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Solution care fights cancer again, eat day lily more!

2017-07-22 21:16:25

People often says the day lily that wait is cool, so do you know what is day lily? Day lily is one of commonner food, already can Qing Dynasty is fried, also can do boiling water, So does day lily have effect of He Gong effect? We understand together below below.

What effect and effect does day lily have?

Day lily, the name is day lily, citric tawny day-lily, belong to lily eye, herb of lily division perennial, root close flesh is qualitative, bottom often has spindle shape expand in. Beautiful Ting accident is differ, peduncular shorter, spend many, perianth is flaxen, tangerine, black purple. Capsule is blunt 3 arris shape is elliptic, spend month of fruit period 5-9. Pleasant of its sex flavour is cool, have hemostatic, antiphlogistic, clear heat, interest wet wait for effect, contain the human body such as C of rich pollen, candy, protein, vitamin, calcic, adipose, carotene, amino acid must nutrient.

The effect of day lily and action:

1, dismiss concern

It is insomnia, certain that it can prevent and cure can alleviate on degree depressed mood.

2, fight cancer

Active ingredient still is contained to be able to restrain the growth of cancer cell in day lily.

3, be good at head is fought decline

Day lily is had relatively the be good at head of beautiful, fight decline function. Day lily ebbs to preventing old people intelligence, also be a kind of fine medicine undoubtedly.

4, clear heat is alexipharmic bright eye

Day lily heats up alexipharmic benefit to be tasted wetly for Qing Dynasty, still have function of the immunity that fight bacterium, effect of detoxify of diminish inflammation of the longitudinal in having, be in the function with prevent to infect a respect to have particular.

5, good lying-in woman

Puerperium is incidental abdominal ache, pee adverse, complexion cadaverous, Morpheus is disturbed, eat day lily to be able to eliminate above symptom more. Day lily still has recuperate under medical treatment galactic the curative effect that does not play, can move cordial as disease hind or postpartum.

6, reduce serum cholesterol

Consider to make clear, day lily can show the content that reduces serum cholesterol, be helpful for the rehabilitation of hypertensive patient, the health care that can serve as hypertensive patient is vegetable.

7, fall irascibility

Eat some of day lily regularly, fall in order to achieve the purpose of irascibility. The person of irascibility flourishing, can eat day lily more at ordinary times.

8, prevention and cure is anaemic

With its the root carries expand body stew or stew chicken, dizziness of anaemic to cure, senile sex, have better effect.

9, cool blood is hemostatic

Day lily can be used at blood to heat up haemorrhage, nosebleeding blood, haemoptysis, haematemesis, or n/med having blood in one’s stool, the disease such as thirsty be perturbed.

The practice of day lily

1, aubergine day lily

Material: Aubergine (round) 300 grams, day lily 20 grams.

Complementary makings: Dried bean milk cream in tight rolls 30 grams, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots 30 grams, bean curd (north) 40 grams, dawdle (bright mushroom) 30 grams, agaric (water is sent) 20 grams.

Condiment: Peanut oil 20 grams, soy 5 grams, balm 5 grams, amylaceous (corn) 8 grams, salt 3 grams, gourmet powder 2 grams, pepper 2 grams, green Chinese onion 5 grams, ginger 3 grams.

Practice: aubergine flay, the base of a fruit abluent, the aubergine of a hollow of the base of a fruit of eggplant of the person that use a knife. Bean curd is abluent grind mud, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, agaric, dawdle, day lily is abluent all cut silk, green ginger cuts filament, starch is put water is added to be moved into wet starch inside the bowl. The oiling that fry pan burns heat, leave boiler of boil in water for a while of green ginger silk, put bean curd mud, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls stir-fry before stewing of silk of silk, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, agaric silk, dawdle silk, day lily silk is fried, add water of refined salt, gourmet powder, pepper, soy, a few to fry divide evenly, the starch that use water ticks off Gorgon euryale, load aubergine inside, build good eggplant the base of a fruit.

Put aubergine soup bowl inside, add steam of the boiler on right amount water, refined salt squashy, decant gives soup juice, install dish. Will former juice is entered burn inside boiler, join refined salt, the starch that use water ticks off Gorgon euryale, drench balm, scatter gourmet powder, irrigate go up in aubergine can.

2, chop stews day lily

Material: Chop 250 grams, day lily does 100 grams, chopped green onion is right amount.

Practice: Chop scald bath is clean, hair of day lily water is abluent reserve. Will chop, day lily puts arenaceous bowl, join right amount water, right amount ginger piece open conflagration. Small fire turns after boiler leaves, join right amount yellow rice or millet wine to continue to stew. Stew 1.5 hours about, dish ripe flesh is sodden join right amount salt, gourmet powder, pepper and chopped green onion can.

3, day lily 1000 flesh

Material: Day lily one, drumstick stay of proceedings a small, steaky pork together.

Condiment: Anise, cassia bark, soy, candy, jiang Cong, cooking wine.

Practice: Cross chunk steaky pork water to come to be born first, take out strong cool, plastics changing a knife becomes diamonds. Make above condiment thick gravy, make fleshy stew in soy sauce mature fish out. Cool section of serve of steaky pork diamonds, put into boiler, put gallinaceous stay of proceedings, day lily, enter broth, pile up again put cutlet small fire to boil become namely.


Meadow saffron is contained in day lily flower alkaline, inside human body by meadow saffron alkaline translate into 2 oxygen colchicum is alkaline and make philtrum poisonous, answer to handle bright day lily via high temperature of 60 ℃ above, or immerse with cold water, the time that boiling water scald uses when eating is a bit a few longer, lest toxic. Work for long make also can destroy meadow saffron alkaline.

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The nutrient value of olive oil and practice

2012-02-07 14:41:58

The nutrient value of olive oil and practice

Raw material introduction

Olive oil Olive Oil, be by fresh olive fruit direct cold extract and become, do not handle with chemistry via heating, withheld natural nutrition part. Color is shown olive, odour faint scent, the traditional edible that is people of Mediterranean coastal each country is oily. Because olive oil nutrition becomes function of minute of rich, Medical Protection,be highlighted and by accepted for oil of edible of green health care, element has ” liquid gold ” beautiful praise. Olive oil is considered as the grease that human body nutrition suits most in the oil that heretofore place discovers. Olive oil is very appropriate to the infant’s development, the scale of its basic fatty acid and mother breed special similar. No matter be senile period, still grow development period, olive oil is optimal edible oil of the mankind.

This kind of welcome oily main production is mixed at Greek, France, Italy Spain. City carry out tastes have two kinds: Olive oil of straight heat up in a steamer and pure olive oil. Olive oil of true heat up in a steamer from grease of the extraction in advanced olive flesh; And pure olive oil is from sub olive the flesh reachs grease of the extort in Lan benevolence. The gains that good olive oil uses fresh maturity completely comes extractive, color is Qing Cheng’s green, and do not have a stink. The olive oil of yellow white is to use sub olive to compress, heat and become, character does not say to go up very good. Olive oil can be used on cook to reach salad in.

Nutrition is analysed

1, improve haemal circulation: Modern medicine proves, olive oil can prevent arteriosclerosis and arteriosclerosis complication, hypertensive, heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure, cerebral hemorrhage;

2, stimulative digestion function: Olive oil can improve the function of stomach, lienal, bowel, liver and bile duct, prevent gall-stone, and to gastritis and stomach duodenum ulcer has curative effect. In addition olive oil still has certain aperient effect. Consider to already confirmed in great quantities: The Mediterranean food that is a feature with olive oil is the healthy food and drink that can reduce cholesterol level;

3, enhance internal system function: Olive oil can improve the metabolic function of organism. Newest research makes clear as a result, after olive oil of healthy person edible, the dextrose content inside body can be reduced 12% . At present so olive oil already made precaution and the best cooking oil that control disease of refine sugar make water;

4, function of aggrandizement skeleton system: Olive oil can promote skeleton to grow, of stimulative mine agent generate the absorption with calcium. Be in so skeletal growth period and in avoid osteoporosis field it also has main effect;

5, prevent cancer: Because the fatty acid in olive oil has,fight oxide action, contain microelement, accordingly it can prevent certain canceration (breast cancer, prostate cancer, colonic cancer, uterus cancer) ;

6, radiation-proof action: Olive oil is being sent to have after enhancing radiation-proof function, be used to the food of the astronaut that make;

7, outstanding infantile food: According to its composition is mixed but digestibility, olive oil is the most approximate the nature that suckles at the person is adipose;

8, fight consenescence: The experiment makes clear, olive oil contains some antioxidant, can prevent cerebral consenescence, and can prolong life;

9, maintain the skin: Olive oil contains a vitamin E and refuse oxidation class status, accordingly it can protect the skin, can prevent skin damage and consenescence especially, make the skin has burnish.

Relevant crowd

General average per capita but edible

Function of bowel of the person that suffer from gastroenteritis of bacterium dysentery, acute, diarrhoea, stomach shoulds not be much mussily feed.

Make coach

Olive oil nutrition is rich, cold heat all appropriate, can use at a variety of cooking methods:

1, regard buffet as oil directly, olive oil is used directly can make the characteristic of dish develops acme. Go up in fresh vegetable salad or drench on the beefsteak with good blast a bit olive oil, make alimental mouthfeel more rich, flavor is wonderful. If plus a cup of pure and honest bishop, it is a comfortable thing really.

2, with blast of olive oil decoct, olive oil can be used repeatedly not degenerative, the metamorphism that it causes to oxidation place is had stronger resist ability, it is the food that suits decoct blast most. Partial decoct blast kind food pays attention to preserve one’s health again we are at ease use.

3, with olive oil souse, olive oil is better souse raw material, because of it easy ooze eats thing inside, will bloat the flavour belt of makings goes in.

4, with olive oil bake, be in olive oil daub biscuit or the bake on the desert, the sort of fragrance, but far from butter can be compared.

Dietotherapy action

Olive oil is ameliorable haemal circulation, promote digest, enhance internal system function, but cancer of aggrandizement skeleton system, precaution, have radiation-proof, fight consenescence, maintain cutaneous action, it is outstanding infantile food.

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The nutrient value of almond

2012-02-07 14:38:17

Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca) the name is sweet plum, Da Xing, it is arbor of fallen leaves of family of Gemini leaf rose. Apricot is our country north is main help advance somebody’s career one of fruiter breed, with fructification precocity, colour and lustre bright-coloured, pulp juicily, gust is melting, acerbity sweet it is characteristic aptly, get of people love. Apricot fruit and almond contain rich nutrient material, contain a variety of organic component and human body place must vitamin and inorganic salt kind. Apricot fruit is divided contain 5 % ~ outside the candy of 15 % , still contain other a variety of nutrition, fruit of apricot of every 100 grams contains protein 800 milligram, calcic 2.34 milligram, phosphor 21.6 milligram, iron 0.72 milligram, still contain C of vitamin A, vitamin to wait. The nutrient value ratio of almond apricot is more rich, contain protein 23 ~ 27% , crude fat 50 ~ 60% , carbohydrate 10% , still contain the inorganic salt such as phosphor, iron, Potassium kind reach a variety of vitamins.

The nutrient value of almond is very balanced, contain the nutrient part of similar animal albumen not only, be like protein, adipose etc, still contain the cellulose with plant part peculiar place to wait. Acid of the turnip element that contains in almond, sulfur amine element, riboflavin, Nick is extremely precious officinal material, have embellish lung, medicinal powder wind of cold, drive, stop the function of have diarrhoea, moisten the respiratory tract. It is OK poison of embellish lung clear fire, platoon is raised colour, the cough that because lobar dry is caused,is opposite has very good curative effect, it is poisonous without the platoon of side-effect food. ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in the effect of 3 great merit that also mentioned almond: “Embellish lung also, disappear accumulating is fed also, medicinal powder sluggish is enraged also ” . Medicinal powder sluggish is enraged also ” .. Cate ChinaCate China

The almond glucoside in almond is the fine medicine that restrains tumor to grow. Medicine considers to discover, the content in almond is the richest is vitamin B17, VB17 is the extremely effective material that fight cancer, and have to cancer cell only reduce effect, and avirulent to normal cell and healthy tissue sex, it can become benzene formaldehyde in the degradation inside human body, have very strong destroy cancer is active, can alleviate the anguish of cancer patient. Kind of yellow ketone is contained in unbaked fructification more, kind yellow ketone has precautionary heart disease and the effect that reduce cardiac muscle to straighten dead.

Almond is accepted hairdressing beautiful is tasted since ancient times, it is the main medicaments of hairdressing of skin of embellish of home of archaic preserve one’s health. The vitamin E that contains in almond fights consenescence to have main effect to human body, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks almond can moist skin, know benefit blood wind. Modern science proves, sweet almond contains A of abundant adipose oil, protein, vitamin, vitamin E to reach mineral, these are the nutrient part that have profit greatly to appearance, they can help skin resistance oxidize, restrain Huang Heban to generate, make skin more smooth and meticulous; Can offer place to need nutrition to hair, make beautiful hair more pitch-black and bright. So no matter almond is to be taken orally, still be external use, the effect is very apparent.

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Dysmenorrhoea is too painful, what to eat to you can alleviate dysmenorrhoea?

2018-11-14 15:25:10

The problem of respecting dysmenorrhoea, a lot of females are suffering can’ts bear character, really dysmenorrhoea can bring very big impact to the patient’s life, serious when even even medicaments of have the aid of will have treatment. Alleviate dysmenorrhoea besides use remedy beyond, dietary recuperation is alleviate very well method, so what food to eat to you can alleviate dysmenorrhoea?

1, gas of red jujube beneficial raises blood

We know the effect of red jujube, it contains rich iron element, vitamin and amino acid, it is the indispensible microelement of production haemoglobin, and red jujube is digested very easily by human body absorb, red jujube of the many edible when period comes, the appearance of anaemic body empty that can significant improvement causes too much via blood, rise to alleviate the action of dysmenorrhoea.

2, milk increases strength

Rich protein is contained in milk, a cup of hot milk is drunk to be able to alleviate when physiology period comes dysmenorrhoea, stabilize mind, and having wonderful effect to increasing human body strength; In the meantime, the lubricious ammonia acid that contains a lot ofin milk can alleviate intense sentiment, stabilize mind, make a person unapt produce sharper scared move to dysmenorrhoea.

Gong Zaoshang of papaya snow ear

Patulous read: The edible encyclopedia of red jujube

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The female eats tomato to protect mammary gland health

2016-11-23 17:25:12

According to the United States ” medical daily ” report, american new jersey establishs Luogesi a when university and Ohio establish an university to cooperate new research makes clear: Have bit of tomato more everyday, conduce protects mammary gland health.


Tomato pea scrambles egg

The experiment that studies 10 weeks to the female after the group called together 70 menopause played by a definite date, they hold to edible to contain a lot ofthe food of tomato during this, corresponding quantity is the tomato red element that absorbs 25 milligram at least everyday. When the experiment ends, investigator is right element of couplet of the fat inside participator body (can adjust this kind to arriving since dextrose the risk that the hormone of action can affect people to contract breast cancer) the change of content undertook evaluating. The result shows: The food that holding to edible to contain a lot oftomato red element 10 week hind, the content of fat couplet element inside participator body increased on average 9% , reduced the risk that contracts breast cancer thereby.

Expert proposal, because tomato red element is material of fat dissolve sex, it is better that ripe move eats tomato to take the effect than be born. In addition, the skin of tomato and nuclear place contain tomato red element is very much also, had better withhold when edible.

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Often eat medlar to fall 3 tall and defer consenescence

2012-02-07 14:27:08

Often eat medlar to fall 3 tall and defer consenescence

Brief content: Preserve one’s health is nowadays a popular topic, and a dietotherapy preserve one’s health is preserve one’s health important method. Medlar sex makes the same score flavour pleasant, enter classics of liver, kidney, have raise shade to enrich the blood, nourishing liver kidney, increase is sharp purpose effect, commonly used the disease such as the lumbar genu aching and limp that is not worth be caused by at treating blood of caustic of liver kidney empty, essence, giddy, tinnitus, seminal emission, cannot go up to blood of liver kidney inadequacy, essence aid looks at the eye of eye be caused by dim-sighted, eyesight drops beautiful of knowingly follow the example of a wrong-doer of cure waiting for disease. Health care of single ingredient medlar, the commonnest use is dry chew, bubble water.

Often eat medlar to fall 3 tall and defer consenescence

Preserve one’s health is nowadays a popular topic, and a dietotherapy preserve one’s health is preserve one’s health important method. Dietotherapy preserve one’s health must spend big money, use rare Chinese traditional medicine? Actually, this medicinal herbs with our daily and common a few cheap good effect can have effect of very good preserve one’s health. Among them, medlar is very good dispel disease defer anile beautiful to taste.

Medlar sex makes the same score flavour pleasant, enter classics of liver, kidney, have raise shade to enrich the blood, nourishing liver kidney, increase is sharp purpose effect, commonly used the disease such as the lumbar genu aching and limp that is not worth be caused by at treating blood of caustic of liver kidney empty, essence, giddy, tinnitus, seminal emission, cannot go up to blood of liver kidney inadequacy, essence aid looks at the eye of eye be caused by dim-sighted, eyesight drops beautiful of knowingly follow the example of a wrong-doer of cure waiting for disease.

Contemporary pharmacodynamics considers to make clear, medlar contains carotene, beet C of A of alkaline, vitamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin and the composition such as calcic, phosphor, iron, have enhance leucocyte active, restrain adipose action of newborn of cell of deposit inside liver cell, stimulative liver, the curative effect such as phlogistic to retina of chronic hepatitis, centricity, optic atrophy is being shown, still can fall blood pressure, fall blood sugar, fall hematic fat.

Health care of single ingredient medlar, the commonnest use is dry chew, bubble water.

Bubble water is besides dry chew beyond the simplest edible method, when bubble water is drunk, want to notice, medlar cannot be taken together with green tea, can drink tea in the morning, pour tea afternoon, take medlar 30 grams of 20 ~ , boiled water develops bubble, build stew 20 ~ after 30 minutes, eat the medlar with soft bubble, drink water, appropriate holds to for a long time.

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The man eats these food most ” raise kidney “

2012-02-07 14:21:24

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks: “Kidney is a priori this ” ” kidney hides essence of life, advocate grow, development, reproduction ” , “Kidney advocate bone, give birth to pith, tell a head ” , “Kidney advocate accept is angry, kidney advocate water fluid ” ” Yu Er of kidney have one’s ideas straightened out ” ” kidney manages 2 ” ” the government office that the waist is kidney ” etc. The health of anyhow kidney explains human body grows, development, the vigor of reproductive system.

The man eats these food most " raise kidney "

If kidney empty, can appear a series of anile phenomena.

Yam — the gender is smooth, flavour pleasant, for the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” top grade ” medicine, besides have filling lung, be good at outside lienal action, still can beneficial kidney writes essence of life. The person of every kidney empty, appropriate often feeds.

Dried scallop — call pen shell column again. The gender is smooth, flavour pleasant is salty, can fill kidney method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, reason kidney deficiency of yin with irritability person appropriate often feeds.

Weever — call a flower perch, perch again child fish. The gender is smooth, flavour pleasant, can fill already taste, can fill again liver kidney, beneficial bones and muscles.

Chestnut — the gender is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, except have fill lienal outside action of be good at stomach, have filling kidney more strong lumbar result, to kidney empty lumbago person, most appropriate edible.

The man eats these food most " raise kidney "

Medlar — the gender is smooth, flavour pleasant, have filling kidney to raise liver, profit sharp eye, strong bones and muscles, except lumbago, long take can lengthen life delay year wait for function. Especially the person of empty of middleaged female kidney, feed most appropriate.

The tuber of multiflower knotweed — the effect that has blood of essence of filling liver kidney, beneficial, the at kidney empty person that home of past dynasties cure all uses. Always the person hair of kidney empty is early white, or ache of lumbar genu weakness, bones and muscles, or man seminal emission, woman morbid person, feed all appropriate.

Avoid eats or eat less — melon of melon of water chest nut, persimmon, unripe turnip, lettuce, unripe cucumber, virgin soil, watermelon, muskmelon, onion, chili, mustard, clove, fennel, peppery, mint, water shield, chrysanthemum, salt, sauce, .

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Autumn discharges poison into what fill prandial

2012-02-07 14:21:25

Xinhua net Chongqing on September 24 special telegram (Liu Weihong, Ceng Li) ” autumn is entered fill boil one winter ” , accordingly a lot of people begin after entering Qiu Zhi prandial into fill. The expert reminds, enter blindly fill to bring about toxin easily to stop inside body, autumn is entered fill while do not forget a poison.

Autumn discharges poison into what fill prandial

King of director of division of nutrition of hospital of new bridge of the third Military Medical University proposes doctoral introduction, the person is in experience summer is burning hot with cold drink ” glacial fire is double day ” hind, taste function often is met abate.
If right now rushed into fill, can accentuate abruptly taste burden, make the digestion that is in exhausted weak condition for a long time can’ts bear heavy burden, cause digestive function disorder, occurrence bosom the symptom such as frowsty, abdominal distension, anorexia, diarrhoea. And, autumn eats the food that fill often tall oily tall fat, the acidity and harmful material of the generation after these food metabolize is like not seasonable eduction, toxin stops to be able to harm the body inside body.

Wang Jian introduces, the conduce such as carrot, garlic, grape, fig discharges liver poison; The conduce such as cucumber, cherry discharges kidney poison; The conduce such as demon taro, black agaric, kelp, apple, strawberry discharges alvine poison. He still recommended a few autumn to enter when filling ” the eat that discharge poison ” , can help cleared body endotoxin.

It is tea of cordate houttuynia detoxify: 50 grams reach dry cordate houttuynia 100 grams, red jujube 15, first cordate houttuynia abluent, red jujube incision goes nucleus, both adds water 3000 milliliter, boil hind boils 20 minutes again with small fire, filter broken bits can drinkable. Effect of detoxify of this tea diuresis is apparent. 2 it is malt platoon poisonous grandma: Carrot, apple, wheaten bud each are right amount, carrot and apple abluent section, with vernalization 1 centimeter wheaten bud of the left and right sides puts juicer to extract juice together, clear heat discharges poison and can adjust constitutional complement vigour. 3 it is poisonous congee of platoon of jade melon lotus: Rice 500 grams, lotus seed 50 grams, wax gourd 200 grams, mix rice lotus seed is abluent after thoroughlying cook, cut wax gourd flay man and Jiang Si to be put into boiler together, add salt to flavor, boil to wax gourd ripe soft hind, scatter a few chopped green onion one case edible. Can centering of the clear poison that heat up a platoon, peaceful god, promote taste the function.

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9 kinds of food upgrade your pregnant force

2012-02-07 14:16:40

Of late ripe female marriage on tide, liu Jialing, Chen Huilin, Zhou Huimin expresses in succession, life already entered new level to be pregnant parturient also had discharged was in on program. Actually, no matter star still is us, retaining good pregnant power is a woman is indispensible, to this, the therapeutics of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that goes easily simply can help our ready-made.

9 kinds of food upgrade your pregnant force

Expect a healthy and clever darling, we need serious preparation.

Will tell in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, be pregnant with, must make good constitution preparation. Our constitution forms a reason very complex, suffer the effect of a variety of elements such as pressure of mood of nutrition of congenital heredity, acquired food, psychology, disease, phyletic character. Good pregnant strength is female body goes immanently quality, a also be expressional youth good target — the fragrant youth that ability of immanent aquatic lush raises harbour branch numerous Xie Mao. Constitutional recuperation notices before pregnant, force letting pregnant upgrades to just can give baby when be pregnant the most advantageous grow environment.

Constitution of take good care of sb, want the need of basis be pregnant with. The plant in we and nature is same, 4 requirements should have when breed is unborn: Thoroughbred, fertile soil, bounty, sunshine. The different level of these 4 conditions are corresponding also pregnant force, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine passes the dietotherapy side that goes easily simply to we are safeguarded in the round and promote pregnant force, those who retain integral pregnant power is abundant.

Equipment pregnant 4 element, 16 kinds of food help

Reserve kidney essence — the seed with admirable be pregnant with

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine looks, outstanding ovum and spermatozoon originate kidney, have enough kidney energy talent to be changed into high grade seed. The kidney essence movement that so we carry ourselves what the first pace should do namely is in a higher level, only such ability can choose high grade seed, make darling is obtained enough ” congenital essence ” .

If have the following problem, explain you need compensatory kidney spirit

1, the feeling with acid having a small of the back, cold waist;

2, the case of trichomadesis, white hair is more severe;

3, the tooth falls off prematurely;

4, more and more forgetful;

5, your menstrual menarche is later

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Morpheus is not worth dietotherapy to fill

2012-02-07 14:10:16

YesAt a lot of contemporary office worker for, working strain is busy by day, do chore even in the evening, chat, intercourse and Jiashangyi nod recreation, work overtime continuously even sometimes etc, often be less than midnight to cannot go to bed. Morpheus inadequacy has become the general issue that perplexes white-collar public figure. A lot of people are not not to want to sleep or sleep to be not worn, sleep without enough time however, the result was caused ” Morpheus debt ” accumulate over a long period.

"Morpheus is not worth dietotherapy to fill

“Morpheus debt ” the capacity that creates reserve of body and mind drops, affect working status and life mood. A lot of person support coffee, tea come life-giving, but with the passing of time was ineffective; Because these article basically contain the caffein of OK and excited sympathetic, long-term stimulation creates a large number of waste such as the vitamin inside body, easier instead exhaustion. In the tradition medicine learns in, be to this problem how know? Have why medicinal food dietotherapy square?

Theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, “In relief gas all lies, shade gas all awakes ” ; “The person that this world is enraged, a day and advocate outside, energy of life of calm day person is unripe, grand of meridian and in relief gas, day on the west and in relief gas already empty, spiracle is shut therefore ” , “The person that this world is enraged, be like day and day, lose its place, change life and not clear ” . The person with insufficient Morpheus, the save up that of the influence is gas of person this world gives birth to hair process, call ” lose its place ” ; With the passing of time can cause this world inside human body to enrage (essence of life is angry) with each passing day consume, cause body and mind to damage, affect healthy long life. Medicine thinks in ” energy spirit repose ” , ” the god is sufficient do not think of sleep ” . To the circumstance with insufficient Morpheus, besides seize an opportunity, seasonable ” charge ” besides, the dietotherapy medicinal food that also can benefit through writing essence of life will improve card to await.

The common dietotherapy that a few introduce to be helpful for improving Morpheus to be not worth card to await below square:

Chicken of bone of black of American ginseng Bao

American ginseng 20 grams, black bone chicken 1 (go wool and splanchnic) , xianggu mushroom floods 6 times grasp dry, dried tangerine or orange peel 5 grams, add candied date or jujube again 3, abluent hind collective Bao soup, 1 right amount salt is joined to flavor to be become namely after coming 1.5 hours. Drink soup to eat chicken.

American ginseng, of low station of sexual flavour pleasant is bitter, can fill gas raises shade. ” a book on Chinese medicine anew ” think American ginseng ” filling lung falls fire, give birth to body fluid, divide irritated tired. Empty and the person that have fire is appropriate ” . On the fire of the easiest empty with long-term insufficient Morpheus phlogistic, make pharynx painful giddy, be perturbed aphtha, american ginseng is very appropriate. Black bone chicken, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises blood, contain rich amino acid and fatty acid; Xianggu mushroom is pure and fresh divide fat, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it of dried tangerine or orange peel is appetizing; Add candied date or jujube slightly, in can be being mixed, benefit. This dietotherapy stays up late for a long time aptly, shade fluid dissipation, the look is weary force, buccal doing is fed little,

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