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Pregnancy can eat a grape _ cate the world

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Can pregnancy eat a grape

2016-10-14 10:10:15

Pregnant woman is to be able to eat grapy, and the grape has the effect that install an embryo to pregnant woman.

The grape is used at treating a disease as medicaments, home of past dynasties cure all has discuss, call can manage effort rash of gall of cold cough of Wei of painful, lung, gum, sore does not give pain or numbness caused by cold of night sweat of frail, heart-throb, rheumatism wait for disease, still have the effect that brings an embryo to pregnant woman. Canadian somebody still discovers grape and its goods can fight virus.

Magical function of grapy god result, depend on it containing rich dextrose and fructose. People is ferial the staple food such as eating rice wants place of body of humanness of ability of candy of grapes of translate into grapes to absorb, and eat the grape into the stomach, place of body of OK and direct humanness is absorbed, change the sources of energy of humanness body activity quickly. The grape still contains stimulative food to digest, the protein that a variety of organic fruit acid that absorb and excrete and human body cannot be in short supply, vitamin and the mineral element such as calcic, phosphor, iron.

But eat a grape to have the following contraindication:

1. eats a grape to cannot drink water immediately

Water cannot be drunk immediately after eating a grape, otherwise, do not meet to quarter diarrhoea. Original, grape itself has the effect of aperient embellish bowel, eat a grape to drink water instantly, the stomach still has not enough time to digest absorb, water hydrochloric acid in gastric juice diluent, grape and water, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice oxidizes quickly, ferment, the peristalsis that quickened alvine path, produced diarrhoea. Nevertheless, the bacterium does not cause this kind of diarrhoea, the meeting after have diarrhoea is over is not treated and heal.

2. eats a grape to cannot drink milk immediately

Vitamin C is contained in the grape, and the vitamin C report that the element in milk is met and contains in the grape, have harm very much to the stomach, different takes meeting have loose bowels at the same time, the person that weigh can vomit. Just ate a grape to be able to not drink milk so. (Proposal: Had better eat a grape to drink milk 30 minutes again too. Had better eat a grape to drink milk 30 minutes again too..

Eat a grape unfavorable excessive

The grape contains a lot ofnutrition, be known as ” fruit empress ” , combine water, water of constitution except the free water that contains 60% above and colloid (life water) outside, still contain carbohydrate, sugar (candy of dextrose, fructose, the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem) , organic acid (acid of tartaric acid, apple, citric acid, tannin) , the mineral, material that contain nitrogen, amino acid and pair of human body such as a variety of vitamins are good and must component. In addition, grape place contains quantity of heat the fruit such as Yuan Biping fruit, pear is tall. More commendable is the much in the grape good material can be absorbed directly by human body, to human body a series of activities such as metabolism can have favorable effect.

Because grapy contains sugar very tall, so diabetic person answers special attention diet grape. And pregnant woman wants beware of in pregnancy diabetic, answer because of grape of edible of this pregnant woman right amount. Answer after edible grape it is advisable that interval takes aquatic product 4 hours again, lest the calcium in the tannic acid in the grape and aquatic product forms the substance that assimilates hard character, the influence is healthy.

The grape is cleaned want clean complete

If like to have grapy pregnant woman, remember cleaning a grape must clean and complete, grape skin may have rudimental contamination. And the hard to avoid in edible grapy process is met of skin of grape of bring into contact with. Edible sanitation must not forget.

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