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The officinal value of cassia bark

2012-02-07 13:55:48

Cassia bark a Tian Langui, guangdong folk calls ” shade sweet. . Belong to one of camphor tree division is cinnamonic planting. The province such as Chinese Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Sichuan all is produced. Use as balmy dressing, still can extract cassia bark oil in addition, it is the important flavor of food industry, also be used as medicine.

≯ of flavour of ≮ cate sex

Laborious, lukewarm, avirulent.

≯ of ≮ cate composition

Leaf, bark contains naphtha () of cruel of armour of cinnamonic aldehyde, cinnamonic acid, organic acid (cinnamonic acerbity) .

≯ of ≮ cate effect

Wen Zhongjian stomach, warm waist genu, treat an abdomen cold, gas bilges.

Heart stomach enrages disease, the stomach is cold painful:

Cassia bark 3 grams, grind delicate last stage, a day 2, wen Shui sends take.

The woman is postpartum bellyacke:

Cassia bark 3~6 is overcome, brown sugar 12 grams, water simmer in water goes broken bits, divide 2 times lukewarm take.

Menstruation comes when tide abdominal distension painful:

Cassia bark 6 grams, hill establish flesh 9 grams, add brown sugar 30 grams, water simmer in water, cent comes 2 times at menstruation the cent before tide is taken.

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