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Road junction of male make water is unwell, must cause take seriously, have some of patient conceal one’s fault for fear of criticism, fell ill to not be willing to see a doctor, it is good to feel to hold out the past, perhaps feel this is ill far from. Little imagine, of urethral mouth unwell, it is prostatitis or urethritis likely in do mischief. To the male, the harm is huge.

Urethritis shows urethral mucous membrane appeared inflammation, normally expression for make water lipstick is swollenHyperaemiaReach have secretion, alvineBilge painful, urethral inside have itchy, SmartlyOr burn feeling, accompany possibly still at the same time have micturition unusual. If road junction of male occurrence make water is red, urticant painful, have the secretion, appearance that has pustule, the acute that is in urethritis probably with respect to demonstrative patient period, or it is to may have the sex such as urethritis of blame gonococcus sex pestiferous. If acute urethritis is not treated thoroughly, can become a gleet. Serious person still can appear prostatitis, seminal vesicle is phlogistic wait for complication.

Many patients can think erroneously, “ copes with ” urethritis to want to eat bit of antiphlogistic medicine to had been met only. Actually, urethritis is coming on earlier likelihood is affected not quite, but also bury for health played hidden trouble, the reason has 3: The reason is the symptom after the patient is taking drug gets alleviating be eliminationed even really, but actually pathogenic bacteria was to enter conceal state. Once encounter overworked, NervousWait for inducement, inflammation can have a relapse again; Reason 2 it is partial urethritis pathogenic bacteria is located in constituent depth, some medicaments arrive hard, leave future trouble thereby; Reason 3 it is acute urethritis normally companion has prostatitis, although make through taking drug urethritis improves somewhat, but still can have a relapse because of coming from the infection of prostate. So, urethritis patient still needs to accept system, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

   Prostatitis and uric road junction are unusual be closely bound up

The expert expresses, prostatitis is one of common diseases of the male, as unusual as urethral mouth be closely bound up. Clinical go up, prostatitis can be divided for acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, and chronic prostatitis can be divided again forBacterial sex prostatitis, blame bacterium sex prostatitis, prostate is painful 3 kinds.

   Chronic prostatitisEspecially chronic bacterium sexProstatitisThe patient can be dripped to be perplexed in vain basically by urethral mouth. Urethral mouth drop is the common symptom of chronic prostatitis actually in vain, bring about be caused by of secretion grow in quantity by local inflammation commonly. The phenomenon with urethral mouth white drop explains chronic prostatitis of the patient still exists, grow in intensity even. If urethral mouth drips to cannot receive effective treatment in vain, can bring about prostatitis to accentuate somewhat. Prostatitis is mixed to human body health birth harm is great, must head for professional hospital in time to treat.

Sweet clew: If male friend discovers urethral mouth is unwell, must cause take seriously, go in time normal hospital is checked and be being treated, lest cause sickness illness accentuation, derivative even and other complication.

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