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Masturbation is a kind of common phenomenon, masturbation itself won’t be brought to the person commonly damage and undesirable consequence. But, a few evil masturbation way and excessive masturbation can cause serious consequence, for instance not Yo, infection, Bleed. So, must not to have an insatiable desire for temporarily pleasure and regretful.

  What is wrong masturbation way

Annulus covers eyewinker masturbation:

Use the quality of a material such as qualitative conduit of water bottle of steel annulus, mineral spring, iron harder or it is the eyewinker that does not have flexibility almost when masturbation, it is phallic card of the man very easy over the eyewinker, come so, the eyewinker that cannot unplug can wait for a doctor to help only, the doctor can have gone up in the man normally “ bloodlettings decrease thick ” , come so, male qualified personnel is met the worry that is able to break away from an eyewinker.

  The fault inserts eyewinker masturbation

Between the understanding of most person, man masturbation masturbation is the stimulation of pair of its sexual organs, and be not is urethral to the man “ masturbation ” . However in actual life, because urethral fault inserts an eyewinker and a lot of adolescent sufferred an injury in oneself, some brought about its pudenda to be damaged badly even.

Because a few boys are right the deficient of sexual knowledge, let use the content such as ball-pen core, plastic silk, culm to insert unexpectedly urethral, with pleasure of acquired character of desire to gain. But those who make them disappointed is, the fault inserts urethral result scarcely to be able to bring what pleasure, those who await them is the eyewinker caused his block of urethral or cystic neck, caused therebyDysuriaOr retention of urine, accompany urology infection, have more very person urology stone disease can be formed finally.

  Excessive masturbation

If above saying way is an injury outside, then excessive masturbation is hurt namely inside!

Masturbation exceeds half an year to be able to appear god exhausted, lack of power, sweat is much, Forgetful, insomnia, tinnitus, drop the symptom such as hair, the youth of sexual spouse still can appear prematurelyImpotent premature ejaculationWait for grown man disease. A lot of masturbation experience 1-5 year longer even patient, can haveImpotent, Premature ejaculation, inadequacy of seminal emission, sexual desire, ejaculationFaint, ejaculation does not have pleasure, not Yo seriousSexual dysfunctionDisease.

Internal injury comparing is traumatic restore harder, estimation of a lot of friends can ask, is excessive masturbation what power so big?

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