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Morpheus is not worth dietotherapy to fill

2012-02-07 14:10:16

YesAt a lot of contemporary office worker for, working strain is busy by day, do chore even in the evening, chat, intercourse and Jiashangyi nod recreation, work overtime continuously even sometimes etc, often be less than midnight to cannot go to bed. Morpheus inadequacy has become the general issue that perplexes white-collar public figure. A lot of people are not not to want to sleep or sleep to be not worn, sleep without enough time however, the result was caused ” Morpheus debt ” accumulate over a long period.

"Morpheus is not worth dietotherapy to fill

“Morpheus debt ” the capacity that creates reserve of body and mind drops, affect working status and life mood. A lot of person support coffee, tea come life-giving, but with the passing of time was ineffective; Because these article basically contain the caffein of OK and excited sympathetic, long-term stimulation creates a large number of waste such as the vitamin inside body, easier instead exhaustion. In the tradition medicine learns in, be to this problem how know? Have why medicinal food dietotherapy square?

Theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, “In relief gas all lies, shade gas all awakes ” ; “The person that this world is enraged, a day and advocate outside, energy of life of calm day person is unripe, grand of meridian and in relief gas, day on the west and in relief gas already empty, spiracle is shut therefore ” , “The person that this world is enraged, be like day and day, lose its place, change life and not clear ” . The person with insufficient Morpheus, the save up that of the influence is gas of person this world gives birth to hair process, call ” lose its place ” ; With the passing of time can cause this world inside human body to enrage (essence of life is angry) with each passing day consume, cause body and mind to damage, affect healthy long life. Medicine thinks in ” energy spirit repose ” , ” the god is sufficient do not think of sleep ” . To the circumstance with insufficient Morpheus, besides seize an opportunity, seasonable ” charge ” besides, the dietotherapy medicinal food that also can benefit through writing essence of life will improve card to await.

The common dietotherapy that a few introduce to be helpful for improving Morpheus to be not worth card to await below square:

Chicken of bone of black of American ginseng Bao

American ginseng 20 grams, black bone chicken 1 (go wool and splanchnic) , xianggu mushroom floods 6 times grasp dry, dried tangerine or orange peel 5 grams, add candied date or jujube again 3, abluent hind collective Bao soup, 1 right amount salt is joined to flavor to be become namely after coming 1.5 hours. Drink soup to eat chicken.

American ginseng, of low station of sexual flavour pleasant is bitter, can fill gas raises shade. ” a book on Chinese medicine anew ” think American ginseng ” filling lung falls fire, give birth to body fluid, divide irritated tired. Empty and the person that have fire is appropriate ” . On the fire of the easiest empty with long-term insufficient Morpheus phlogistic, make pharynx painful giddy, be perturbed aphtha, american ginseng is very appropriate. Black bone chicken, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises blood, contain rich amino acid and fatty acid; Xianggu mushroom is pure and fresh divide fat, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it of dried tangerine or orange peel is appetizing; Add candied date or jujube slightly, in can be being mixed, benefit. This dietotherapy stays up late for a long time aptly, shade fluid dissipation, the look is weary force, buccal doing is fed little,

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