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Autumn is raised colour cookbook

2012-02-07 13:15:29

Autumn climate is dry, cool, sunshine time decreases. Because climate changes the influence to human body, hair falls off secrete of moisture of grow in quantity, sweat decreases, the mouth suffers from pharynx dry, skin is dry wait for a phenomenon with furrow grow in quantity, constipation is commonner, pulse becomes heavy fine, easily tired. To change the undesirable appearance that the skin of females appears in autumn, should recuperate proceed with from food above all, ability obtains favorable result.

"Autumn is raised colour cookbook

The autumn is good into what fill time, ferial the woman with young gas of li of light body empty but must not miss this good time. A few food that introduce below not only can preserve one’s health, to the female still hairdressing is raised colour effect!

"Autumn is raised colour cookbook


Autumn appears easily a dry lip dry ” autumn dry ” wait for disease, should choose the food that eats a few alimentary moisten the respiratory tract, bird’s nest, tremella is best. Will tell to most person, still use a tremella had better.

The bases of the tremella is adipose, protein and carbohydrate, phosphor, iron, magnesium, calcium, have lung of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, embellish, raise the stomach, benefit effect that promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid.

After can using the tremella leach bubble feel distended, thoroughly cook add candy to eat when mug-up, to cure ” autumn dry ” more effective. In autumn, nourishing fine tastes the autumn of in a popular style head push lily. Lily has dry of lung of the shade that raise lung, grow, Qing Xinan’s magical effect, especially comfortable at female edible.

"Autumn is raised colour cookbook

Walnut, sesame seed

Walnut folk says macrobian fruit again, have powerful body the be good at head, merit that raises Yan Yirong.

"Autumn is raised colour cookbook

Black sesame seed contains rich Guang ammonia acid and vitamin B and E, can increase leather fat to secrete, improvement skin flexibility, maintain the skin exquisite, be called to change the optimal food with coarse skin by Japanese scholar.

Not rich vitamin E, saturated fatty acid is contained in sesame seed and walnut, can nutrient cerebra, skin, defer take a tonic to build up health of anile, grow colour, rapid additional physical power, if mix walnut flesh bruise of black sesame seed is operable, a perfect pair of true it may be said, bring out the best in each other, say to go up get twice the result with half the effort.

With the head empty of excessive, neurasthenic, body tired, skin is dry person drinkable especially good.

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Towel gourd juice brushs a face to prevent consenescence

2012-02-07 13:14:15

Towel gourd not only it is delicate dish, it is a kind of natural hairdressing beautiful is tasted more. According to Japan ” daily news ” report, county of Japanese Qi jade has be called Ping Linying child authoress, although already passed 8 a period of ten years in one’s age, but countenance still ruddy and smooth, its use towel gourd juice secretly to brush a face every morning namely, a few years never discontinuous.

"Towel gourd juice brushs a face to prevent consenescence

Towel gourd has hairdressing effect

“Towel gourd has so magical hairdressing effect, because its have clear heat,basically change the character of detoxify of phlegmy, cool blood. “When accepting a reporter to interview, qu Jianhua of doctor of chairman of dermatological department of courtyard of accessary Beijing traditional Chinese medical science says capital medical university, rich vitamin is contained in towel gourd B a group of things with common features and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a kind of active is very strong fight oxide, can restrain the formation of the melanin inside body, not only can dispel spot, still can prevent the formation of senile plaque, defer skin consenescence, very effective also to treating whelk.

“Can squeeze towel gourd directly juice, brush a face with juice; OK also its insolation, grind pulverous, apply of the attune that use water is on the face. “Qu Jianhua says, still can extract a towel gourd juice, take right amount enter Wen Shuizhong, wash a face with its, can make the skin exquisite and luster, or extract juice from inside towel gourd rootstock, dip in with defatted cotton next juice besmear is in in facial ministry and furrow, use for a long time can reduce wrinkle.

OK still the face film with different make it, specific means is as follows:

Prevent the film that bask in a face: Extract a towel gourd juice, take milk of right amount ice and honey attune to become mushy, apply is in with neck on the face, 15-20 after minute abluent can.

Beautiful flour film: Extract half half towel gourd, lemon juice first, in adding juice right amount milk again, apply at facial, 10-15 is washed clean with clear water after minute can.

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These laws reducing weight cannot use period absolutely

2012-02-07 13:07:01

“Menstruation is not moved ” outpatient service disease suffers from in, discovery is in the majority with young girl, disease of a female suffers from come through specific food the weight that the palm accuses him, wait for food satiety with salad of energy soup, Lu Hui, melon and fruit, lettuce at ordinary times, menstruation comes during tide more force goes ” grapefruit law reducing weight ” .

These laws reducing weight cannot use period absolutely

As a result this ill patient discovers menstrual quantity decreases immediately a lot of, redness of skin also pales; case of the 2nd month is similar, appear even bellyacke is unwell, rectify individual vigor to all be broken. Before reducing weight with this kind of method, these girl most do not have dysmenorrhoea medical history, such cost, it is only then expect do not.

Menstruation comes when tide, besides should rest adequately, pay attention to nutrition even, cold cool food is tasted like ice, lotus root of cold drink, grapefruit, grapefruit, Shui Li, watermelon, coco, orange, tomato, gram, lotus, cucumber, balsam pear, towel gourd, wax gourd, Chinese cabbage, Bai Luobo, want to avoid or be fed less as far as possible. After in Chinese traditional medicine normally recuperation chooses mutual collocation with food, win improvement what these disease suffer from via travel bellyacke.

Besides specific food law reducing weight, acuteness break feed law of law, thin body of medicine reducing weight, popular now is Chinese just reduce weight. It is menstruation if really ever since maladjusted, disturbed hormonal secrete, somebody decreases fatter more even. Daily of Asian wall street reported a few days ago, “Do not want muscle only thin ” the special psychology that is Oriental female it seems that, besides the thin body law beyond motion, somebody ” no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach ” try with the body.

Observe in outpatient this phenomenon. And in fact, eating less to be moved more is current the one and only way of foregone control weight, take shortcut often desire beneficial turns over caustic. The regimen between period is not hard, resembling is western female likes to take the chance to eat bit of chocolate, soup of the Chinese’s best-known longan red jujube, ormosia soup, ginger boils brown sugar, it is right choice.

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Office coffee thin body is optimal time

2012-02-07 13:07:39

The person that loves to drink coffee is increasing, the glamour of coffee is sufferred from besides it in the mouthfeel that make merry and fascinating aroma and life-giving wake cerebral action, coffee is returned can hairdressing! Sample together one cup recalls boundless coffee, in this romance flashy, already full the luck to eat sth delicious, beautiful countenance.

Office coffee thin body is optimal time

Taste coffee thin body

The caffein in coffee, have promote adipose the intention that disclose, will adipose release in blood, drink coffee to also can reduce weight so. Generally speaking 1 day of conditions reducing weight that 4 cups of coffee that do not add candy and milk can obtain ideal. Nevertheless indigestion of intestines and stomach, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice crosses the person of much, easy insomnia to had better not use this method.

If you are unaccustomed of coffee acrid, can add the milk of a few, but ten million cannot add candy, because candy can hamper,decompose adiposely.

Hot coffee is more effective than putting coffee on the ice

Hot coffee can help you use up the quantity of heat inside body quickly. Shallow the coffee that spends bake is the most effective. The coffee with bake high temperature, although flavour is full-bodied, but coffeine content is gone against lesser reduce weight, and the beautiful type coffee with weaker flavour is more advantageous reduce weight.

Hear coffee thin body

The fragrance of coffee makes favor mood stable and can heighten organic sensitivity, when working so, drink on one cup of coffee to be able to improve work efficiency, also can stimulate the desire that you reduce weight more.

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4 kongfu tea reducing weight

2012-02-07 13:03:46

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GreenThe can thin body with true tea, are you believed? The reason is the scent in green tea a group of things with common features compound can be deliquescent adipose, change chaotic to go be bored with, prevent adipose inside the body that accumulate sluggish, vitamin B1, C and caffein can promote gastric juice to secrete, peptic with disappear fat. Green tea still can increase humoral, nutrition and caloric metabolism, aggrandizement capillary circulates, the deposit with adipose bring down. On the flower a few minutes, allocate one crock sweet strong green tea, in embellish tongue while, hairdressing thin body!

4 kongfu tea reducing weight

1, [tea of the Hakkas beat a drum]

Tea square: Green tea pink, Job’s tears benevolence each are right amount.

Practice: Put green tea powder in the bowl, add a few fry ripe Job’s tears benevolence pink (unpolished rice pink, soya bean all but) , add butyric agitate even, the boiled water that use heat develops bubble can drinkable.

Effect: Raise Rong Meiyan, make skin is appeared character tender, still but diuresis disappear fat.

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What to eat to conduce to to the child long tall?

2019-03-05 16:32:39

A figure that chooses high is every are thinking at the person place of development period, in the aesthetic standard of modern, the person that picks high can compare pipsqueak commonly more welcome. So, what to eat to conduce to to the child long tall?

1, pumpkin millet congee

Millet and pumpkin are the cordial of a lot of darling, can help the result of filling empty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, and the microelement in advertisement is far exceeded a lot of vegetable, the zinc that abounds among them, calcic, iron, protein synthesis can promote the growth with skeleton and good the age of a draught animal as shown by its teeth very well!

2, foot of pig of soya bean boiled in clear soup

Respecting this food is the food that the female uses breast enhancement commonly, actually long to darling stature also is very pretty good, because there is very much collagen egg white in pig foot, have a lot of calcic simple matter the more among them, more the calcium that can promote skeleton is absorbed character, help long stature effectively!

3, egg of evaporate of shelled fresh shrimps

General child likes to eat shelled fresh shrimps and evaporate egg very much, rise union of these two kinds of food it is better that the effect and mouthfeel should be met oh, the protein in these two kinds of food is content is very high, a lot of microelement that can need in compensatory body development, promote a child effectively to grow!

Congee of pumpkin millet red jujube

Patulous read: The classical method of pumpkin millet congee

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Hot Shuang Feng 6 kinds nourishing and delicate model

2012-02-07 12:57:40

"Hot Shuang Feng 6 kinds nourishing and delicate model

WoBamboo shoot:

Asparagus lettuce

It is traditional breast enhancement vegetable, with liver of yam, chicken an edible, can the nutrition of place of blood of gas of take good care of sb, stimulative breast is supplied, still can improve cutaneous moist feeling and colour and lustre.



It is the first selection of breast enhancement food, flavour pleasant sex is smooth, with red jujube such enriching the blood raise colour food an edible, have disappear to feed be good at stomach, nourishing urge gas of beneficial of breast, regulate the menstrual function, nourishing body, to indigestion person also have dietotherapy effect. To indigestion person also have dietotherapy effect.. Cate ChinaCate China

Walnut and Song Ren:

Walnut and Song Ren

Contain a lot ofvitamin E and zinc, contain a lot offlax acid especially, can defer mammary consenescence, vitamin of in addition protein, mineral, B a group of things with common features is very rich also, it is hairdressing beautifies hair the beautiful of embellish skin is tasted. Corn contains a lot ofvitamin E, also be the food of be good at bosom of dietary expert praise highly.

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Reduce weight undeserved disastrous effect is great

2012-02-07 12:53:55

One of evil consequence: Bring about amenorrhoea

In recent years, have repeatedly in outpatient service of department of gynaecology be on a diet the person that reduce weight is not moved because of menstruation and even amenorrhoea and see a doctor, majority is 20 years old of young women of the left and right sides, they restrict food, make weight reduces 5 kilograms of above inside a year. This kind reduces weight because of be on a diet quickly the amenorrhoea that cause says for amenorrhoea of lose weight sex. This kind of amenorrhoea is Ⅱ to spend amenorrhoea more, the patient is nonexistent implement qualitative sex disease and mental disease, cause weight to drop quickly and cause completely. It is certain to need to accumulate because of adolescent female adipose (the 17 % that hold total weight about) ability makes menstrual menarche as scheduled and to, maintain mensal regularity. If reduce weight blindly, body fat decreases, can make menarche does not come tardy, already came menarche person can produce menstruation disorder or amenorrhoea.

Of evil consequence: Cause gall-stone

The low quantity of heat of the person that reduce weight and low adipose and prandial have the risk that makes the patient produces gall-stone. The reason is, because of,become adipose absorb with cholesterol when be decreased suddenly and producing hunger, gallbladder cannot carry enough bile to small intestine. Accumulate biliarily while sluggish and bravery salt assume supersaturation position, exist, can make stone form. Preventing one of methods that stone forms is to make gallbladder contracts adequately, and be discharged at least everyday empty one. The person that reduce weight absorbs 1200 kilocalorie quantity of heat at least everyday, everyday must feed is contained 5 – 10 grams are adipose, in order to stimulate sky of cystic and complete platoon, can prevent gall-stone so form.

Of evil consequence: Harm cerebral cell

A new research task shows, be on a diet the harm that reduces weight to remember functional cell to cerebrum is very great, the person that can bring about these reducing weight people more and more forgetful, and even also do not cope with even very simple calculation later. Physiologists think, the result that be on a diet is airframe nutrition deficient, lack of this kind of nutrition makes the damage of cerebral cell more serious, immediate result is influence memory and intelligence. Researcher ever undertook to 55 females joint feeds the research of healthy to the head influence having. The time with the woman proper every other that participates in this experiment should accept the assessment of the respect such as weight, bodily form and behavior reaction.

The result shows, 55 are on a diet the woman all appears memory drops, response is slow. Further research discovers, be on a diet time is longer, lose weight is more person, identify in the number, the respect expression such as behavior movement and intelligence also must jump over difference.

Of evil consequence: Osteoporosis

Institute of problem of American the aged is right recently 3683 women of 67 years old of above have investigation and study, after them the weight when 50 years old reachs his, the weight inside 8 years changes and draw becomes hipbone fracture occurence rate chart, discover the woman with the robust body when 50 years old, if reduce weight 10% above, the woman tower above that the possibility that produces hipbone fracture in 65 years old maintains stable than weight is one times closer; The occurence rate of woman hipbone fracture with tight system is gotten even high much.

Why thin or is body excessive is woman reducing weight incidental Where is hipbone fracture? The turn of life especially the woman after menopause, because ovarian function stops, estrogen generates a large number of reducing, make a large number of bone is calcic losing, cause osteoporosis and fracture easily. Adipose organization is divide inside body ovarian beyond the main room of production estrogen, the raw material that adipose cell can provide adrenal coriaceous place becomes estrogen via machining change. System is so tight or reduce weight excessive woman often level of the estrogen inside body is inferior, cause osteoporosis and fracture easily.

Of evil consequence: The hair falls off

Clinical data statistic, the person that send lose one’s hair because of reducing weight is ceaseless grow in quantity, among them 20 % – 30 % are 20 – young female of 30 years old. Because the bases of the hair is protein, the microelement such as zinc, iron, copper is not little also; The person that abstain from eating meal reduces weight eats vegetable, fruit and flour to wait only, protein and microelement absorb inadequacy, cause because the hair is serious hidebound and fall off.

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Gush of the back after prothorax one summer is cool and refreshing

2012-02-07 12:52:45

Of summer fuggy, like the Qing Bing that lets sparge just like be aspersed on the face welcome. The sparge this year tastes a function to popularize the blain to gush back even; Shower nozzle is clever also to can pour gush, or double shower nozzle adjusts shower nozzle direction along with need. The sparge product with at present most market, for the slow and composed, sparge with purify grease form, increase except nutrient and function, worth while and advertent is shower nozzle the design is good, and use smoothly reach wasteful degree to have quite conjunction.

Besides drunk water, the water that popularity carries gush now is moist skin. Basically all sparge basically has maintain wet moist ability, but have more this year some different. Back blain blain is a lot of person worries all along, the reason depends on back nurse raise a hand not easily to finish with single person normally, but it is grease secretes exuberant region however, because this grows blain and acne easily. Mattress Fu Sha (IPSA) design in the light of this problem recently need not other of make use of sb, DIY nurses the sparge of body domesticate Qia of place of blain of large area blain. According to this brand spokesman old clear article expresses, a lot of people are right the bare wind this year, the agitation of beautiful shoulder back the United States that appears necessarily with summer flinchs, advocate because be a back,be a flower. But if where manages,the customer that has six according to investigation does not know the problem of this place. And this sparge design is positive and negative mainly can use the blain at gush back, except use more general go the elite of the bark of a cork tree of the sulfureous higher order and degree with common blain and licorice acid go controlling a bacterium calm surface blister, outside growing with blain of blain of peony elite bring down; Its patent shower nozzle can solve have to somebody ” do sth for sb ” , otherwise the awkward situation that oneself cannot handle. It also suits to use before hand ministry inside and bosom.

As to go grease is relaxed respect, the eye should be not contacted alertly when gush. Sparge of pure and fresh recuperation contains spray orifice of extensive and overall pattern and key sparge two kinds of functions, it is aimed at fill afternoon makeup a group of things with common features, easy extensive glossy, sticky be bored with reachs float pink phenomenon and design, water of skin of OK and integrated clean, convergent water and make up 3 kinds of functions end pink, the relaxed kimono post when the pink on the conduce after gush is over is spent, the key is in diminish inflammation is antiseptic and kosher with convergence, reason is connected do not go up commonly fat skin of pink can be used, its and the oily skin that hope to think of goosefoot to already appeared on the market are special sparge has same function. Endowment the sparge type of unripe hall Taphy makes up water function also close, but belong to in the light of young generation cooling skin restrains a skin to fat is secreted and send pore function closely to be begged to appeal to, emphasize using ion to balance water, without flavor and antiseptic. Aveda goes grease balances dew, the function also is decreasing red and restrain redundant grease to secrete, adding rose water is the quality place that its make the person is cheerful.

And sparge most be current labels series of necessary product, the commonnest the brand that pacifies a design undisturbedly for the red agnail that skins in the light of sensitivity, as a result of the attention to sparge, this kind of brand is great characteristic in the design on shower nozzle, truly misty the continous like is close even and idiosyncratic, and whole face whole body is applicable. If the easy of Parisian elegant overflow protects vivid spring, main prescription is the spring that fights inflammation, in order to be aimed at grease the exuberant, skin that lack water and whelk are red inflammation is begged to appeal to, because attribute is gentle, take do one’s hair to protect wet water to erupt even Yi Ke. In addition same the spray that uses high grade spring water is other include osmund appearance and water of manage skin treasure sparge of Dou Youshu delay, be in mix undisturbedly conciliatory skin is not red on have its comfortable effect.

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