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In present life, every female loves the United States, this also is the female’s nature, because the female changes now,be more and more beautiful, brought about a lot of males to spend a heart, also caused the rupture of a lot of families at the same time, a lot of males encounter a belle to go not to change a way now, according to investigation happening, present male psychology expression is in these a few respects.

   1, like numerous to talk

Collect of a few male youths is together, especially a few acquaintance are together when prattle, often appear numerous talks. This returns what cannot inspect simply to be elementary indelicacy, this is report of common male sex psychology. Its reason basically has 3: Dismiss dull, promotional prattle atmosphere is harmonious and harmonious; becomes the nervous; that lends this kind of dull sentence lax and daily life around when having a woman, somebody is intended the language is obscene, want to borrow this to see the response when the female hears this kind of word.

In the person that numerous talks, the person of different age, different experience is having different mentality. The age is older, seasoned person numerous talks, much with ostentatious its are experienced and knowledgeable, it is originally should conceal however take delight in talking about, this kind of psychology looks in the female feel incomprehensible. The person numerous with lesser, indigent experience talks about the age, it is to send likely from a kind of bizarre vanity, do not wish to be considered as experience lack, or do not know the ways of the world, consequently think oneself clever, prate talks especially. In addition, some people lie the nervous condition with thirsty sex, their numerous talks, have quite relax tension, abreact sexual action.

  2, like to feel a woman

Psychological feature of the male decided male jubilation feels sexual psychology feature of the female, male a priori has intense “ to contact ” of different sexual desire. This accords with zoologic a principle that go up: “Sexual lovebehavior, only male produces its initiative, just be a likelihood. The men and women in ” love, the male hopes to be able to feel a woman particularly, because he hopes,this is can the close feeling both sides incorporate comes out, hope within gets affirming. Moreover, as a result of element of his physiology, psychology, want to reach the 2nd pace, the 3rd stage through the first pace. Of husband of scold of agree of no less than " cherry garden " if place of medium a woman says if;“ lets your kiss hands, then you can want to caress shoulder certainly, the kiss kisses humeral head. ”

 3, the nude that likes to see a woman

The male is illuminated the flirtation with striptease easily by nude. Because,this is, the female is “ touch ” , and the male is “ vision ” . What the man likes to see the consciousness of this kind of sex of feminine nude is strong weak, it is the difficult Yi Zhihan that by the individual the gender mixes inherent pornography to be close to with the object counts a relation to decide. That is to say, the female exceeds the position of block concealed, more stimulating to this kind of psychology of the male. Because imagination is stimulated,this is, make he thinks of next scenes, at the same time more make his have visions of opens that by himself final part, experience it is more consequently intense. So, compare with coltish female photograph, shy woman is more wealthy to the male exciting. Actually, not only the psychology that male be pregnant sees feminine nude happily, the female also has the potential mentality that likes to see male nude, just do not have the male so intense, active.

4, like to see a woman

There is such phenomenon in the life, on the ave, two groups of men and womens walk over from opposite way, brush a body and outdated, send a brief survey to the other side. At this moment, the female’s a brief survey is sent to the same sex, the male is Xiang Yi sex projects. Female dekko, it is subliminal antagonism, competition, vie psychology, male dekko is accidentally “ inspects sexual ” more. Such phenomenon still exists in the life: Some man is strong as affectionate as cummer path is fastened, when seeing another pretty woman, meet again from the bottom of one’s heart gasps in admiration. Phenomenon of this kind of psychology, seem flies to the butterfly that Na Duo spends from this flower, even if is loving, still unavoidable cast eye to another. As the female, need not mind this too, because the male is of “ oversensitive ” to what thing without giving thought to.

  5, the past that likes to hear a woman

At the male of amative phase, blunt perhaps ground, perhaps pretend the past of woman of inquiry of ground of as if nothing happened. Why is the meeting such? Because of the male exclusive desire intense. The male has a kind of such mentality, when he falls in love with a woman and wanting to marry with her, he hopes already from after arriving at present, molopolize she, also hope her past also is he is exclusive. Once the female had a lover, can care him now with future, to going criterion not quite care about. And the man is different, they are in subliminal ground to to prospective spouse “ should understand the think of a way of all her ” .

The psychological expression that we knew the man is in these a few respects, between the following life, female friend needs to notice, prevent the male to encroach.

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