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Condom is the contraceptive tool that using between a lot of husband and wife, because use natural balata pedestal and be become, so special safety, won’t have what side effect, average person can be used, but also some people can meet condom allergy, allergic to condom can have what show, how should be handled?

Condom allergy male and female may appear, take the man for, expression is pudenda red, Sao is urticantAndSmartly, serious can defeat even;burst;ulcerate;fester, erosion. From the point of the female’s angle, pubic Sao is urticant, have burn feeling, the vaginaHyperaemia, Leucorrhoea grow in quantityEtc. This is commonner circumstance, the male and female needed to notice, if use when, appeared these uncomfortable expression, should think of the likelihood is condom so allergic and those who cause.

No matter be the male or female, once discovered the circumstance of condom allergy, how should do? Immediately disuse, observe a few days subsequently, depending is to be improved somewhat, if do not have what improvement, saw a doctor to the hospital as early as possible with respect to need, look to need to take drug in time, reduce the harm that allergic place brings. Do not use hot water scald or soap to clean, prevent pathological changes accentuation. Day of general classics 5-7 is treated, can return to normal.

Usually, condom allergy won’t happen, and if happened, took seriously together with respect to need, disuse is a respect, return the material that should go seeing condom at the same time, the manufacturer that still has production, appear carefully again allergic circumstance. The is aimed at allergic personage technically condom that there is production of a few manufacturers now, it is OK to allow the male and woman more the cozy feeling that puts a person’s mind to enjoy sexual place to bring, and need not worry completely can produce allergic situation. The content of hope above can help great master.

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