shu , Wo Men Ke Yi Jin Qing Ba Zi Ji Jiao Gei Gan Guan , Ran Hou An Jing Di Shui Qu 。 Yi Ge Gao Chao Bi An Mian Yao Geng You Zhu Yu Shui Mian 。

Bi Bing : Ji Hu Mei You 。

Shi Ji Shang , Jin Guan Liang Ge Ren De Xing Shi Zhong You Bu Shao Cha Yi , Ke Xian Shi Sheng Huo Zhong Wo Men Wang Wang Hui Geng Qian Jiu You Yu Wang De Yi Fang , Bu Guan Zai Na Ge Shi Duan , Zuo Ai Du Ke Yi Wan Cheng 。 Dan Liao Jie Dui Fang De Xi Hao , Shuo Chu Zi Ji De Gan Shou , Neng Gou 。 Bang Zhu Wo Men Shi Xing Ai Geng Jia He Xie 。

Qi Shi , Xian Dai Dui Yu Ren Men Lai Shuo , Zuo Ai Bu Dan Shi Liang Ge Ren Zai Yi Qi De Shi Hou Cai Neng Zuo De Shi Qing Liao , Sui Zhuo Cheng Ren Xing Yong Pin De Chu Xian ,

Hen Duo Shi Hou , Ni Zhi Yao Xuan Dui Yi Ge Zuo Ai De Shi Jian , Dai Shang Ni De “ Wan Ju ”, Lai Dao Ge Ni Ren Wei Zui Shu Shi De Di Fang , Huo Zuo Zhuo , Huo Tang Zhuo , Jin Qing Xiang Shou Xing Yong Pin Gei Zi Ji Dai Lai De Ling Yi Zhong Mei Miao Zi Wei , Er Qie Yin Wei Wang Luo De Chu Xian Ni Huan Bu Bi Dan Xin You Shui Hui Zhi Dao Ni De Mi Mi , Zhi Yao Qing Qing Qiao Xia Jian Pan , Ni Jiu Ke Yi Ba Ni Yao De Dong Xi Shou Ru Nang Zhong 。

Qi Shi Xing , Wu Shi Wu Ke Jiu Zai Wo Men Shen Bian , Ni Xiang Yao Hao Hao De Xiang Yong Ta , Na Ni Bu Fang Xuan Ge Zui Shi He Zi Ji De Zuo Ai Shi Jian , Rang Bi Ci Bao Chi Dui Shen Ti De Ke Wang , Cong Er Shi Fang Zi Ji De Ji Qing 。

Zai Liang Xing Guan Xi Zhong , Ji Ben De Ji Qiao Shi Bi Xu Yao Zhang Wo De 。 Hen Duo Shi Hou Wo Men Chang Chang Hu Lue Zhe Xie Xi Jie 。

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