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9 kinds of food upgrade your pregnant force

2012-02-07 14:16:40

Of late ripe female marriage on tide, liu Jialing, Chen Huilin, Zhou Huimin expresses in succession, life already entered new level to be pregnant parturient also had discharged was in on program. Actually, no matter star still is us, retaining good pregnant power is a woman is indispensible, to this, the therapeutics of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that goes easily simply can help our ready-made.

9 kinds of food upgrade your pregnant force

Expect a healthy and clever darling, we need serious preparation.

Will tell in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, be pregnant with, must make good constitution preparation. Our constitution forms a reason very complex, suffer the effect of a variety of elements such as pressure of mood of nutrition of congenital heredity, acquired food, psychology, disease, phyletic character. Good pregnant strength is female body goes immanently quality, a also be expressional youth good target — the fragrant youth that ability of immanent aquatic lush raises harbour branch numerous Xie Mao. Constitutional recuperation notices before pregnant, force letting pregnant upgrades to just can give baby when be pregnant the most advantageous grow environment.

Constitution of take good care of sb, want the need of basis be pregnant with. The plant in we and nature is same, 4 requirements should have when breed is unborn: Thoroughbred, fertile soil, bounty, sunshine. The different level of these 4 conditions are corresponding also pregnant force, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine passes the dietotherapy side that goes easily simply to we are safeguarded in the round and promote pregnant force, those who retain integral pregnant power is abundant.

Equipment pregnant 4 element, 16 kinds of food help

Reserve kidney essence — the seed with admirable be pregnant with

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine looks, outstanding ovum and spermatozoon originate kidney, have enough kidney energy talent to be changed into high grade seed. The kidney essence movement that so we carry ourselves what the first pace should do namely is in a higher level, only such ability can choose high grade seed, make darling is obtained enough ” congenital essence ” .

If have the following problem, explain you need compensatory kidney spirit

1, the feeling with acid having a small of the back, cold waist;

2, the case of trichomadesis, white hair is more severe;

3, the tooth falls off prematurely;

4, more and more forgetful;

5, your menstrual menarche is later

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