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Autumn discharges poison into what fill prandial

2012-02-07 14:21:25

Xinhua net Chongqing on September 24 special telegram (Liu Weihong, Ceng Li) ” autumn is entered fill boil one winter ” , accordingly a lot of people begin after entering Qiu Zhi prandial into fill. The expert reminds, enter blindly fill to bring about toxin easily to stop inside body, autumn is entered fill while do not forget a poison.

Autumn discharges poison into what fill prandial

King of director of division of nutrition of hospital of new bridge of the third Military Medical University proposes doctoral introduction, the person is in experience summer is burning hot with cold drink ” glacial fire is double day ” hind, taste function often is met abate.
If right now rushed into fill, can accentuate abruptly taste burden, make the digestion that is in exhausted weak condition for a long time can’ts bear heavy burden, cause digestive function disorder, occurrence bosom the symptom such as frowsty, abdominal distension, anorexia, diarrhoea. And, autumn eats the food that fill often tall oily tall fat, the acidity and harmful material of the generation after these food metabolize is like not seasonable eduction, toxin stops to be able to harm the body inside body.

Wang Jian introduces, the conduce such as carrot, garlic, grape, fig discharges liver poison; The conduce such as cucumber, cherry discharges kidney poison; The conduce such as demon taro, black agaric, kelp, apple, strawberry discharges alvine poison. He still recommended a few autumn to enter when filling ” the eat that discharge poison ” , can help cleared body endotoxin.

It is tea of cordate houttuynia detoxify: 50 grams reach dry cordate houttuynia 100 grams, red jujube 15, first cordate houttuynia abluent, red jujube incision goes nucleus, both adds water 3000 milliliter, boil hind boils 20 minutes again with small fire, filter broken bits can drinkable. Effect of detoxify of this tea diuresis is apparent. 2 it is malt platoon poisonous grandma: Carrot, apple, wheaten bud each are right amount, carrot and apple abluent section, with vernalization 1 centimeter wheaten bud of the left and right sides puts juicer to extract juice together, clear heat discharges poison and can adjust constitutional complement vigour. 3 it is poisonous congee of platoon of jade melon lotus: Rice 500 grams, lotus seed 50 grams, wax gourd 200 grams, mix rice lotus seed is abluent after thoroughlying cook, cut wax gourd flay man and Jiang Si to be put into boiler together, add salt to flavor, boil to wax gourd ripe soft hind, scatter a few chopped green onion one case edible. Can centering of the clear poison that heat up a platoon, peaceful god, promote taste the function.

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