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Fat baby also should take care hidebound

2016-11-03 11:43:31

When a child grows very fatly, our the first reaction is this child nutrition superfluous, but in fact, fat do not be equal to nutrition superfluous, the likelihood is energy only superfluous, some fat baby even may hidebound. Fat baby also should take care hidebound.

People is in when seeing a darling grows chubbily, constant regular meeting says: This child is raised really well, nutrition is good. If see fat children, can say: Is this child nutrition superfluous? Is the child fat namely is nutrition superfluous? Liu of doctor of nutrition of hospital of Nanjing city children grows Wei to express, the child is fat not only do not be equal to nutrition superfluous, possible still hidebound.

Fat baby lacks nutriment possibly also

A lot of people think young fat person is nutrition superfluous, this kind of statement is not quite actually appropriate. Liu Changwei explanation says, the child is fat the likelihood is energy only superfluous, what cannot represent nutriment is superfluous. Very much fat baby creates the problem such as vitamin D lack more easily instead. Because,this is, fat later, adipose organization or cell or store vitamin of sex of dissolve of a few fat, wait like vitamin D, the vitamin D in bringing about blood of fat little girl is insufficient, and the symptom of occurrence lack. Because vitamin D can promote calcic absorption to wait, the infant after lack period appear more easily rachitic, older children causes the cramp performance that is short of calcium. Same, fat baby also can appear the hidebound problem such as anaemia of the sex that be short of iron.

Fat likelihood brings baby a variety of diseases

A lot of parents like to raise darling fatly fat, it is good to think to represent darling body so, but be not in fact such. Much research confirms, the child is too fat not only not be meddlesome, and need is vigilant. Because,this is, fat meeting offends to the child come a lot of troubles: Fat can cause a variety of 30 diseases, make young fat person likely suffer from on resistance of tall blood fat, fatty liver, hypertensive, insulin, 2 model diabetic etc. Fat still can bring about child reaction to slow, brain becomes stupid, study result drops.

Normative food does not let darling decrescent fat person

The child becomes fat harm is great, how can ability avoid darling become young fat person?

Liu Changwei expresses, want to avoid darling to become young fat person, must normative food.

1. accurate mom is about in pregnancy reasonable the food that arranges oneself, seek advice from professional nutrition division more, when avoiding darling to be born as far as possible, be tremendous.

2. darling 0-6 month as far as possible feed of pure mother milk, the child that the mother breeds the child of feed compares artificial feed apparently produces fat odds to want low.

Of course, mother milk feed also is met fat, if mom is fatter, and the food that eats much oiliness fat, galactic in adipose content is met tall, bring about darling easily fat. Because this mother breeds mom needs to notice his dietary structure, do not absorb the food with exceeding oiliness overmuch fat to wait, the attention controls dietary total energy. Notice feed pattern at the same time, make child absorb galactic directly as far as possible, accomplish need how many, eat not much, control an amount easily, act against one’s will when ability will be galactic crowded come out to put feeding bottle.

Artificial feed or the darling of mixture feed, need to control total grandma quantity and feed rate, darling needs how to much feed, is not desperately fill child. The parent is nodded to make the child much eat a dot to gain flesh, the nipple with use bigger aperture or privately change nipple aperture big, this kind of practice needs vigilance.

The darling of 3.6-12 month, want reasonable arrangement to suckle a quantity to reach complementary the amount that eat, avoid overmuch complementary feed or suckle a quantity to bring about total energy to exceed bid.

4. is the following to 1 year old darling, same need has reasonable individual change dietary plan, avoid food reasonable, dietary energy both neither can be low, also cannot pass much.

5. gives darling check-up regularly, hair is existing overweight or fat trend should be adjusted in time. To had been overweight or fat children, need to be in professional nutrition (cure) below division guidance, reasonable reduce weight.

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