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Everybody knows often eat lotus seed to be able to achieve the result that improves body constitution, and it is OK to think the whole body of lotus seed is of edible, so whether is this kind of point of view proper? Lotus seed can be treated much dream and dysenteric still lumbago waits a symptom a moment, the heart of lotus seed has effect of first-rate reduce internal heat, alleviate effectively the illness of talking around unripe sore, also have certain help to Morpheus, so can the heart of lotus seed eat?

Can the heart of lotus seed eat

The first, can the heart of lotus seed eat? Lotus seed heart, sexual flavour bitter cold. Lotus seed heart basically contains lotus heart alkaline, different lotus heart is alkaline, methylic lotus heart is alkaline, before lotus leaf is alkaline, lotus leaf is alkaline,

Model of ox horn China, methylic corydalis Pa is clever, go methylic the root of three-nerved spicebush is alkaline, and mignonette glucoside, gold-rimmed peach glucoside, the brass such as rue glucoside kind. Among them before lotus leaf is alkaline, ox horn spends element, spirit of methylic corydalis Pa contains bitter sex, lotus seed heart is so bitter, mature lotus seed heart is a few bitterer.

Can the heart of lotus seed eat

The 2nd, lotus seed heart tastes really extremely bitter, but have extremely powerful strong heart effect, ate can the week outside dilate is hemal, reduce blood pressure. In addition, still very good clear heart is divided irritated, hemostatic difficult choice effect, advocate treat tepid patient pericardium, on empty fire phlogistic, heart kidney is not handed in, blood heats up haematemesis, nocturnal emission slippery discharge. Specific be like: Agent of simmer in water of water of lotus seed heart has step-down effect, its step-down active ingredient is lotus heart alkaline with methylic lotus heart alkaline, methylic lotus heart is alkaline have more extensive fight rhythm of the heart wrong action. Lotus seed heart and Zhu Sha deserve to use use at treating internal heat frivolous, heart kidney does not hand in seminal emission of be caused by, insomnia. Lotus seed heart matchs the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, virgin soil, wild jujube benevolence, the seed of Oriental arborvitae is used at recuperating heart shade inadequacy, internal heat slants fill insomnia of be perturbed of be caused by shape.

Can the heart of lotus seed eat

Can the heart of lotus seed eat? Possible, the lotus seed of the heart that take lotus is more than hollow meeting give an effect, that is the effect of lotus heart: Clear heart goes heating up. But, lotus heart mouthfeel slants suffering. So, set out from the angle of mouthfeel, have acrid, this is not most person to be able to be accepted, go consequently core comparing does not go core wants delicious. Old people is bought in, multiple medicine feels, much selection does not go of core. But lotus seed heart is very good blindly medicinal material. Dan Zhongqing year the person is bought, multiple mouthfeel, can go mostly core.

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Shrimp is to compare product of common a kind of sea at ordinary times, the protein content in shrimp flesh is very tall, often having shrimp is very much to the advantage of person body health, a lot of people like to have shrimp at ordinary times, below normal circumstance, fresh the shrimp that did not deteriorate, no matter be shrimp flesh or shrimp carapace,be clean, if there is a thing on the body of shrimp, this kind of shrimp had better not be in edible, lest the influence is healthy.

 Is there macula to still can eat on shrimp body

Is there macula to you still can eat on shrimp body?

Some people have a lot of macula on the shrimp body of redemptive home, if small macula just appears on shrimp carapace,this is planted circumstance, shrimp flesh is clean, and also do not have any peculiar smell, after thoroughlying cook, shrimp is OK of edible, if there is macula on shrimp flesh, still had better not eat.

Eat the contraindication of shrimp

1, contain a lot ofthe food of vitamin C

Gao Nong is contained to spend compound of 5 price arsenic in shrimp flesh, its itself is harmless to human body, when many vitamin C is being taken when Dan Retong, 5 price arsenic is met by reductive into tervalent arsenic, namely 3 oxidation 2 arsenic, common weighs arsenic, can bring about acute arsenic poisoning.

Contain a lot ofthe fruit of vitamin C: Wait like citric, orange. Contain a lot ofthe vegetable of vitamin C: Tomato, carrot, green pepper.

2, the food with tan more acid content

Shrimp flesh contains the nutriment such as taller protein, calcic, phosphor, if contain tannic acid to measure faster food to eat together together, can reduce the nutrient ingredient of shrimp flesh not only, and can make among them calcic kind be united in wedlock with tannic acid.

 Is there macula to still can eat on shrimp body

Make a kind of stodgy material, cause the symptom such as vomiting, giddy, disgusting, bellyacke.

The fruit with tannic acid more content: Persimmon, grape, pomegranate, hawkthorn. The beverage with tannic acid more content: Of all kinds boiled water. The vegetable with tannic acid more content: Hollow dish.

Cannot mix shrimp commensal food

1. pumpkin

The nutrient value of shrimp is extremely high, can enhance the immune force of human body and sexual function, filling kidney Zhuang Yang, fight premature senility. But shrimp cannot eat together with pumpkin, because be fed together,can cause dysenteric (one of contagion of acute bowel path) , can use detoxify of black soya bean, licorice.

2. fruit juice

Fruit juice (especially orange juice, pear juice) contain vitamin C more, appear easily vitamin C excessive is toxic phenomenon.

When a lot of people like to eating shrimp meat, mix on one cup of fruit juice. It is a kind of very bad behavior so actually, can cause certain harm to the body.

3. soya bean

Soya bean contains a lot ofprotein, peptic effect, but can cause the symptom such as indigestion at the same time with shrimp.

4. red jujube

Gong Zaofu contains a vitamin, the vitamin that feeds red jujube and shrimp to be able to make red jujube medium together the 5 oxidation in shrimp or dried small shrimps 2 arsenic are reductive become 2 arsenic of 3 oxidation (arsenic) , cause thereby toxic.

5. golden melon

Golden melon sex is cold, flavour pleasant, have next gas to make the same score asthma, qing Dynasty heats up the effect with phlegmy benefit. But shrimp sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, salty, have filling gas of filling kidney Zhuang Yang, be good at stomach, make expectoration easy to if effect of both sex flavour fails to meet each other,fight the effect; such as cancer.

 Is there macula to still can eat on shrimp body

Feed together can cause pull dysentery () of fiercer than have loose bowels a kind of disease, right healthy have certain harm action.

6. pork, chicken

Shrimp cannot be fed together with pork, chicken, feed kidney failure of meeting generation liver together. History ” drink board is wanting ” account: “Shrimp cannot be fed together with pork, caustic essence ” .

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Article introduction

To major person, staple food can serve as evaporate rice among a lot of families, but the skill that between cooking process we should notice evaporate rice, if rice cannot master, certain skill can be caused duration is less than or rice is too curt, this kind of circumstance goes against our edible, so we should have certain knowledge to evaporate rice. So, how to use bowl evaporate rice? Is the practice what kind of?

 The practice of bowl evaporate rice

1, how evaporate rice cooked rice

The rice that wants to eat is stuck a few softer, can add water many a little bit, if like Mi Song to come loose a bit, water level just exceeds rice one times can, the meeting is otherwise excellent. Pour water into electric rice cooker, take the wooden ladle of a dip rice next, rice agitate one agitate, wash clean, pour water next. Usually, of the rice of how many basis that water measures more or less will decide. The scale of water and rice is 1:1More appropriate, namely a bowl meter of one bowl water such, if two bowls rice, so put two bowls of water. Take imprint that bowl of rice will imprint enter the water. Also can determine the dosage of water with another kind of method, without giving thought to how many meters, want water to compare rice only anyway a little tower above 1.5cm~2cm(1.5~2 centimeter) the left and right sides, namely probably one finger left and right sides, look at probably with the eye go. This comes by experience completely, the experience of everybody is different.

 The practice of bowl evaporate rice

2, cook should put how many water

The scale of general situation rice and water is 1:1To 1:1Between.5, that is to say rice and water are OK and same much, OK also water is a bit much below, do not exceed 1:1 at most.5. Specific treat specific condition, it is 1:1 this for instance.2, rice worked a little, can add a few water more next time. Same if rice was stuck, that puts a few water less next time. If did not measure appliance specificly, water can let had done not have rice in electric meal Bao it is OK that 1 centimeter is controlled.

 The practice of bowl evaporate rice

3, noodle and rice which easy fat

Rice is easier than noodle fat. the rice of coequal heft and unripe noodle, the quantity of heat of noodle is to compare rice to want little, eat rice quantity of heat to absorb more so, gain flesh more easily. Plus the protein content in noodle a little a few lower, carbohydrate is less also, for photograph comparing rice digest more easily. When having rice, it is to need to eat commonly a lot of distribute food, those dish joined a lot of condiment, also be to be able to have caloric, and eat noodle to do not have so much demand to distributing food. Because this eats noodle,did not eat rice to gain flesh so easily.

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Speak of ginkgo, people is very familiar, it is the fruit of ginkgo, it has a lot of effect effect to human body health care, but those who need an attention is the food that digests with ginkgo photograph have a lot of, if do not understand the word that eats together to be able to cause a lot of and undesirable effect, include cannot eat together with fishboning fish, eel, in medicaments respect it is aspirin or anticoagulant thing take together, still pregnant woman and child cannot eat ginkgo.

The food that ginkgo photograph digests

One, ginkgo cannot eat together with fishboning fish, eel

Ginkgo fruit cannot be mixed certain fish an edible, be like fishboning fish, eel. Both medium composition can produce chemical reaction, eat much the likelihood makes the person appears abdominal distension, have a headache, the unwell symptom such as dizziness. The gender is lukewarm have small poison, both all have more complex biology active goods and materials, feed together produce unlucky the biochemistry at human body is resonant. And oneself contain poisonous goods and materials, feed stop up of gas making a person to set out more bilge to pause. Can wait for each food to digest about two hour hind to have another kind again, with respect to live in peace with each other.

2, ginkgo cannot eat together with aspirin or anticoagulant content

Ginkgo perhaps also cannot fight the medicaments of cruor one case with aspirin edible. Once this plants somebody general ginkgo and aspirin medicaments the word of an edible, the time of cruor of meeting general patient is lengthened, appear thereby the state with more than blood stream.

The food that ginkgo photograph digests

3, the no-no crowd of ginkgo

1, the person of allergic constitution had better not eat. Some people eat ginkgo fruit the meeting is allergic, the chairman on the skin gives red bean beans, water of fruit juice of ginkgo of useful still daub comes hairdressing when, also should notice allergic.

2, pregnant woman does not eat ginkgo fruit. Toxic material is contained in ginkgo fruit, can affect fetal health, ginkgo fruit eats much the fetal meeting that is born is unbalanced, eating a few less still is possible.

3, the child cannot eat ginkgo fruit. We know ginkgo fruit is poisonous, the child is most sensitive to ginkgo fruit, it is easier that the age jumps over fastfood ginkgo fruit toxic, 5 years old of the following children eat 5 ginkgo fruit likely and toxic, a lot of children take the issue that the kill with poison in ginkgo fruit dies.

4, dyspeptic, abdominal distension and calorific friend also does not suit edible ginkgo fruit. Ginkgo fruit lamina cannot be drunk with using bubble water, also may bring about toxic.

5, the female friend of the patient after strong operation and pregnant woman and menses cannot edible ginkgo, can create the situation with more than blood stream otherwise, make a patient appear thereby unwell.

The food that ginkgo photograph digests

4, the note of ginkgo edible

1, before ginkgo cook or before feeding first hull, go film, go heart, flay, lest toxic.

2, each every time control of appropriate of edible ginkgo quantity is in 2030; And must hull, go red soft film, go embryo is boiled feed, lest produce toxic phenomenon.

3, to prevent ginkgo toxic, the doctor reminds: Edible of excessive of avoid by all means or unripe feed, the baby is not fed. The poisonous component easy dissolve of ginkgo at water, the noxiousness after heating is reduced, above can immerse 1 hour with clear water before edible so, heat again thoroughly cook, what all can raise edible ginkgo is safe. If discover toxic symptom, want to see a doctor in time to the hospital.

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Article introduction

The root of kudzu vine is a kind of very common Chinese traditional medicine in the life material, it is OK that arrowroot eradicated besides edible, officinal value also is very tall, actually the root of kudzu vine is in at ordinary times having a way also is rife, nevertheless the root of kudzu vine is the man takes or the female eats without giving thought to right healthy have profit, most nevertheless person likes to be drunk with water of bubble of the root of kudzu vine, water of bubble of the root of kudzu vine is drunk have very good nourishing effect to the body, does that man drink the root of kudzu vine what to effect there is?

 The man drinks the root of kudzu vine to have what effect

Does the man drink the root of kudzu vine what to effect there is?

1, fall blood pressure

Some life vivid convention is special bad, e.g. some people long-term do not move, the immune strength that can cause the body is reduced, must go up thereby hypertensive disease, again the dietary habit of very much perhaps person is exceedingly poor, often eat the food of a few heavy taste, often eat for example contain salt to compare fast food, such word can bring about the blood pressure of the body to lift, meet on hypertensive disease, can drink water of bubble of the root of kudzu vine at ordinary times so, can reduce blood pressure disease effectively to happen.

 The man drinks the root of kudzu vine to have what effect

2, protect a heart

Cardiac action is to drive blood to flow, provide sufficient hematic flow to organ, organization, with supplying oxygen pledges with all sorts of nurture, take away metabolization eventually child, make the cell maintains normal metabolization and function. The heart is having very main effect to health of our human body, so protective heart also is a very important thing, so if often drinking water of bubble of the root of kudzu vine, can raise the man’s heartbeat effectively, increase cardiac to fight the ability of the disease thereby, the OK and effective heart that protects us.

3, precaution treats cancer

Everybody knows to go up cancer, it is a very terrible thing, so we make a few step at ordinary times, can prevent effectively and treat cancer, so everyday if the man drinks water of bubble of the root of kudzu vine, OK and effective precaution cancer happens, because there is a kind of material in the root of kudzu vine,that is, it is yellow ketone this kind of material, OK and effective inhibition the growth of cancer cell, thereby block breaks canceration of cancer cell happening, if be being drunk at ordinary times, also have very good effect to preventing cancer.

 The man drinks the root of kudzu vine to have what effect

The effect of the root of kudzu vine

1. the root of kudzu vine can relieve a cough stop have diarrhoea

As a result of the property of a medicine of the root of kudzu vine. To having at ordinary times inside hot person has very good curative effect. Still can treat diarrhoea.

2. mediates human body temperature

Suffer virus when human body when invading, can cause airframe and unusual active brings about humoral temperature to produce change to be able to devour cellular activity. Become for instance when human body attack of fever, human body produces the total yellow ketone of many heat energy the root of kudzu vine, the temperature that brings about to virus is elevatory, have drop in temperature apparently action. So the root of kudzu vine has a fever to cure calorific have very good curative effect.

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Article introduction

Melon seeds the nutrient value of this kind of dried fruit is very tall, the vitamin that contains in congener food and protein are taller, and the food that still attributes high fever volume, long-term edible can undertake modulatory to the metabolization of cerebral cell, come to those who improve human body control function thereby, nevertheless the edible of excessive can bring about body get fat, so everybody must control good edible to measure, so how many melon seed do one day eat won’t fat?

One day eats how many melon seed won't fat

The first, how many melon seed do one day eat won’t fat? Nutrition of melon seeds itself with respect to pretty tall, vitamin, protein, oily kind of person that content belongs to outstanding. However, melon seeds also is food of a kind of tall caloric. The quantity of heat of melon seeds is 597 kilocalorie, protein milligram of E34.53 of 23.9 grams, vitamin, adipose 49.9 grams, magnesian 264 milligram. Food of so tall caloric, once eat much gain flesh very easily.

The 2nd, dietetics home ever expressed, 9 melon seeds are equivalent to the quantity of heat of a bowl of meal. Melon seeds of every 100 grams (flay) (include sunflower, watermelon child) what contain quantity of heat to be more than 570 kilocalorie, institute of meat of duck of the rice that compares coequal weight, pork, hotpot, chicken contains quantity of heat tall. Do not add earthnut of limitative ground edible and melon seeds to be able to increase quantity of heat and adipose absorb, make fat of gain weight, blood elevatory, go against the control of blood sugar and blood pressure. Expert viewpoint: Melon seeds regards firm fruit alimental as a kind, it is OK to eat appropriately full abdomen, still can complement a variety of nutrition that human body place needs, but also because its quantity of heat is very rich, eat more the meeting is fat, adverse to reducing weight, suggest personage reducing weight eats melon seed less as far as possible.

One day eats how many melon seed won't fat

The 3rd, does melon seeds eat much how to meet? Cause fat. Contain a lot ofin melon seeds adipose with protein, eat a likelihood to cause; of fat or fat disease to damage a tooth more. Often eat melon seeds to be able to destroy enamel, those who affect a tooth is beautiful cause suffer from excessive internal heat with masticatory function; . Melon seeds is dry, salty, hard, eat much the likelihood causes suffer from excessive internal heat and; of oral cavity ulcer to increase hepatic burden. Of melon seeds fry the meeting when make and be being machined to add a few pigment, saccharin or essence material, can aggravating hepatic burden.

One day eats how many melon seed won't fat

How many melon seed do one day eat won’t fat? Melon seeds takes 50 grams one day the left and right sides is appropriate. Whatever melon seeds, quantity of heat and adipose content all taller, do not answer to be fed more. It is with white melon seeds exemple, about 50 grams weigh even housing one bowl small, quantity of heat already was as high as 223 calorie, receive the; of quantity of heat that is bordering on a bowl of rice adipose it is to achieve 10 grams more, be equivalent to normal person everyday adipose the 1/6; proposal that absorbs upper limit eats a melon seed everyday can, want much more compensatory moisture content, in case the disease such as ulcer of sore throat, oral cavity happens.

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The flavour of duck flesh is special characteristic, and the method that make also has a lot of, explode for instance fry and steam and stew is waited a moment, but a lot of people’s nicer to make the nurture in duck flesh qualitative reservation, the method that can choose to lie between water steam duck will undertake making, the duck flesh after making is exceedingly soft sodden, flavour is more delicious also, suit most crowd, so what does the practice that allows us to see duck of the evaporate that lie between water have?

Separate the practice of water steam duck

The first, what does the practice of duck of the evaporate that lie between water have? Purchase fresh duck, best can oneself handle a duck. Prepare duck flesh, dry Xianggu mushroom shifts to an earlier date bubble hair, abluent, squeeze dry moisture. Duck flesh cold water leaves boiler, join a few ginger, a few cooking wine, mature vinegar, a few minutes are boiled again after water leaves, fish out, rinse clean with clear water. Put Xianggu mushroom and duck meat into the bowl, add a few ginger, a few salt, unripe smoke, enter right amount clear water again. Report adds clear water in high-pressured boiler, put the bowl. Mode of tendons of beef, evaporate 60 minutes (every boiler brand is different, freedom adjustment) . Chinese caterpillar fungus uses tooth brush gently scrub, the dust above brush away, rinse clean. Put Chinese caterpillar fungus into the duck meat with good evaporate, (What this moment can try soup is salty weak, insufficient flavour is again right amount add a bit salt) press again cook mode, 8 minutes can.

Separate the practice of water steam duck

The 2nd, two jins of or so old duck, ginger section reserves, yam flay, hob cuts chunk, abluent reserve, old duck soup expects a packet. Boil one boiler boiled water, copy into old duck below come to be born. Scoop the duck, drop has boiled water, change one boiler clear water afresh, issue old duck, ginger, soup of old duck of wool elder brother expects, boiler of the high pressure on the lid is built, after the steam on big baked wheaten cake, make down fire stews 20 minutes, put steam to open a lid, issue yam, again lid of the boiler on the lid, fire of the make down after big baked wheaten cake leaves is stewed boil 10 minutes, use soup bowl to fill, one boiler is sweet thick old duck soup has been done.

Separate the practice of water steam duck

What does the practice of duck of the evaporate that lie between water have? Wax gourd does not want flay, abluent hind cut thick piece. Other feeds capable person abluent. Old duck is abluent behead, if be afraid of fat can reach duck skin fat oily purify, put the scald in boiling water to fish out of the water that stop blood, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean, with the urine smell flavour of purify duck. Lotus leaf uses boiling water a bit scald. Fact of will old duck, wax gourd, Ci, the seed of Job’s tears, lotus leaf, candied date or jujube, Jiang Pian puts Bao inside, after adding right amount clear water to be burned, turn small fire Bao 3 hours, add salt to flavor can.

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Article introduction

The zhongzi is the food that a lot of people like to eat, we can have dragon boat festival on the zhongzi has the atmosphere that celebrate a festival quite, zhongzi of polished glutinous rice tastes sticky sticky, flavour compares Gan Tian goluptious, the way of the zhongzi is simpler also, the zhongzi has a lot of kinds of stuffing, taste not only nutrition is rich, and flavour also compares diversity, the method that a lot of people do not know the zhongzi that boil and measure are what kind of, are the method of the zhongzi that boil and measure what kind of? Next we look.

The method of the zhongzi that boil and measure

One. Is the measure of the zhongzi that boil what kind of?

1, at ordinary times the zhongzi that oneself wrap in the home, can be boiled with high-pressured boiler make, want to put the zhongzi that has wrapped in high-pressured boiler when boil, add the clear water of full amount next, clear water must have done not have a zhongzi 5 go to 10 centimeters.

2, after good boiler is built, the lid heats burn, wait for the high-pressured a powerful person on high-pressured boiler to begin to risk gas to time later, continue to heat 20 minutes, involve fire next, do not stir high-pressured pot first at this moment, the nature of high-pressured a powerful person that lets him descends, after waiting for high-pressured a powerful person to fall, cross ability 15 minutes to open the boiler lid of high-pressured boiler again, at this moment the zhongzi in boiler is already squashy had boiled.

The method of the zhongzi that boil and measure

2. The evaporate that lie between water is made

Zhongzi besides in be being put in water, thoroughly cook beyond, water steam is lain between in still can be being put in boiler ripe, this kind of method is similar to, at ordinary times people evaporate rice, full amount can be put in boiler evaporate drawer is put above clear water, put the zhongzi on evaporate drawer next, after good boiler is built, the lid heats burn, lie between water steam to come one hour again, at this moment the zhongzi in boiler can squashy, although he does not have boiled zhongzi so fresh and juicy, but its mouthfeel is particularly good however.

The method of the zhongzi that boil and measure

3. Clear water boils a zhongzi

If everybody eats the zhongzi is buy the quick frozen food that come back from the market, in can putting it in clear water directly, boil to, because these quick-freeze zhongzis had passed high temperature treatment, it is a kind of cooked food, people puts it in boiler to heat ten minutes or so are boiled again after be being boiled, zhongzi can squashy, leaf of take out zhongzi is taken out to be able to eat directly after dropping in temperature. Besides this kind of method, buy the quick-freeze zhongzi that come back in the market, still can put in microwave oven to heat directly, high temperature heats, the 4 zhongzis that can eat warm to 5 minutes.

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Article introduction

Steaky pork believes is a kind of authority’s not new food, because be in daily life, a lot of people like to eat steaky pork. Of course, the making method of steaky pork also has a lot of kinds, the steaky pork dawdle that stew is among them one of. When making food of this the daily life of a family, if can undertake making according to certain skill, so its taste also is very good. Below, introduce steaky pork to stew the practice of dawdle for everybody!

One, way of way of the steaky pork dawdle that stew

1. steaky pork, drumstick flesh cuts small, dawdle uses lukewarm bleb a little while hind abluent.

Water is heated in 2. boiler, go to chicken and steaky pork hematic foam. Abluent reserve.

Right amount oil is put in 3. boiler, use chopped green onion next, face of ginger, aniseed, Chinese prickly ash explodes boiler, fry fleshy piece then, put dawdle again next. After be being fried a little while, add water, small fire turns to be stewed slowly after big baked wheaten cake leaves. It is good that one hour is controlled.

2, the effect of steaky pork and action

1. is compensatory protein

Pork supplies high grade protein and indispensible fatty acid for the mankind. Pork can offer blood red element (organic iron) the half Guang ammonia that absorbs with stimulative iron is acerbity, can improve anaemia of the sex that be short of iron.

2. fills kidney raises blood

Pork flavour Gan Xian, sex is smooth, enter classics of lienal, stomach, kidney; Filling kidney raises blood, moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood; embellish skin, benefit 2 mix stop disappear is thirsty.

3. moisten the respiratory tract

Pork boils soup drink to issue the fretful, dry cough that can fill urgently to be caused as a result of body fluid inadequacy, constipation and be difficult to do.

3, the nutrient value of dawdle

1. raises airframe immunity force

The active ingredient of dawdle can enhance T lymphocyte function, raise airframe to resist thereby the immune function of all sorts of diseases.

2. analgesia, undisturbedly

Brazil some institute extracts Act-2 of a kind of material from inside dawdle, have demulcent, composed effect, its analgesia effect is replaceable herion.

3. relieves a cough expectorant

Dawdle extracts fluid to be used at animal experiment, discover its have apparent town to cough, the action of watery expectorant fluid.

4. fights cancer

Japanese researcher gives quantity of a kind of element to be in the analysis in dawdle active ingredient of 288 exceed the puissant material that fight cancer, can restrain the growth of cancer cell, its action is 1000 times stronger than the material fighting cancer in green tea. A kind of poisonous protein still is contained in dawdle, prevent the albumen synthesis of cancer cell effectively.

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Article introduction

Wrap around the mouthfeel of Sa is more, sort is very much also, a lot of people like to eat, no matter be dot or old people, especially the youth will be more welcome, but outside sell wrap around the stuff that Sa puts after all is not at ease, insecure, eat to wrap around deliciously oneself also like to do in the home after Sa, so everybody hopes to be able to be made inside the home very much a few like to eat wrap around Sa, bake wrap around Sa when use suffer from excessive internal heat or leave anger, became the issue that a lot of people pay close attention to.

 Bake wrap around to Sa uses suffer from excessive internal heat or leave anger

With fluctuation fire. Particular way is as follows:


Wrap around Sa skin: 250g of tall muscle flour (it is OK to use common flour) , yeasty 4g, butter 15g, milk powder one small spoon, saline a few, warm water 125ML (40 degrees or so)

Wrap around Sa juice: Tomato sand manages, a few salt, a few candy, black pepper, add of a few water into

Other advocate makings: A kind of dried mushroom, pineapple (as it happens has now fresh) , ham bowel, bright shrimp, zhi person


In Yu Wenshui of 1. yeasty dissolve quiet place 5 minutes, melt adequately.

The yeasty water with 2. good be in harmony slowly in pouring flour sufficient agitate divide evenly, knead the dough that slips into bright.

3. joins the salt of butter and a few, continue to knead, knead absorb completely to butter and salt, dough is smooth and stretch.

 Bake wrap around to Sa uses suffer from excessive internal heat or leave anger

4. puts dough into container, last on the lid film, put microwave oven to begin to ferment for the first time 40 minutes (a bowl of hot water is placed inside microwave oven, help dough is better ferment) . Barmy time will make wrap around Sa juice.

5. is taken a few butter is entered thermalization is added to leave inside boiler, join mincing onion, fry divide evenly.

6. fries divide evenly into the sauce that has mixed (tomato sand manages, a few salt, a few candy, black pepper, add of a few water is become) , had boiled wrap around Sa juice.

7. right now dough already also had fermented, take, dough gently squash a little while, roll becomes face cake, the shop is being baked dish go up and use toothpick entry (for better breathe freely) .

8. puts oven to undertake the 2nd times fermenting 30 minutes (a bowl of hot water is put in oven) .

9. prepares advocate makings.

10. cake skin ferments end, sa juice wraps around on besmear, advocate expect even shakedown is on cake skin.

 Bake wrap around to Sa uses suffer from excessive internal heat or leave anger

11. oven warm-up, will wrap around Sa is put in bake dish in put oven respectively, fluctuation fire bakes 11 minutes 250 degrees.

After 12. gives heat, asperse again on the Zhi that 100g cuts into shreds person, reentry oven bakes 5 minutes.

The air after 13. has been baked is cool can edible.

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